Devanshi 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan saying I will prove truth, this woman is not Geeta. He checks the phone. Kusum worries. Vardaan says this phone is off. Devanshi says yes, it got switched off when that woman’s face was going to be seen, I could not see her face. Mohan says Geeta is that woman, who has done all this. Geeta cries. Vardaan and Devanshi say Geeta helped us in finding Mohan’s truth. Nutan says Geeta is fooling you two, when Devanshi told Geeta about the woman, so she fooled you. Geeta says this is not true, believe me. Mohan says I m shouting out, Geeta is that woman, Devanshi recall the bangles, Geeta has killed your parents, as they got to know about me and her, she did not wish the truth to come out.

Devanshi says it can’t be Geeta, I know you did all murders, you tried to

kill me also. Mohan says I will tell you why I wanted to kill you. Vardaan says because she was finding your truth. Mohan says fine, agreed, but why will I kill her parents, reason is Kusum’s chair, Geeta used me to snatch Kusum’s post. Devanshi says no, its some other woman.

The judge takes the phone and says the case looked right and now it got complicated, its good we have a phone, the truth is recorded in this, problem is we won’t have old charger here, I will take this to city and get it charged, I will keep the phone in my custody, then we will see this video here in evening. Kusum worries and thinks what is this judge doing, no if I stop him, he may doubt on me, I have to think of some day to erase the video. She says fine, this phone will be safe with you, it has the truth. Devanshi says i m sure its not Geeta, its some other woman, when video plays, her truth will come out.

Ishwar thinks Kusum has time till tomorrow evening, that video will expose Kusum’s truth. At home, Nutan slaps Geeta. Devanshi and Vardaan ask Nutan not to beat Geeta, who are you to punish her before video truth comes out. Nutan shouts stop it, I don’t want to see any video, I sure Geeta has done this, today I will see Geeta, Kusum will punish her later. Rajjo asks Nutan to leave Geeta. Gopi asks why to leave her Rajjo, she did such sin which can’t be forgiven, she killed my one brother and made other brother ill. Devanshi says Geeta did not do this.

Nutan pushes Devanshi and says you are not Choti Mata. Vardaan says but Kusum is Mata, why did she not know Mohan’s truth, why did she not cure Ishwar. Gopi asks him not to trouble Kusum. Vardaan says its true. Nutan says I will lock Geeta so that she does not run away. She drags Geeta.

Kusum worries and thinks how to delete the video, the judge is honest, he won’t get bribed, Mohan is also in jail, how to stop the video, I have to do something. She gets dizzy and falls down.

She dreams that everyone is praying. Kusum walks downstairs. They all stare at her angrily. Judge says you are the culprit, you are sinner. Everyone scold Kusum for her crimes. Kuusm gets shocked and falls. Devanshi says you are not Mata, you are a sinner. Devanshi slaps her. Kusum shouts no and wakes up. She thinks what’s this strange dream. She calls maid and asks about the light. The maid says its morning now, you fainted at night. Kusum says shut all windows. She thinks what to do, will this bad dream get true.

Everyone gather at temple. Devanshi tells Vardaan that everyone will know that woman is not Geeta. Vardaan says think, who is she. Devanshi says her truth will come out in some time, then see what everyone does. Kusum gets dizzy. Ishwar smiles. Rajjo asks are you fine. Kusum says yes. Judge says I will play this video, I want to see I have seen this video and that woman’s face also. He looks at Kusum and says now its your turn to see that culprit’s face. Ishwar thinks Rishi’s prediction is getting true, Kusum’s end is close. Kusum thinks everything will get ruined, I will be going jail, I will cut my nerve before this happens. The video is played on screen. Mohan says I tried best to kill Ishwar, what to do if his fate is good, if you say, I will kill him. The woman in video turns. They all get shocked seeing Geeta. Even Kusum and Mohan get a big shock.

Kusum says you said I will get fine soon, why am I getting dizzy. Doctor says actually, you are pregnant. Kusum gets shocked. Devanshi hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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