Devanshi 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 4th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing Geeta in the video with Mohan. Geeta cries and says its not true, its a lie. Kusum thinks how did this miracle happen, it was me in the video, how did Geeta come in the video. Kusum gets her brother’s call. She answers. Her brother tells Kusum that he has done this by morphing Geeta’s face in the video, I got the phone from judge’s house and changed it, I will come soon to meet you. Devanshi runs and says this is not true, Geeta can’t do this. Nutan says now truth has come out, why are you creating noise now. Kusum signs Mohan. Ishwar looks at him. She thinks Kusum is thinking how did this miracle happen, now you have to believe on my powers also. Devanshi says Geeta can’t do this.

Kusum says Devanshi does not have any greed and

motives, kids don’t understand this, but Geeta has done wrong. She asks Geeta why did she do this. She asks judge to punish Geeta according to laws. She wipes her tear. Judge says its not just fraud case, its murder case, we got to know real culprit, its Geeta who did this planning, law can just give her death punishment. Everyone agree with the decision. Devanshi says no, she did not do anything, Geeta is innocent.

Rajjo asks Devanshi to stop it now, leave decision on everyone. Judge asks inspector to arrest Geeta. Devanshi asks Ishwar to say something, none is saying anything, if you stand up, you can do much, get up and stop them. Ishwar prays to Maiyya that some miracle happens so that he can stand up and save innocent Geeta, just he has seen the truth, he has to expose Kusum, Maiyya has sent Devanshi to expose Kusum’s crimes, Maiyya do some miracle. Judge asks inspector to take both criminals. Kusum sees Mohan. Police takes Geeta and Mohan. Kusum faints. Gopi holds her.

Doctor checks Kusum. Gopi asks why is she getting dizzy again and again, what happened to her. Nutan says I think Kusum got badly affected by all this happening. Doctor asks them to go and leave them alone. Nutan asks what work do you have. Gopi jokes on Nutan and says doctor wants peace for treatment, come. They go.

Kusum asks why am I getting dizzy, tell me what happened to me. Doctor says I don’t have courage to say. She asks him to say. He says actually, you are pregnant. She gets a big shock. He says don’t worry, I will not tell this to anyone. She signs him to shut up and leave. He goes. She says I m pregnant with Mohan’s child, how did this second problem, Devanshi is reason of all problems, I will not leave you.

Vardaan and Devanshi cry for Geeta. He scolds her in anger. Devanshi asks why is Vardaan scolding me, we thought to catch that woman, we did not know this will happen. He says now nothing can happen. Devanshi asks Ishwar to say how to save Geeta. Lady inspector takes Geeta and says we have kept Mohan in jail, you will stay here till you get hanged. Geeta takes the gun from her and says I will get same punishment even if I shoot you now. She locks the police and thinks I have no way than to run away, that woman will be roaming free and would be trying to harm Devanshi, I have to save Devanshi. She runs away.

Rajjo says how can this happen, Kusum did not know anything. Ashutosh comes to meet her. She says there are many problems at home. He says I know, I came to take you, no need to stay here. She asks him to leave, as she has told Kusum that she will marry Malik, she has promised. He holds her and says you are in my every breath, you are just mine, I will not let your marriage happen with Malik. He goes. She cries.

Its morning, Devanshi recalls Geeta’s concern and love. She cries and thinks I believe Geeta that she is innocent, I have to help her as soon as possible. Rajjo asks her where are you going. Devanshi says I m going jail to meet Geeta, will you come along. Rajjo says no. Devanshi asks why, don’t you want to save her, come with me. Gopi comes and shouts out to Kusum. Kusum asks what happened. Gopi says Geeta has run away from police station. Kusum thinks what’s happening with me, one more problem.

Devanshi says Geeta did not do wrong. Vardaan asks will you save her, don’t say nonsense. Kusum says Geeta did sins, she is a criminal, no need to take her name in this house. Devanshi says she is not a criminal. Gopi scolds Devanshi. He says whatever Kusum says is right, and sends Devanshi. Kusum thinks Devanshi is the root of all problems. She calls her brother Mannu and asks for his help. He asks what do you want…..

Kusum tells doctor that none should know about my pregnancy. Devanshi comes to hospital. She sees Kusum with doctor. Kusum gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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