Devanshi 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying I knew it Mata, you will be saved, save my father, he did not shoot you, even then police arrested him. Kusum gets shocked and looks at Mohan. She asks what, police arrested Omi. Devanshi says yes, free him. Nutan scolds Devanshi. Devanshi says let me talk. Nutan asks her to get lost. Geeta asks what are you doing. Kusum thinks I risked my life and I m in pain here, how did Devanshi get saved. Rajjo and Geeta send Devanshi out.

Devanshi runs out and prays to Maiyya. She asks Maiyya to save Omi, why are you doing this, why did you send Omi to jail, Sarla is worried, Ashutosh is out of village and Vardaan is not believing me, save my dad, I m alone, help me. She cries. Geeta comes to her and wipes her tears. She says belief is tested in tough time, you are

Devi’s ansh, you are not alone. Geeta and Devanshi pray.

Sarla and Sakshi go to meet Omi, and talk to inspector to take permission. He scolds them. Devanshi comes as Choti Mata. Sakshi asks why did you come here as Mata. Devanshi says to get Omi out of jail. She tells inspector that Omi is innocent, so I command you to leave him. He asks what’s this joke, will anyone let us do our work or not. Sarla angrily takes Devanshi out. She asks her not to do more loss to them and leave them. She says go to Kusum, you are unlucky, you played with gun and this happened, don’t show me your face. She goes. Devanshi cries and asks Maiyya why are you doing this, my mum got annoyed with me, why are you not helping me. Vardaan comes and looks on.

Vardaan says even now you feel Lord exists, if you are Choti Mata, why doesn’t your magic work, what’s use then, my dad is bearing sorrow, your dad went to jail, would Lord see kids helpless, there is no Lord and Maiyya, forget you are choti Mata. He goes. She cries.

Kusum is brought home. Nutan tells Gopi that many devotees came to meet Kusum. She asks Gopi to come and manage devotees. They leave. Kusum asks Mohan to come to him. She holds his hand. She says leave it now, Devanshi did not go jail, but she will go mad as Omi went to jail. She feels hurt. He says I can’t bear your pain, I felt I lost you, you need rest, I called minister and asked him not to come today. She asks what, don’t use mind again, Devanshi is hurdle of my path, but I can’t ruin my politics dream, call minister here, you gave me enough pain by shooting above shoulder. He goes. She says everyone is talking, none gave me water. She tries to get glass. Vardaan comes and makes her drink water. She gets glad. He says I don’t want my mum to bear same pain like my dad. He goes. She says he came to pity on my state or tell about his dad, he is always angry.

Devanshi tells Sarla that everything will get fine. Sarla says yes, you are Choti Mata, Omi went to take you, you are unlucky, when you came to me, I lost my village, I raised you for 7 years, what’s the use, you are still unlucky, you have sent Omi to jail, you killed me, leave us. Sarla and Sakshi leave. Devanshi cries and removes Choti Mata’s jewelry. She recalls Sarla’s words and cries recalling Omi and her real parents.

Sarla scolds Devanshi and is about to hit her with stick. Vardaan comes and saves Devanshi. He warns Sarla not to look at Devanshi again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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