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Devanshi 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi and Ashutosh finding Sakshi. Ashutosh asks Sakshi why did she come here after the icecream. Sakshi says I liked the colorful balloons and icecream. Ashutosh says we got so worried and asks her to have icecream. Rajjo asks the man for specific flowers. Devanshi asks Ashutosh to see Rajjo. Rajjo asks the man to get flowers. The man says I got flowers from the tree and it got sold, now I can’t get it, any mad man can climb so high. Devanshi asks Ashutosh to go and impress Rajjo, I will manage Sakshi. Mohan looks on. The man says sorry, I can’t help. Rajjo thinks my puja will be incomplete. She sees Ashutosh climbing the tree. Sakshi eats icecreams. Devanshi asks her to come, they will buy gift for Sarla. She sees laddoos and says what will you buy for Sarla, I want laddoos,

but I won’t buy, as I will buy gift for Sarla. Sakshi says m money ended. Devanshi asks her to take her money. Sakshi says then they will love you more. Devanshi says we both will write our name, I won’t tell them whose money it is. Sakshi says I decided what to buy for Sarla.

The man says this guy will be known by you, else who will risk life for few flowers. Ashutosh gets the flowers. Rajjo looks on. Sakshi and Devanshi see bangles. Devanshi likes the color bangles and says you want to buy bangles for Amma. Ladies recognize Devanshi and ask will small kids wear bangles. They praise Devanshi to be Devi’s avatar and buy bangles for Devanshi. Devanshi says I will take it. Lady asks her to accept it. The lady makes Devanshi wear it and Sakshi feels sad. Devanshi says its for Sarla.

Ashutosh asks Rajjo to take flowers. She says you made flowers fall and made it impure, now puja can’t complete, fool. Ashutosh says she has attitude, I climbed tree for her. She stops and says he climbed on tree because of me, I should thank him. She goes back to him. He says the girl is egoistic. She hears it and says its good I did not thank him. They both go the other way.

Sakshi asks for bangles. Lady says first let me make Choti Maa wear it. Mohan looks on. Sakshi leaves. Devanshi looks for her. She stops Sakshi and asks what happened, where are you going. Ashutosh asked us to stay. Sakshi says I will go alone and take my choice of dupatta for Sarla. Devanshi asks her to wait. Mohan keeps an eye on them. Ashutosh looks for Devanshi and Sakshi, and asks people.

Mohan goes to Devanshi and kidnaps her by putting her in a sack. Sakshi looks on and recalls Sarla’s love for Devanshi. Sakshi sees everything and keeps quiet. Mohan puts Devanshi in a truck and goes. Devanshi comes out of the sack. Rajjo also looks for her in market. Ashutosh asks where did they go. She asks why did you leave girls alone. He says I was mad to go and get flowers. He asks Sakshi where is Devanshi. Sakshi does not say. Rajjo asks him to file report in police, I will drop Devanshi home. Sakshi thinks if police knows my lie and puts me in jail then…..

Devanshi asks someone to open the truck door. Sarla says no, Devanshi can’t go missing. Rajjo says she was nowhere in market, I have sent Ashutosh to file report in police, trust Kusum, we will get Devanshi back by her blessings, nothing will happen to Devanshi. Sarla gets angry. She recalls Kusum and cries. She says now my respect will not come back, but how can Rajjo give me this bad news, strange. Rajjo says we will get Devanshi. Omi says she is 7 year old, but very smart, she can’t go missing. He asks Sakshi to say, where is Devanshi. Rajjo says Sakshi, recall well, even police will ask you. Sakshi lies to them. The man says I think girl came out of sack, I told you to give her injection to faint. The man stops truck to give injection. Sarla slaps Sakshi and asks her to say where is Devanshi. Omi says leave her, one is missing and you are beating other one. Sakshi goes. Rajjo says Sakshi is scared already. Sarla prays for Devanshi. The man says I prepared heavy dose injection for her, she will not get conscious soon. Devanshi shouts to get door opened.

Omi asks Kusum to find about Devanshi. Kusum says Devanshi will be here in one hour. Kusum slaps Mohan and says I want girl back here in one hour. The man tells Mohan that girl died.

Update Credit to: Amena

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