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Devanshi 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajjo saying Devanshi said right, Rajeev was not killed by dog, call police. Kusum looks at Ishwar. He smiles. Inspector comes and says it means Devanshi was right, dog did not kill Rajeev, someone else has killed Rajeev, the fingerprints will be on this knife, I will find him. Mohan says Devanshi’s fingerprints will be also on it, she got it by her hands. Inspector says you don’t know our forensic team, they will find out murderer even by nail marks. He asks Kusum to permit him to tale fingerprints of entire family.

Gopi asks are you mad, you are doubting on Kusum’s family. Rajjo says but this is necessary to reach murderer. Kusum says you can do the proceedings, but real culprit has gone away from our hands. Inspector asks who is the real murderer. Kusum says

Mohini. They all get shocked. Rajjo asks Mohini. Kusum says she tried to kill the dog and run away, I have also seen Mohini’s face when I do dhyaan, I think Maiyya wants us to find Mohini first, inspector catch her and punish her, she killed such best doctor who was curing Ishwar.

Ishwar thinks Kusum saved herself by putting blame on Mohini, but has hit her own foot, as after marriage with Geeta, Mohan can’t be with you, you ended Mohini too, then it will stop your illegitimate relation with Mohan. Inspector thanks her and says I have to take Devanshi’s statement. He asks her what did she say that night. Devanshi sees red blood and shouts no. She runs. Kusum asks why did you scare her, she has run away. She thinks why did she run, why did she recall. Devanshi cries and recalls that night when her parents died.

Rajjo comes and asks why did you come running. Devanshi says i m scared, I recalled that knife which comes in my dream. Geeta and Vardaan hear her. Rajjo asks Devanshi about the dream. Devanshi says knife in woman’s hand, red bangles…..I m scared, the quicksand was swallowing me, I was dying. Rajjo says Vardaan saved you, nothing will happen to you. She hugs Devanshi. Geeta thinks why does Devanshi see knife and red bangles in dream.

Ashutosh asks Gopi to leave him and let him take Devanshi, she will also like to meet family. Gopi says Devanshi can’t meet you, go from here. Ashutosh asks why, Kusum is head, it does not mean she has right on everyone’s life. Gopi scolds him and fights. Nutan comes and stops them. Ashutosh goes. Nutan gets the phone and says I can now break Ashutosh and Rajjo, as Sarla is dreaming to unite them.

Mohan thinks what to do, Kusum will sacrifice me if she wants. Geeta gives him tea. He says I did not ask for it. She says have it, else it will go waste. He drinks hot tea. She asks what is he thinking that he did not see hot tea. He says I m not worried. She asks about Mohini. He says we will find out soon, no need to run mind, you did not make good tea, run away. He gets angry and goes. She says he got worried hearing about Mohini, I will find out tonight.

Rajjo gets message from Ashutosh’s phone and gets shocked. She cries. Nutan smiles seeing her. Nutan goes to her brother and says Rajjo was staring the phone as if she has seen ghost. Her brother says who will see her own pic like that, but it took much hardwork to click such pic. Nutan calls him cheap man, how did you hide her bathroom pic in your phone, if anyone saw it then… He says I saved it for today, Ashutosh did not know that we have sent that pic by his phone. Nutan says now Rajjo will shoot Ashutosh and laughs. She says now Rajjo will marry you, Sarla and Ashutosh will fail.

Ashutosh says I will go city and get permission to get Devanshi home. Rajjo comes home to meet him. He says your brother fought with me, he raised hand on me first, its his mistake. She shows the pic. He turns away and asks are you mad, what are you showing me. She says you have sent this to me by my phone. He asks did I send it, where is my mobile. He says my phone fell somewhere, and someone did this intentionally, check, I did not send this pic. She cries.

He asks her why is she seeing like this, I did not do this. She says I don’t believe you. He says I will prove my innocence. He cuts his wrist and says this is my innocence proof. She asks how can I ignore that you did not send this pic. He asks her to check his house, I will not leave that culprit. She says I don’t believe you. She goes. He gets sad and says I will find that man and prove myself innocent.

Devanshi talks to her parents’ pic and cries. Vardaan comes to her. She hides the pic. He says no need to hide pic, I know you are talking to the pic. She says but they don’t talk to me. He says then ask Maiyya, I came to save you, not Maiyya. She says Maiyya has sent you to save me. He says you are impossible and goes. Devanshi says he always teases me, if you both were with me, I would have loved you a lot. She hugs the pic.

Kusum asks Devanshi to shoot her and show girls can do anything. Devanshi shoots. Kusum screams and falls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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