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Devanshi 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum asking Devanshi to do Maiyya’s dhyaan. She answers a call and says oh, such bad luck is not good, if you want to make that away, listen to me. Devanshi smiles and hears her. Geeta checks records and says there is no records of Mohini, everyone’s records are here. She checks jewelry bills and says why is this bill with Mohan, what’s his relation with Mohini. Kusum talks on phone and makes Devanshi hear her. She says you have to do tap to make bad luck away, else nothing can help you, you have to sit inside the fire, as fire is purest, person gets pure by burning in fire, all problems get fine, you have to become Holika for this. Devanshi thinks to sit in fire and do tap to get Omi out of jail. Kusum ends call and smiles.

She goes and throws water on Mohan to

wake him up. She asks why did he switch off his phone. He says battery ended. She says I thought something for Devanshi, come fast. She goes. He looks for Geeta and goes.

Mohan prepares the fire and likes Kusum’s plan. He sits smiling. He sees Devanshi coming and hides with Kusum. Kusum says go inside the fire. Devanshi thinks to burn her bad luck by sitting in fire, then Omi will come out of jail. Kusum says none will know if she dies at night. Devanshi goes to the fire. She tells her parents’ pic not to burn along her, stay here, I will just come. She keeps pic there. It starts thundering. Pic flies. Devanshi runs and saves the pic from getting burnt. Kusum and Mohan wait for her. Devanshi thinks I have to go inside fire now. Vardaan comes there and gets shocked. It starts raining. The fire blows off.

Mohan says see this girl is Mata’s ansh, so its raining before she went inside fire. Devanshi asks fire not to blow off, I need the fire to get rid of my bad luck. Vardaan hears this and gets shocked. Vardaan goes and pushes Devanshi to save her. Kusum says she always get saved. Something goes in her eyes.

Vardaan asks what were you doing. Devanshi says Kusum said sitting in fire makes sorrow away. They all get shocked. Kusum comes and asks what happened to this girl. Vardaan says you told her to sit in fire. Kusum asks when did I tell her to jump in fire. Devanshi says you were saying someone on phone, that sitting in fire makes ill luck away. Kusum says I meant, burn in Maiyya’s devotion. Rajjo says its good Vardaan reached on time, else Devanshi was killing herself. Kusum wipes eyes.

Rajjo asks what happened to your eyes. Kusum says nothing, maybe dust. Vardaan asks her not to give pravachan. Nutan asks him to have manners. He scolds Nutan. Rajjo shouts Vardaan. He goes. Devanshi says how will my dad come out of jail. Kusum goes.

Its morning, Nutan says there is big bhandara in temple, big minister is coming as big guest. She asks Devanshi to do work and please Maiyya. Devanshi sits to work. Gopi says this time, your election ticket is certain, minister has come. Kusum welcomes minister Malik. He smiles seeing Rajjo and says I feel this is Indra lok. He stares at Rajjo.

Gopi makes him wear garlands. Rajjo greets him. He forwards hand to shake. Kusum asks Rajjo to shake hands. Rajjo shakes hands. He smiles. She gets her hand away. Kusum asks him to come.

Kusum asks Malik what does he want. He says I have everything, but I want Rajjo’s hand for marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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