Devanshi 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nutan stopping Kusum from sitting on throne. Kusum moves aside. Devanshi comes there. Everyone chant her name. They all welcome her as Mata. Kusum recalls her time. Devanshi asks the man not to keep his hand, walking on someone’s hand is not respect, its insult, this ritual will end today. Ishwar smiles. Everyone chant her name happily. Devanshi recalls Kusum’s words. She sits on the throne. Ishwar taunts Kusum and smiles.

Kusum goes to Devanshi and gives her dupatta to Devanshi. Nutan and everyone look on. Kusum says don’t get mistaken about anything, its not easy to manage this crown, I m giving you this throne, but I will sow thorns in your way, so that you regret to take my place. She goes. Devanshi stops everyone and says I m not any Mata, I m just here to help you

all, I just want to help, chant Maiyya’s name. She looks at Kusum.

Vardaan thanks Shikhar for getting him to academy. He says I will get peace seeing my dream fulfilling. Shikhar asks him to have a drink. Vardaan says I don’t drink now, someone did not like me drinking habit so I left it. Shikhar says I have no love and none has stopped me, I will drink a lot, you have managed well after big incident. Vardaan says I would have broken if I did not have Devanshi’s love. Shikhar asks why don’t you like me. Vardaan says I like you, you praise yourself all day. They laugh.

Mohan comes there and taunts Vardaan. He asks Shikhar to give him some wine. Vardaan asks him to leave. Mohan says forget what happened in morning, I m sorry, I wanted to help you. Vardaan says I will not leave you. Mohan says fine, I will go, don’t hurt yourself in anger. He goes.

Kusum does Devanshi’s aarti. Ishwari says when Kusum gave all her powers to Devanshi, even charnamrit will be distributed. Devanshi says stop, I don’t believe in all this. She asks lady not to give chadava. She says this tradition will end from today, if you want to donate, go and help needy. Ishwari says Devanshi has brought this big change. Golu says Devanshi has become new Mata, you used to impress Kusum, now you have to impress Devanshi. Nutan says Devanshi is not any Mata. Kusum says now its time to hear people’s sorrow, Devanshi has to understand everyone’s problems.

Mohan comes back and says you both are drunk, let me drive. Vardaan scolds him. Mohan laughs off him. Vardaan gets angry. Shikhar looks on drunk and says I will drive. Vardaan says move back, and gets down the jeep. Shikhar asks how will you drive in such a state. Vardaan says I will drive, move back. Vardaan sits in driver’s seat. Mohan says its not easy to become Mata, Devanshi will sit in Kusum’s place and here Vardaan will meet with an accident, Devanshi has to leave her throne. Vardaan fails to drive and hits a hut. The man screams. The lady runs to Devanshi and says I want justice. Vardaan was drunken driving, he has hit my husband. They all get shocked. Kusum says it means such a big problem in front of Devanshi, she has to decide against her husband, how will she do this. Mohan and Kusum smile. The lady says I don’t know, I want justice.

Kusum asks Devanshi to decide as Mata. Devanshi says I called doctor and inspector before coming here. She sees Vardaan unconscious.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ohe my god,arre o kusum sundari tera kab anth hoga..frnd Today Iam very angery…dimag kharab

  2. ohe my god,arre o kusum sundari tera kab anth hoga..,?frnd Today Iam very angery…dimag kharab

  3. sorry, saira for not able to reply about,devanshi,s trp.

    1. It’s ok gayatri.

  4. huh…. wht was that…. m becomin mad….now m sure shikher is playing vd vardan… hw can he drink when he know that vardan cant drive….

    1. Swetha Kannan

      I think shikar I’d is kusum side who is helping her secretpy against devanshi without her knowledge

  5. Mica

    thank you amena mam for update…

    oh God, it’s more complicated now yay!!! uugghhh….still there is something fishy between Mohan and Shikar na… both somehow help each other indirectly, mohan helped Shikar when Kusum wan to hit him.
    meanwhile Shikar stopped Vardhan to beat Mohan those day….hmmmm…’s kinda the third party, raised more conflict between Devanshi- Kusum to get advantage….

  6. With my sixth sense I can clearly say that shikar and Mohan ek sath hai.
    But mujhe shikar pasand tha lekin vo chala gaya

  7. now what devanshi will do? waiting how she reacts.. i think mohan n shikar ek saath hai .. i dont want MU to create between devadaan …. now i doubt ks shikar mohan will create Mu between them(devdaan) paaka

  8. what will devanshhi do now . may be shikar n mohan ek saath hai.. i think ksmohan shikar trying to create MU between devdaan…

  9. Thos show should go off air very soon.nothing is left in this show . Helly’s popularity also decrease day by day . Anjum also left the show . Trp of last week is 0.8 which is lowest among all the colors show . I think helly is also not intrested in doing it now days .

    1. Mica

      Thapki was 0.7 last week….and last week,,almost all of color serial decreased compared to previous week even though still in high position.
      About popularity, i think there isn’t any connection between popularity and flop show (in TRP only) there are a bunch actors/actress have the same process.
      for example Niti Taylor, (sorry for their fans i didn’t mean to disrespect her), from the recent show she got so much popularity, but after she joins “ghulam”, at least here, there are less fans mentioned about “ghulam” but it doesn’t mean that her popularity decreased, right ?

      Niti and Helly, both join an extra ordinary show, maybe for quantity, it will be less audience, but from quality of acting skill, it gave them both new experience. I love people who have guts to choose a risk for their betterment.
      Even i enjoy a lot her acting nowadays…..
      ah whatever.. all the best for them….

  10. frnd,s but Iam not thinking that ,shikhar help ks or,any bond with mohan..

  11. trp nhi increase hone me kisi actor ya actress ki galti nhi hai…agar koi film flop ho jata,to kya actors ki populirity nhi rahti kya??devanshi ki puri team pure dil se kam karte hai..helly bhi en dino hard work kar rhi hai..

  12. and 0.8 trp wale aneko show hai..

  13. yup cast is doing good job…but they r not givin repet telecast so trp vll get decrese….cv’s ke galthi ko ham actors ke uper nahi daal sakthe….. n abt new issue…. devanshi is clever inaugh to handle the situation…..hop fr the best let see

  14. n they r not giving promo also….if they giv promo then ppl vll get to no wats goin on but no… no promo no repeat! n devanshi’s timin that tim v cant c tv….huh…..

  15. yaar mica where is ur ff…””my office boy”” plz update

    1. Mica

      waaahhhh.. i don’t know that you like it.. hmmmm, i’ll continue to write later if i have time…. 😀

  16. Colors tv do not give any promo and repeat telecast of devanshi because they are all set to pull of the show very soon . According to sources trp of devanshi drops miserably after the leap . And it keeps on falling . Anjum also left the show . Helly deserves a better show . Last year she won best actress and best jodi award for swaragini in GPA but this year she was nomineted for any category . Its good that devanshi is going off air . Helly can come back with a better show and better role

    1. Mica

      Dear, Helly was not nominated as she was new on Devanshi when GPA aired. To be nominated and selected on GPA, it’s need time to judge na….it should be prepared few month before na….
      Look at karuna pandey, she is there for loong time on Devanshi, that why she nominated.
      don’t worry, no matter how low the TRP, Devanshi got 2 awards, right ?
      So, mean Devanshi serial may flop for audience but it’s has quality enough.
      Nothing better for Helly then this Serial…. remember, TRP maybe important enough for a show, but not all qualification. Her acting skill, new experience of different set, it’s improve her a lot. She is young, she needs to try each different kind of serial to prepare herself for her best future.

      1. Devanshi got only one award . I agree with you mica . But fact is that devanshi is going off air . After leap its trp drops miserably . I don’t like mudit ‘s acting . Chemistry between them is not that much good .

    2. Mica

      Oh just 1 award.. sorry as i only googling, on wiki it’s mentioned that they got 2 awards.
      Are you Swasan fans before ? if Yess.. i’m sure that you can’t fell the chemistry for both as even me hard to accept them.
      But actually the problem is on me or us, not them.
      For myself, as Swasan fans, i have ever seen how romantic Swasan before, both character, Swara and Sanskar are romantic person, CVS portrait them as the best character and personality in romantic matter, even somehow they are kinda shameless na 😀

      Meanwhile, in Devanshi CVS portrait both character as unromantic person. They had HARD LIFE on their CHILDHOOD.
      Devanshi has big responsible since childhood, she has no time and no opportunity to get affection.
      Vardhaan kinda raised up by nature itself, made him have trouble to express his love feeling.

      Can you imagine what happen on our brain or our mind to heading the change ? from the most romantic couple to unromantic one….
      t’s kinda after eat ice cream, we should drink plain tea….
      but i dunno why i can accept mudhit, i mean he portrait UNROMANTIC person so well 😀
      as for myself, the problem is on me not him 😀

      1. Mica

        oh yaa… about going off air, i knew it and heard that, we can’t deny how disappointed us to see the TRP dropping. It will be the channel decision and we can’t change that. So, what i can say only all the best for them..
        uugghhh even i planned to take a break from TU after Devanshi off air and focus on my Ramadhan month 🙂

  17. Colors tv is all set to pull off devanshi . This year helly was not nominated for any category in GPA

  18. sorry but devanshi got 2 awards helly doesnt nominated bcz she joined in devanshi newly before 1mnth they cant nominated if u saying like even new simar also nominate nahi hua…

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