Devanshi 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi taunting to Vardaan. Menka begs Vardaan to believe her. Kusum says I have a reason to hate you. Menka says I will give my life if Vardaan does not marry me. Kusum asks her to die, why is she scaring. Devanshi says idea is not bad, Vardaan is responsible for Devanshi’s death, its fine if Menka dies, Vardaan has no intention to marry her. Vardaan asks her to stop insulting. He says this marriage will happen tomorrow. Kusum says this guy got mad, how did he declare marriage. Nutan gets old utensils and asks her to wash it. She says Menka is going to become your bahu, she will make you dance, I won’t have time for all these work. She asks Kusum not to do any mistake. Kusum asks her to leave now.

Menka says this marriage will happen now, why did Pavan save me, what’s

his profit. Pavan comes and says you are thinking why I saved you, I did this for my profit, I don’t want anyone to know about secret locker, else Kusum will try to bring Kalki and Vardaan together, none can stop your and Vardaan’s marriage. Vardaan talks to Ishwar’s pic and says I feel scared as if I m going to do something wrong. Gopi comes and asks why are you worried. Vardaan says I don’t understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Gopi asks him not to hurry up in deciding, we did wrong with Devanshi, I feel she was innocent, I regret I did not do anything for Devanshi, I want to do yagya for her soul peace if you permit, nothing fine is happening here after she left, you are going to remarry, why to keep annoyance with her now. Vardaan says what do I have to do.

Its morning, Devanshi asks servant where is he taking flowers. Servant says Vardaan is doing Devanshi’s Shraddh. Devanshi and Pavan get shocked. Devanshi says Vardaan still believes he has a relation with Devanshi. Pavan says you are mistaken, he wants to end ties by this Shraddh. She says its nothing like that, Shraddh is done of dear ones. Vardaan does the Shraddh puja. The diya blows off. They all get shocked.

Kusum sees the fan moving towards them on own. Pandit says maybe soul is not happy, you all pray with me. Vardaan lights diya again. His hand burns and he drops the pind food. They all get shocked seeing the pot breaking. Pandit says soul is not accepting puja, she is either annoyed or…. she did not leave her body, it means she did not die, she is alive. They all get shocked. Nutan says how did she get alive. Pandit says situation is signing such. Kusum thinks what nonsense, this is right chance to stop Vardaan and Menka’s marriage. She says if this is true, then Vardaan can’t marry Menka. Menka says how can a dead person get alive, we have checked well and got to know Devanshi died.

Pavan comes and asks what’s happening here, I heard all of your story, what’s the use to think for Devanshi, Vardaan made Devanshi out of the close, everyone knew what he wanted, its no use to argue about her. Menka agrees. Kusum says this marriage will be wrong if this is true. Gopi agrees. Pavan thinks I did big mistake. He recalls plotting all abshaguns. He thinks I have made myself fall in problem. Vardaan sees Devanshi’s pic. Pavan thinks Vardaan has feelings for Devanshi, I can’t let Kalki know this. Nutan says its big abshagun, pandit is saying Devanshi is right. Devanshi gets shocked and thinks I know who did this. Servant gets courier. Gopi checks it. He sees one crore life insurance on Vardaan’s name. He tells this to Kusum. Vardaan says I have done this to secure my and my family’s future, I m ready for marriage. Menka smiles and thinks I know how to stop this Kusum. Gopi and Nutan go to do arrangements. Devanshi sees Pavan and asks why did you create problems in Shraddh. Pavan says Shraddh is done for dead people, how can I let this happen. She says let them think I m dead. He says I m glad to hear this, did you die for Vardaan too. She says don’t distract me by his name, focus on plan, go to Menka. He thinks I will work according to my planning.

Pavan and Devanshi dance on Aye dil hai mushkil…. Vardaan and Menka exchange jaimala. Kusum asks Mohan to stop the marriage. Devanshi says last ound started, this marriage should not happen. Pavan looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Wait is over.
    Over all good episode except pawan and menka’s scenes.
    KS kuch kar ab ,ab kaha gaya ter shaitano wala dimaag, u can do it stop this marriage,Pawan can cut Kalki’s move as she will tell him but you r secure do smartly and change table in your side KS U CAN DO IT.


    shradh again 🙁 🙁 🙁 *my poor poor Helly
    I really want it to move on rapidly,… i want to see the truth disclosure soon !!! and ha eager to see her in that scene !

    1. Mica

      Diiiiiiiii.. do you want to watch it again ?
      the way Piyush lift Helly.. omg!!!!!!! it’s burning more than VaHe * hide to Mudhit’s embrace and hire Power Rangers for Kakali’s attack

      1. Mica we can expect helly n piyush as couple in future I mean their chemistry is really good but pls micu don’t compare them with swasan or else we all swasanian will surely gonna catch u no matters whether u r hiding in vardaan embrace.n I will also get chance to touch ur yummy vardaan .

  3. Neptune

    hellllloooooooooooo my dear buddies…
    so how did you all like the episode??
    i liked it..

    the chits are getting cleared now..vardaan was feeling pain remembering devanshi..

    guys that pic of devanshi’s shradh was soooooooo beautiful..hellu was looking sooooo beautiful in it…

    that game was played by pawan so caring of him…
    the show is gradually going towards the end, and the pace in which it is proceeding i think we will get a perfect ending…not like the one we got in swaragini..

    i wish hellu to take a small break..she didn’t have any break after swaragini too… and she had to do jdj too..
    she has been quite busy..
    i want her to relax for a few months and then come up with a BANG…with an awesome storyline and a new concept….i am sure this girl is gonna rock in future..just waiting for that time to come….

    do give your views too guys…

  4. Mars

    Ohhhhh goddd again they hanged dance. Epi was nice. Waiting for the precap.

  5. Awesome

  6. How much I was waiting for the dance sequence…..but I don’t think they are going to end the serial(well I want it to end too)bcz pavan is shown as the lover of devanshi so obvio he won’t let devdaan to come together easily

  7. Mica

    ty Amena mam for update.. <3
    So, this is what happen, KS don't want Var-menk's marriage happen
    Pavan want it happen
    Devanshi don't want it happen
    Menka want it happen…
    and here Vardhaan become toy 😀 😀 😀

    I love derby between KS-Pavan nowadays, whatever they done, in the end, the enemy got the advantage and turn the table for sure 😀
    Menka knows exactly what does she want, but here.. Devanshi fight to herself for sure….
    Omg!!!! this serial full of funny intrigue, so EPIC !!!

    No doubt that this serial to have less viewers, the story line just too dark and gloomy,
    I'm sure that CVs will perfect for kinda thriller movies 🙁

    I watched 2 "Fake Marriage Scene" Swasan and Pavan-kalki…. without talking about chemistry bla bla bla…it gave sooooo different effect for me 😀 , in fact, swasan still gimme goosebumps whenever i remember it, but here, i often forget about kalki-pavan fake marriage !!!!

  8. Oh…. again precap…they r testing our patients…

  9. Nice epi…thank u amena di for update.

  10. Oo…hoo mica dear, you dont know? Vardaan is a toy becoz he is lifeless without devanshi…………….

    1. Mica

      haaaa.. he is devdas, body without soul, hmmm.. waiting revealed moment 😀

  11. and vardaan is also dont want marry with menka…so he is doing drama on his marrige…his heart is fill up with only devanshi’s memory..

  12. What I didn’t like is why is kalki getting affected by vardaan & Menka’s marriage…..why the CVS is showing kalki having feelings for vardaan….what vardaan did is really unforgivable…..she should seriously hate vardaan….but amidst of all these….m loving Pawan’s character…& I m really becoming a kalki-pawan fan

  13. Episode – 282 06:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 02 Aug Set Alert More show timings Pawan confronts Kalki about her feelings for
    Vardan and also attempts to convince her that
    Kusum Sundari and Vardan are trying to make
    a fool out of her. Episode – 283 06:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 03 Aug Set Alert More show timings Kusum Sundari tries her best to prove to Kalki
    that Vardan doesn’t like Devanshi anymore.
    Pawan is bent on proving the same to her so
    that he can profess his love for Kalki. Episode – 284 06:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 04 Aug Set Alert More show timings Kalki is affected when she sees Vardan’s
    fondness for Devanshi and is shaken when he
    seeks help from her to find the person who
    misled him into believing the rumours about

  14. Episode – 281 06:00 PM – 06:30 PM, 01 Aug Set Alert More show timings Pawan dreams of a romantic liaison between
    him and Kalki. He also makes sure that Vardan’s
    marriage with Menka is successful so that there
    is no possibility of Kalki returning to Vardan.

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