Devanshi 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gopi asking Vardaan to come with him. Vardaan refuses and cleans the well. Gopi says you just used to hear Ishwar and Devanshi. Vardaan shouts don’t take her name in front of me. Devanshi goes to help. Vardaan says is raining, go from here, no need to show concern. She says no, I thought you got mad, you will not get any leave. She gets scared and hugs him. Piya re….plays…..She asks him to leave, its useless to clean well at this time, you won’t get leave tomorrow. Kusum waits for Mohan. He comes drunk. She asks him to come with her. He asks what was he doing with Kalki’s land. He says I m loyal to Kalki, I m doing drama.

She asks about the gold, none knew about it, how did it disappear. He falls on the bed. Kusum gets gold chain from his pocket and says he

is supporting Kalki for money and gold. Vardaan sneezes. Kalki says I knew it, you will make fever excuse, you will be resposible for all this. He argues. Menka comes and asks what is he doing with Kalki, I got clothes and towel for you. Vardaan says leave this questions on me, you came to ask now. Devanshi taunts them and goes.

Menka says I told you not to care for Kalki’s words. He asks her to stop it and leave him alone. Its morning, Kusum says I want that wig. She sees some men and introduces herself. The man jokes on her. Devanshi comes and welcomes the guys. Nutan asks who are these jokers. Devanshi apologizes to them. She says they came for my Swayamvar, ifVardaan can do second marriage, its my first marriage, I deserve the best, winner will be my husband and 50% partner of my property. Vardaan says this won’t go on here. He says this is my house, you can take rest, guys you have to face some rounds. Devanshi asks Mohan about arrangements. She asks Kusum to help Mohan as well. Kusum gets angry.

Nutan and Gopi argue. Gopi goes. Vardaan says I don’t want Kalki to marry here, it does not mean you scold Gopi. Menka argues with Nutan. He asks her to have manners. Menka says I will become house owner. Kusum asks what did you do that you’re thinking so. Vardaan says stop fighting and goes. A man comes to deliver the gift. She holds his hand and says I was waiting for you. He says I m not such guy. She asks him to leave. He goes. She gets glad seeing the wig. Kusum wears the wig. Mohan fixes the lie detector and tells Kusum that Kalki wants to see if guys are true. Kusum makes him sit and checks. She asks him does he love her. Mohan says I love you a lot. Red light comes. She scolds him and asks about the gold. Mohan says I dont know anything.

Mohan say this machine is bad, I m not lying. She says you cheated me. He says I did not cheat. They see red lights. She says you are the liar.

He asks are you doubting on my loyalty. Devanshi smiles seeing them. She comes and tells Mohan to get mechanic, the machine is not working well. She goes. Mohan says this machine is bad and goes. Devanshi looks on.

Devanshi gives number to the boys. She asks Vardaan did he believe letters than his wife, Devanshi was true, you were wrong. He recalls Devanshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mars

    Wowww today’s epi was super se upar vala I just loved it.DevDaan hug in rain then mohan in drunken state was awesome. I just love when kalki call family members with different names.
    The track is quite interesting and best part vardaan’s realization part started. I hope he will accept his mistake.

    1. Can you write a fan fiction on devdaan

      1. Mars

        Sure dear I will love to write story on devdaan if people are interested here to read.
        I will try to write soon.

      2. Yes Mars we love to read a ff of u on devdaan

    2. Mars

      Thanks saira dear will try to write something on devdaan soon.

  2. Awesome i loved it

  3. Woooooow awesome dear…. Vrdn z realising….

  4. Shiksha

    Awesome.. nd different..

  5. so nice epi..again rain sequence of our devdaan…loved this scene…here always n always diffrent…waiting for today’s update..

  6. Amena di, please I’ts my humble request for you plz do fast update of this show..

  7. Ammmazing….. Pls koi iss menka ko hatao… Kabab me haddi…. Always wrong timings….

  8. That machine scene was nice….

  9. Neptune

    i loved the epi….
    hellu is looking more n more beautiful day by day…
    i was really surprised seeing how she looks so beautiful with so less make up i mean no actress in tellywood does this less make up you can have a look at anyone….

    i guess she uses least make up in the whole telly wood and yet looks so beauifula nd appealing….
    no doubt her acting skills are wonderfullllllll…
    aah i can’t stop myself saying this LOVE YOU HELLU…

    1. Mars

      Heyyyyy nepuuuuu u also see devanshi even I can’t understand her beauty.How can anyone look beautiful in all looks
      Love my doll to the core.

      1. Neptune

        yup marsuuuuu what to do can;t resist my helluuuu

    2. Mars

      Hihihihi nepuu even I can’t resist seeing hellu.

  10. Awesome episode. It’s getting interesting

  11. Where is the update???…. Amina mam fast

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