Devanshi 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying Vardaan can’t do this. The lady asks her to come and see, Vardaan is still drunk. Devashi worries for him. Kusum asks her to do justice as she did till now, think as Mata, not wife. Devanshi says fine, now truth and lie decision will happen at accident spot. They all go there and see Vardaan and Shikhar unconscious. Devanshi runs to Vardaan. The lady asks them to see her injured husband. Ishwar asks why did you not take him to hospital. The lady says I have no money. The man says Vardaan is Devanshi’s husband and Kusum’s son, how can we go to police. Nutan says laws are equal for everyone. Police comes there. Devanshi says I called doctor and police. She asks doctor to check the man. She asks inspector to do investigation. She says I know laws and Mata’s duty too.

The man says Vardaan was driving the car, he has done this accident. Doctor takes him to hospital. Inspector sees Vardaan. Devanshi asks him to arrest Vardaan. He refuses. She asks why, because he is my husband, people are losing faith in police, uniform is not to do biasing, its to punish law breakers. Inspector says I know, its small accident, just give money to that man, I will come home to take Vardaan’s accident. Kusum signs him to go. He leaves.

The lady asks Devanshi to get justice. Devanshi says you will get justice, decision will be in darbar. Its night, Ishwar and Devanshi sit with Vardaan. Ishwar says I trust your faith, Vardaan can’t do this mistake. She asks what will I tell villagers. He says you can’t be biased while doing justice. She cries and says I trust you Vardaan, you can’t do anything wrong, I have to know everything, its tough to fight with evil, I know this, but this big test is needed, I did not know this. Ishwar asks Shikhar to wake up and tell about accident. He throws water on his face. Shikhar wakes up.

Kusum comes to darbar and recalls past. She sits on throne. Devanshi comes and says I won’t tell anyone that you were sitting here at night. Kusum gets angry. Devanshi says see how I end your fraud. Kusum asks her to deal with Vardaan’s blame, I want to know what you decide tomorrow. Devanshi says have some patience, Vardaan will tell me truth, he is innocent. She goes. Mohan comes and asks what did Devanshi say. Kusum says she believes Vardaan a lot, its fine, let Vardaan wake up, see how I turn the game.

Its morning, Vardaan wakes up. Kusum comes and asks are you fine, what did you do, you have done accident, I was worried, if that man died then….Vardaan gets shocked. Kusum says thank God police left you, Devanshi called police to get you arrested, I would have saved you, without hearing you, she believed you are culprit. Devanshi comes there and sees Vardaan. She hears Kusum. Kusum says I m always with you. She sees Devanshi and goes.

Devanshi hugs Vardaan and says I was not getting sleep in tension, tell me truth about accident. He says why this acting if you took decision. She asks what, I m sure you are not at fault, I m your wife. He says you are Mata Devanshi now, you called police right. She says yes but…. He says I m innocent, I know this, no need to explain, go now, we will meet in darbar, do justice. Devanshi asks Shikhar what happened yesterday, why did you let Vardaan drive, I want all details. Shikhar says I don’t remember, I stumbled, Vardaan made me sit in jeep. She says you don’t remember and Vardaan is not saying anything in anger, what decision shall I make.

Devanshi says its Vardaan’s fault, till the man gets fine, Vardaan will make earthen pots.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mica

    thank you Amena mam for update… uugghh i saw the video first, i just want to punch Vardhaan as i’ wasn’t knowing what they talking about when i watched it.
    but now… ooohhhhh just it ????
    goosshhh poor Devanshi, between arrogant husband who fall down nowadays, responsible to lead to right path to villagers and smart evil…wooaahhhhh 😀 😀
    but it’s best decision…. hmmmmm,,,,why Vardhaan say that so ? didn’t he remember thta he was drunk yesterday ? uughhh

  2. Mica I think varadhan is not angry with her. But he is acting to know whether she is also partial like kusum.
    Ente karthave innu devanshiyude attire kandu njetti poyi. Manjayil kulichu nilukua.

    1. Manjula20

      Saira Malayali aanalle

    2. Mica

      Sairaaa.. i wish that sooo….. as usually i love Vardhaan, he is stern person about right and wrong, that why i lil bit upset with his sudden change, but on the other side, i understand his situation… he was kinda independent strong person and lil bit bossy, but now his wife become “someone” meanwhile he is in bad condition.. that why he acts kinda like that,

      but uugghhhh.. this serial remind me about MATSH on their half episodes, their love story made me exhausted somehow, i remember when Ishveer in verge of united by marriage then suddenly there was twin, then again another broken face problem separated them.
      same as Devdhaan..uugghhh here, there isn’t any chance to see devdhaan happiness even only for awhile, after hectic problem before marriage, now even on marriage they are kinda separated..gooossshhhhh.. if only we talk about breathing.. we have no chance to breath naa.. 😀 😀
      hmmm.. i want to know how Swara try to change this angry vardhaan mind

  3. helly in yellow saree it suited her most she looking gorgeous…
    coming to show all actors are good fab ks mohan are evil ishwar he is nyc vardaan angry is it will create rift between them i hope it wont create any rift between them… precap … waise ks new look is also nice…
    yesterday segment they showed media people came to take iv of devanshi ks is angry .. and another mata ki jagrata going devanshi will be missing mostly it will be ks and mohan plan to trouble devanshi.. shikar i cant say anything about him positive or negative.. waiting for today episode precap is intresting

  4. the show quality is good but colors not promoting show and promo bhi nahi de rahi hai … colors is ione biased show which give only promos for few top serials not all… just hope colors promote devanshi also rather than being biased towards few shows

  5. hmm,vardaan is in angery mood,on devanshi,par vo devanshi se bhut pyar karta hai…waiting for next update..but amena di en dino kafi let update karti

  6. so,plz amena di do fast update..

  7. huh….saira aapke baath sach hojaye…. vaiting for next epi….

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