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Devanshi 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with goons seeing Devanshi sleeping. The man says no need to waste imp injection, close shutter. They leave. Devanshi sees more kids coming out of the sack. She recalls how the kids stopped her and told her abut goons giving injections, cutting finger or hand if one makes sound. They made Devanshi act to sleep to save her. Omi says how to find Devanshi. Rajjo says trust Kusum, she has powers of Maiyya, she can help us finding Devanshi, come. Sarla stares angrily. Omi says yes, there is no other way now, I will try this also.

Sarla says I have to find Devanshi, nothing should happen to her. Devanshi asks kids about the goons, where are they taking us. Girl says I did not ask them anything. She recalls Sarla’s words and says I will save all of you, my mum says I m Devi’s

ansh and get Maiyya’s powers when anyone is in problem, don’t worry. She smiles.

Rajjo tells Kusum that Devanshi is missing, everyone is sad, find her by your Divya Dhrishti. Omi says just you can find her Mata, we did not get her. Kusum says don’t worry Omi, I m born to treat devotee’s sorrow, I will go to my Kaksh and ask Maiyya, as she has all solutions and answers. Goon asks kid to make face and beg well. He scolds the boy. The goons scare the boy a lot and make him beg. Devanshi looks on. She holds the ghungroo beads. She takes out her slippers and throws. The goon sees her and asks did you throw slipper, I will show you the result. Devanshi asks the girl not to worry, Maiyya will help me. The man takes candle to burn Devanshi’s hand. She prays. He says no Maiyya will come to save you. Devanshi’s hand burns and she thinks why is Maiyya not helping her. Goon laughs.

Kusum goes to meet Mohan. She asks did you get Devanshi kidnapped? Mohan smiles. She gets angry and says what happened, tell me, why did you do this. He says she made my living troubling, she got after me, she spoiled coin matter and then run away with lotus garland, she was troubling me, what would I do. She slaps him hard and asks did you get scared of little kid, did you think kidnapping her will make things fine, don’t you have sense, you have put me in problem, get the girl back, else my greatness will become zero like your sense, they all trust my powers that I will get the girl, I will put you in trouble otherwise. Police comes near the goons place. They shut the kids inside godown. Police and Ashutosh check place.

Kusum blesses everyone and says Maiyya has shown me way to find the girl, in just one hour, the girl will be here. Devanshi tries to call out Ashutosh. Goon shuts her mouth. Kusum says till Devanshi does not come back, I will sit praying and wait for her. They all chant her name.

Omi tells Rajjo that Sarla would be worried, I will go and inform her. The goon makes Devanshi smell chloroform. Mohan calls him and says why is he not answering, i want the girl back, else Kusum will not leave me. Devanshi faints. Inspector asks staff to come, they will find girl somewhere else. Goon answers Mohan’s call. Mohan says listen to me. Kids ask Devanshi to open eyes and get up. Mohan asks for Devanshi. People praise Kusum. Kusum gets glad and says just one hour, and Devanshi will come back, then they all will pray to me. Goon checks her and says maybe the girl died. Mohan asks what, girl died? Goon says I think chloroform got high. Mohan gets shocked and says what will I answer Kusum…..

Omi and Sarla come to Kusum. Sarla says if my daughter does not come here, I will burn myself in this temple. Kusum gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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