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The Episode starts with Vardaan coming to Ishwar. Ishwar gets shocked and cries. Vardaan cries and shuts the door. He hugs Ishwar and says I was scared knowing about maha samadhi, I have run away from hostel and came to you, before I reached you, someone kidnapped me and shut me in well, I thought I can never come out. Ishwar gets shocked. Vardaan says Devanshi saved me, she got me out of the well, I m here because of her. Ishwar recalls the rishi’s words.

Vardaan says don’t worry, I have come now, I will not let anything happen to you. Rajjo comes and says I know Ishwar is very happy, there is one more good news, Devanshi will stay in our house, I m sure she will get her childhood back. Ishwar thinks not just her childhood, everything will change, Kusum’s end will come here, this will be

good winning over evil.

Rajjo and Vardaan go to Devanshi. She asks them to take laddoos. Vardaan says I don’t eat laddoos. Devanshi asks what, its tasty. Rajjo says everyone has own likes, what do you dislike. Devanshi tells the dishes she does not like. Vardaan says I m going to sleep in my room, I m not scared of anyone. He goes. Devanshi says why does he talk so rudely.

Rajjo says Vardaan is tired, that’s why, shall we sleep now. Devanshi says I will sleep alone, then Kusum will allow Sarla to stay with me. Rajjo thinks she loves Sarla a lot, Maiyya will not feel bad if I sleep here, trust me, come sleep. Kusum recalls Vardaan’s words. Mohan comes there. She gets angry. He says you will never make me away from you, I did mistake, I agree. She gets angry on him. She asks him to get her charger. He goes to get charger and gets electric shock. She asks did you get shock. He says I would have died. She says I would have died if anything happened to Vardaan, you have given me big shock, I understood you attacked Vardaan.

He says whatever I did was for you. She asks really, you have hurt my son. He says yes, he came to hear about maha samadhi, I have locked him so that he get senses, I was going to tell you. She says I don’t want to hear you, you should be punished, you know my life is in my son, you tried to ruin my life, get out, don’t come infront of me again. He says fine, I m going, you are making me away for your son, but you will call me back for your son soon. He leaves.

Devanshi hears someone crying and goes to see. She sees Vardaan crying. She says I will bless you and your fears will get away, I m Choti Mata, Kusum says I can solve anyone’s problems, tell me, I will help you. He asks her to help others, he dies not need her help. They both argue.

Its morning, Devanshi goes to meet Ishwar and asks are you finding your son, he is very rude. Ishwar smiles. She says he is always angry, but if he comes to you, he will not be rude, he will become good like you. Rajjo comes and asks Devanshi to come, she has to leave for school. Devanshi says I will come later. Rajjo asks Devanshi to wait. Vardaan sees her. Devanshi says if you apologize, I will not call you well boy. Vardaan smiles and jokes on her. He goes. Rajjo asks Devanshi to go and brush teeth. Devanshi asks Rajjo does Mata brush teeth. Rajjo asks what.

Gopi tells Kusum that she will come live on tv every morning now, and reach more devotees. She asks Geeta where is Vardaan. Geeta says I told him to come here. Kusum asks her to take care of Vardaan. Vardaan comes there. Nutan asks him to touch Kusum’s feet. Kusum goes to him and gifts him a mobile. He gets angry and throws it. She says I have one person whom I want to talk, that’s Papa, no one else. Kusum gets shocked. He goes. Nutan says Vardaan should not forget that you are not just his Maa, not Mata also. Kusum scolds her. Later, Kusum goes live on tv and talks to her devotees. Devanshi comes there and asks Kusum does Mata brush teeth or not. Gopi asks her to go. Devanshi says Kusum said we can ask her anything, tell me Mata, do Maiyya and you brush teeth. Gopi says come, I will say. Devanshi says you are not Mata, Kusum will answer me.

Kusum says Gopi, let her ask me, Devanshi Mata takes avatar in world, she has to live normal life and do tyaag. Devanshi asks is brushing a tyaag/sacrifice. Kusum says no, I mean, devotees make Mata have food, and before that…. Devanshi says one should brush before having food. She runs to tell Vardaan. Kusum worries for her foolishness.

Devanshi asks Vardaan to be ready, she will teach him manners and sense. Kusum looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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