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Devanshi 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi getting the sounds from well. She recalls Rajjo’s words and says this does not look like echo. Devanshi comes there. Rajjo thinks how she punished Devanshi. Devanshi says I went to clean the uniform, else you would allow me to sit in school. Rajjo hugs her and says no need to wash this uniform, I got a new one, shall I show it. Devanshi smiles seeing the new uniform. Rajjo apologizes for punishing her. Devanshi says but I did mistake, you are my teacher in school. Rajjo massages her legs and cries.

Devanshi says I know why you are making me sleep. Rajjo says I will sleep here. Devanshi says I m not scared, you go and sleep in your room. Rajjo says fine, lie down now. She makes Devanshi sleep and goes. Devanshi thinks of Sarla. She goes to Maiyya and says I can

sleep in temple alone, I have sent Rajjo, I m brave, can I go back home, I miss my mum.

Mohan talks to Devanshi as Maiyya, by standing behind the idol. Devanshi smiles thinking Maiyya is talking to her. Mohan asks her to go out and stand for one hour, do as I say, else stay here forever. Devanshi says no, I will stand outside, why did Maiyya get angry on me. Mohan says now I got chance to answer, I will make this problem easy.

Devanshi goes out and hears sounds from the well. He asks someone to be quiet. He thinks Devanshi can come back here. Devanshi stands outside. She feels cold. Mohan gets angry and kicks the bucket. His keys falls down. He says what happened, my fate is bad, the key fell down. Devanshi comes back to well, and Mohan goes. Devanshi talks to the well devil and says I m not scared, Maiyya talks to me also, Maiyya will make you leave, Maiyya will help me. She falls down in the well. She says I fell inside. The boy says I m not devil, open the door.

Devanshi thinks the devil will not leave me. She walks inside the well. She picks the keys. The boy says we are here, open the door. Devanshi thinks Omi always asks us to help, even if enemies need help. The boy says open the door. Devanshi says fine, let me see where is the door. She gets inside the water and uses the keys to open the door. She falls inside the door and gets hurt. She gets shocked seeing some boy. The boy comes to her. She says I thought you are devil, how will we go out now. Mohan gets another key and says I will go inside the well. Devanshi prays to Maiyya. Boy says there is no powers like that. She asks him to see miracle now. She prays.

Mohan gets a call and says why is he calling me now. He goes. A red cloth falls from the tree into the well. Devanshi says this is the miracle, I told you not to doubt on Maiyya, hold it and climb. He asks her to go first. She says don’t worry for me, I m Choti Mata, Kusum also calls me the same. He gets angry. They both climb holding the cloth. The boy reaches safe. The cloth begins to tear. Devanshi climbs up. The boy turns to see her. The cloth tears. She screams.

Gopi says its not shubh thing that bell is ringing at night. Rajjo says I think Devanshi is in problem. Kusum gets shocked seeing someone ringing the bell.

Update Credit to: Amena

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