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Devanshi 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla telling Omi that she will not take Kusum’s help, else her revenge will not get completed, we will find Devanshi on our own. She says she has raised Devanshi just to take revenge. Omi asks don’t you have love for Devanshi. Sarla says I love my daughter Sakshi, I have just raised Devanshi for my motives. Sakshi hears them and says I m their daughter, not Devanshi, I was mistaken, but they love Devanshi also, if I tell them someone took Devanshi in truck and I have seen it, they will scold me. Mohan tells the goon that Devanshi should be alive, do miracle, call any Vaid, make her alive before I come there. He leaves.

Sakshi tells truth to Ashutosh. He gets shocked. He says if you told this to me before, we would have found Devanshi. Rajjo asks him did he got to

know about Devanshi. He says no, but I will not leave that man who tried to make Devanshi away from me, Sakshi told me everything. He goes.

The ladies praise Kusum. Sarla and Omi come there. Sarla plays the shank. Gopi asks why are you doing this to break Mata’s Dhyaan, Kusum is praying for your daughter. Sarla says I believe Kusum’s powers, she did Devanshi’s future prediction, and going tough Tapp for her, but I m Devanshi’s mother and have to do something, I want to do something. Gopi asks what. Sarla gets kerosene. Kusum sees through ghunghat and gets shocked. Sarla pours kerosene on herself. Omi and everyone get shocked.

Sarla says Kusum said my daughter will come in one hour, but if she does not come, I will burn myself infront of you all in this temple. They all get shocked. Goons check Devanshi and worry about Mohan. They try to make her conscious. A man comes to give blessings from Maiyya. The smoke gets inside the godown.

Sarla says I m alive till now to get Devanshi, but after the one hour completion, I will die if Devanshi does not come, just 15 mins are left. Nutan says Kusum’s prediction never got wrong, today Sarla can die if it gets wrong. Kusum worries and thinks if Sarla does so, everyone will focus on her, where did Mohan go. Mohan comes there and signs her no. Kusum gets shocked. Sarla lights the matchstick. Omi and everyone try to stop Sarla. The kids come chanting. Devanshi comes there. Everyone get shocked seeing her. They all praise Mata Kusum. Kusum gets relieved.

Kusum says whoever had doubt on my prediction can see, one hour completed and Devanshi is here, as I promised. Everyone smile. Kusum says I knew this about more kids fallen in problem, so I had done tough Tapp for these kids. Mohan smiles. Sarla thinks I trapped people in my talk and this happened. Sakshi hugs Devanshi. Kusum asks Sarla to have patience along with belief. She says I did not get annoyed with what you did, as I m also a mum like you. She blesses Sarla. They all chant Kusum’s name. Kusum talks great and sweet. Rajjo says Devanshi came back, we should find out who kidnapped her. Kusum and Mohan worry.

Ashutosh asks what did Devanshi see when she got conscious. Devanshi says I did not see face, but know car number. She tells Mohan’s car number. Kusum and Mohan get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh the irony in this show. Sarla is no better then Kusum. If Kusum can use her devotees for her own materialistic gain, then Sarla can use an innocent child for her revenge..

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