Devanshi 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the men walking on the ramp. Devanshi gives them points. She asks a man to take off his shirt. He asks what. She says yes, you heard it right. He removes his shirt. Kusum and everyone get shocked. Devanshi gives him 5 points. Kusum thinks the guy who marries her will get her property, Vardaan is in my hands, he will not refuse to me but he hates Kalki, how will he agree, I will convince him, but how to convince Kalki.

Vardaan comes there and shouts. He gets angry and sends the man. Devanshi gives 7 points to Vardaan and asks why are you always angry, smile sometimes, my marriage swayamvar is going on, you got the high marks, get off your shirt. He says minus 2. She asks him not to underestimate himself. He says its your marks, you don’t deserve more marks, how dare you ruin

the well. Kusum thinks Vardaan will spoil things. She says Kalki can’t do this, she asked you to clean well. Devanshi says I have done this, I got junk thrown in the well, that water was poisonous, anyone would have died drinking that water, like you cleaned the well, blame would have come on you, I just saved villagers’ life. Kusum says you did a good thing, I told you Kalki can’t do this cheap thing, she saved everyone’s lives.

Menka thinks if Kalki’s magic works, my game will get spoiled, its time to say truth. Menka says she is lying, I have got junk thrown in well, I saved the villagers lives. Devanshi claps and says you said right, I said a fake story to bring truth out. Vardaan looks at Menka. Devanshi taunts Vardaan for not seeing the other side of coin, you can’t do right in life, I have heard you did not trust your wife, you trusted some papers, you believed others. He recalls Devanshi.

Kalki says its really bad, I was thinking if truth was something else in that incident also, you were wrong and Devanshi right, think about it once. Kusum scolds Menka. She says Vardaan thought Kalki is wrong without knowing anything. She asks Menka why did she do this. Devanshi says you guys know this, its not my responsibility that villagers get water or not, Vardaan will get punished now, he has badly blamed me. Kusum says I know he did wrong, everyone does mistakes, I m sorry, you can punish him if you want. She says its Vardaan’s mistake. Devanshi says don’t start crying, I will forgive you. Vardaan says I don’t need your favor and pity, tell me what to do. She says yes, your punishment will be… you have to host final round of my Swayamvar.

Kusum says he will do. Devanshi asks him to wear good clothes, even her servants has class, take care of that. She goes. Kusum says its good for us to be with her, our time is going bad. Devanshi thinks to bring Kusum’s truth in front of Vardaan, I have to make Vardaan realize the injustice happened with Devanshi.

Kusum takes Menka along. Menka says I want Kalki out of Vardaan’s mind, I doubt they have something, its hatred or something else, so I did this to defame Kalki in front of Vardaan. Kusum thinks. Menka asks what are you thinking, you insulted me and took Kalki’s side, tell me what do you want to do. Kusum says I m worried by your doubts, Vardaan agreed to marry you. Menka says you can cheat me anytime. Kusum says you doubt on everyone, if I say something, you will jump to say truth to Vardaan, remember your game will also get over forever. Menka says I m scared, Vardaan can become of Kalki. Kusum thinks I will get Vardaan married to Kalki, I will get everything back.

Mohan sees a video and tells everyone that Kusum was with someone. Kusum denies. Devanshi asks Kusum to give agni pariksha. Vardaan gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pnap

    superb ep

  2. Awesome

  3. Neptune

    huh is this vardaan stupid… kalki was right half truth is more dangerous than full liess…….
    she is looking more n more cute day by day…
    and how can we forget her awesome acting skills…..

    would love to see what happens next…

  4. Superb episode. Really loved it. Helly is looking so pretty. Guys do u know further kya hone wala hai. Kusum is going to suffer a lot.

  5. Awesome….. My God it’s getting really interesting….. Amina mam thank you for update…. N plz try to update soon…

  6. Nice episode. .

  7. Shiksha


  8. Ammmazing…… Devanshi changed herself that much ki she’s no more that girl who is a very shy types…. I was shocked when she said to open his shirt…. Devu was too shy (shocked,angry,etc) when vardn removed his shirt first time in front of her in starting…. But now she is giving marks…haha….make over is perfect

  9. I really don’t no how to tell my feelings when i saw that scene…. She’s brilliant and her acting m speechless…

  10. Attitude of devu and acting of helly….it’s like “sone pe suhaga” (I think it’s correct)…

  11. wonderfull…..epi..waiting for today,s epi..and amena di plz do fast update…

  12. loved the episode

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