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Devanshi 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi crying and recalling Sarla’s words. Rajjo sees her and asks what happened. Devanshi thinks of Vardaan’s words. Vardaan sees her and asks what happened. Devanshi hugs him and cries. She says you said right Vardaan. She sees her parents pic. She says you know I m unlucky, my real parents died, Omi went to jail. Sarla and Sakshi are worried because of me. He asks her to stop her nonsense. She says its really like that, it did not happen because of me. He asks why did you think this, can’t you be normal, think anything you want. He goes. She cries and apologizes to her real parents. Rajjo gets water for Devanshi. Devanshi hugs her and says Omi went to jail because of me. Rajjo calms her down.

Sarla comes to meet Kusum and is angry. Kusum asks maids to leave Sarla

and shut the door. She asks Sarla to say why did she come. Sarla says I know Omi is innocent, he is trapped, free him from jail. Kusum praises her smartness and says I laid this trap for Devanshi, not Omi, he got trapped.

Sarla says so you know this, now free Omi. Kusum says you are smart, you don’t know this is out of my hands now, Omi took the blame on his head, he should have not done that, its good he is inside jail, jwalapuri is after his life, he will lose life, everyone will kill him, I m shot, its not a small thing. Sarla says you are fooling me, I know Kusum is Mata of this village, and people can do anything for you. Kusum says yes, my servants can throw you out, go and put blame on Devanshi, and about Omi, he is in jail and will be there.

Devanshi is sad and thinks what to do. Sarla comes and says you are the reason why we are bearing all these sorrows, I will end this sorrow from root. She gets stick to beat Devanshi. Vardaan holds stick and warns Sarla not to be seen around Devanshi, else be ready to bear punishment. Sarla thinks I will see Vardaan and Devanshi.

Geeta comes to room. She gives wine bottle to Mohan. She says this bottle is similar to the one left in kitchen, from which Devanshi fed wine to Vardaan, I got many bottles from your room, there is nothing to hide if you drink, don’t worry, I will not tell anyone. He gets shocked. She serves him wine.

Sakshi tells Ashutosh that police arrested Omi. He gets shocked and asks why. Sakshi says they said Omi shot Kusum. Ashutosh says Omi can’t do this, how will he shoot someone, go and have food. Rajjo comes to meet him. He asks is Devanshi fine. She says why are you worried for her, she is fed in mind that she is unlucky. He asks who told her, I don’t know anything. She says problem is you don’t know anything, everything wrong is happening with her, you don’t care for anything. He says I do care for Devanshi and Omi, I care what you are going through, I believe we are innocent and trapped.

She says I can’t believe Omi can shoot Kusum, if you care for Devanshi, do something, she needs someone’s support, I request you. Geeta says I m saying this for your good, drink in room, else I can’t hide this from anyone, that bottle found in kitchen was yours. He drinks wine. She smiles.

He gets drunk. She asks about Mohini. He laughs and says you don’t know the matter. She asks why did you get worried about her, is there anything between you two. He says no, Kusum and Mohan…..has something ….. He falls asleep. She thinks why did he name Kusum’s name, what can be the problem.

Vardaan gets Devanshi to Ishwar and says she thinks she is unlucky, don’t know when will she behave like a normal girl. She cries. Kusum looks on. Devanshi says my real parents also died. Kusum thinks kid becomes zero in their eyes and ruin oneself if anyone calls them unlucky. She goes. She calls Mohan. Geeta answers the call.

Kusum asks Mohan to leave worrying for Devanshi now, as that girl will leave us on her own. Geeta checks phone. She says phone got off. Geeta tells Sarju that she would have got some clue today, don’t know why was he taking Kusum’s name. Kusum says Mohan switched off phone, men can’t be trusted. Devanshi comes and says but I have full faith, Sarla called me unlucky, tell me am I unlucky or Choti Mata, answer me, make me fine. Kusum thinks this problem will get solved on his own.

Kusum tells Devanshi to sit in fire to get rid of bad luck. Devanshi goes to sit in fire.

Update Credit to: Amena

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