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Devanshi 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mata Kusum saying this girl belongs to the temple now. Devanshi’s parents cry. Ishwar looks at Kusum’s pic. He sees someone. The Rishi asks what is troubling you Ishwar, its time for darkness to end, there will be light now, the girl is not any ordinary girl, Maiyya has sent her for some reason she will break Kusum’s sin pot, you are true devotee of Maiyya, this girl will end this evil, that girl is a angel, she is not Maiyya’s avatar, but she has Maiyya’s blessings.

Devanshi’s mum says give me my daughter back. Omi says you are arguing with Mata, get out. Kusum says Omi, she is also a mum, don’t push her. She says its Mata’s command, else this would have not happened. Devanshi’s parents cry.

Mata Kusum smiles and goes to Sarla. She asks Sarla

to take this girl, Mata did not give you child so that you raise this child as yours, you are a Baanch till now, this is Mata’s wish, take this girl Sarla, its blessing of Ghungroo wali mata. Sarla unwillingly takes Devanshi. Kusum tells everyone that Sarla will be responsible for this girl. The people chant her name.

Sarla says why is Kusum taking revenge from me. Omi says weather is bad, I don’t think we can take girl home, we have to sleep in temple. Sarla says will this problem let us sleep. He asks why are you scolding a small girl. He says I mean, don’t spoil your mood, pat the baby with love, she will sleep. Sarla asks him to manage and leaves Devanshi. Omi talks to Devanshi and says she is smiling seeing me.

He tells Sarla that maybe this is Ghungroo wali Mata’s wish, we don’t have any child, so maybe she gave this lovely girl to us. She says I don’t want this baby, I want baby in my womb, Kusum called me Baanch infront of everyone, I don’t want baby in charity, I want girl to keep in womb, whose heartbeat I can feel, I want to become Devki, not Yashoda, this girl is my helplessness, I can just get rid of her. She keeps Devanshi outside the house and goes. Devanshi cries.

Devanshi’s parents are at police station and crying. Her mum scolds constable for eating halwa puri and not writing her complaint. Constable asks her to leave else he will slap her. Devanshi’s dad asks him to talk with manners. Constable pushes him. Inspector Sarju comes and holds Devanshi’s dad. Sarju scolds constable. Constable says they are Devanshi’s parents and want to file report. Sarju asks them to come. Sarju says he can’t help them. Devanshi’s parents ask where will we go if you say this. Sarju says people’s devotion and Dharm is coming between, even SP can’t do anything, else it can start riots. Devanshi’s mum asks what law can tell this, that uniting mother and daughter will create riots, we want our baby back, get her back from Kusum, she fell in hundi by mistake, who is Kusum to decide about the girl. Constable scolds her for saying against Mata Kusum. Devanshi’s mum says how can she be Mata if she is making a mother away from her daughter. Constable says Kusum is Sarju’s Bhabhi. Sarju sends constable. Devanshi’s mum says Sarju can be helpless, but we are not helpless, we can’t see any Dharm or law, we will take our daughter back, even if we have to give our life. Devanshi’s parents leave. Omi hears Devanshi crying and gets restless. Sarla shuts her ears. Devanshi turns and a glass falls inside the water vessel. Devanshi’s mum Gayatri is crying and finds Devanshi. She tells her husband that she has to go to Devanshi. She says she is calling me and runs on the road. Devanshi cries a lot. Sarla turns away. Omi can’t sleep.

Two men come to the temple and say it will be big chadava for Navratri, we will loot it. They make the guards faint and enter the temple. Devanshi’s dad asks his wife to cover up face. They enter the temple and see guards unconscious. She says Mata Rani is with us, she has opened doors for us. They look for Devanshi.

Devanshi turns over and was about to falls in water vessel. Gayatri comes and holds Devanshi. Devanshi’s parents get her and cry. Gayatri says I think she is hungry, I will feed her. Gayatri feeds Devanshi. She sees Kusum with Mohan. Kusum dresses in modern getup woos Mohan. Gayatri sees her ring. Kusum flirts with Mohan. Gayatri thinks who is this woman talking like this.

Kusum reveals her face and asks Mohan to see her gown and style. She whistles and asks him out. Kusum says I m looking baby doll, are you angry with me, don’t feel bad, I got ready for you, don’t I look good. Mohan asks why shall I not feel bad, you and me are Bunty and Babli, you have become Babli Mata Kusum, and I have become Babli Mohini, I don’t want your love. Kusum asks him to listen. Kusum hears Devanshi crying. Gayatri tells her husband that someone is here and rushes. Mohan asks Kusum to go, I will see them.

Mohan stops Devanshi’s parents. He asks them about the girl. Gayatri says Kusum Sundari took the girl and left her out, we will not give the child, who are you. Mohan says I m her special servant. Devanshi’s dad says we have never seen you. Mohan takes the girl and kicks them out. He asks them to come tomorrow and request Kusum Sundari. Devanshi’s parents cry.

Its morning, Devanshi’s parents meet Kusum Sundari. Gayatri sees the ring and identifies it, and thinks I have seen Kusum, who was talking in dirty language with a man, people regard her Lord. She tells her husband that its same ring she has seen the woman wearing yesterday night. They get shocked. Gayatri’s husband says no, you maybe mistaken, she can’t do this cheap thing, and there can be two rings in the world. Gayatri says but voice is also same, my doubt got sure, this woman is a fraud, if she was true, would she make us away from our child. He says I believe you, but everyone here blindly believe this woman, none will believe us, we have to request Kusum Sundari and take our daughter, just calm yourself. She says I hate myself for praying to this cheap woman, once I get my daughter back, I will bring this woman’s true face back.

Gayatri tells everyone that Kusum is not a Mata. Kusum hugs Mohan. A tiger comes to the village and goes to Devanshi. Tiger jumps near Devanshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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