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The Episode starts with Devanshi getting saved and coming out of the well by the boy’s help. She asks the boy how did he get inside the well, did the devil shut you, Maiyya is there, come to him, she will not let anything happen to you. He says I don’t believe any Maiyya. She says I will ring the bell, all servants will come here, come with me. He asks her to leave. She says come with me and takes him. She rings the bell. Rajjo does not see Devanshi and thinks where did she go. She tells Kusum that Devanshi is not there. Gopi says who is ringing the bell at night, its not auspicious. Rajjo says I told Devanshi to ring bell in problem, I think she is in problem. Kusum thinks did the problem come on Devanshi or someone else.

Ashutosh knocks Omi and Sarla’s door. They wake up and open the

door. Sarla asks is Sakshi fine. Ashutosh says yes, but I think Devanshi is in problem, the temple bell is ringing, Devanshi stays in temple, come. Omi asks Sarla not to think and come. The boy says I don’t want to meet Maiyya, ask your Maiyya the reason. Devanshi says let strangers come, they will help you. Mohan comes and sees the boy. She says how did Devanshi get this boy out. Everyone come there.

Nutan asks Devanshi why did she disturb everyone’s sleep. Devanshi says because of him, I got him from the well. Devanshi asks the boy to turn and show his face. They all get shocked seeing the boy. Kusum says Vardaan……She goes to him and asks how did you come at this time. Rajjo hugs him and asks when did you come from hostel, why are your clothes so bad, how did you reach in well.

Devanshi asks how do you know him. Rajjo says he is Vardaan, Ishwar and Kusum’s son. Kusum asks Vardaan how did he come without calling anyone. Vardaan makes her away. Everyone come there. Kusum says I can’t believe my eyes, you are standing infront of me, tell me, who got you here. Devanshi says well devil has kept him locked. Kusum asks what devil. Mohan asks Devanshi to stop her nonsense. Vardaan says no one told me about Ishwar’s mahasamadhi, I got to know from someone else, I was angry, someone has hit me from behind, I could not see his face, he was dragging me to the well, when I got conscious, I was locked in the well. They all get shocked.

Gopi says who can tell this. Kusum thinks why is Mohan’s face place, did Mohan do this with Vardaan. Devanshi says then I did right by saving you. She thanks Devanshi for this favor. She says Devanshi is Choti Mata, that’s why she has done this, Maiyya made me give command that Choti Mata stays in temple, the one who got my son kidnapped, Maiyya will punish them, they will know no one can stop me from serving this village, I will punish that culprit. Gopi asks who is he. Kusum shouts Mohan. Mohan and everyone get shocked. Kusum says I gave Vardaan’s responsibility to Mohan, you did not know Vardaan was kidnapped, you are not capable to do this duty now, you are useless now, you are fired now itself, you don’t have permission to come inside my house, this is my final decision, go. Mohan leaves. Kusum asks Devanshi to ask anything. Devanshi asks can I get my mother.

Ashutosh asks Sarla to see, Devanshi asked for you. Devanshi asks Kusum to send her to Sarla. Kusum says this can’t happen, Maiyya had decided that. Devanshi says then let Sarla stay with me. Kusum looks at Sarla. Sarla says I want to stay with you Devanshi, I wish Kusum takes her command back. Rajji asks Kusum can we keep Devanshi at our house, I m ready to take her responsibility. Geeta agrees with Rajjo. Kusum tells everyone that Devanshi will stay in her house. They all chant Kusum’s name.

Everyone welcome Vardaan and Devanshi at home. Geeta asks them to come inside the house. Vardaan and Devanshi step in the red color water and come inside the house. Golu asks what is Devanshi doing here. Rajjo says she will stay with us now. Nutan says Kusum has decided this. Golu ask Vardaan to come. Gopi says wait, Kusum will do aarti, Vardaan will take the blessings too. Vardaan refuses to get aarti done. He stops Kusum and throws aarti plate. They all get shocked. He goes. Kusum gets sad.

Mohan asks Kusum is she making him away for Vardaan. Vardaan argues with Kusum. Mohan says you will call me back because of Vardaan. Devanshi tells Vardaan that she will teach him manners and sense now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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