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Devanshi 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla waking up Sakshi. Sakshi says I m missing Devanshi, I slept alone and got scared. Sarla says now you have to sleep alone. Sakshi says Devanshi left because of you, everyone is saying you can get her up by apologizing to Kusum. Sarla scolds her and says you be happy that Devanshi left, you always said I don’t love you, you will get my love now. Sakshi says I want my sister Devanshi, not love, I can’t think to stay alone. Sarla gets angry on her and asks her to get ready for school. Geeta irons Sarju’s uniform and cries. Rajjo comes. Geeta hides it. Rajjo says why are you hiding it, don’t I know your pain, till when will you live with his memories, you iron his uniform and cry, will he come back doing this. Geeta says he has gone, but if I remove his memories from

heart, how will I live. Rajjo says by thinking of coming good time.

She says maybe happiness is waiting for you, I heard family talking about your second marriage, I also want that. Geeta says don’t think of that. She goes.

Rajjo takes Devanshi to the school. Devanshi smiles seeing the school. Rajjo calls Golu and says take Devanshi with you, she will study. Devanshi asks Rajjo to come with her. Rajjo asks who will teach kids then, I m class teacher. Devanshi gets glad and says I did not know this, take me to your class. Rajjo says I will come to teach you, don’t worry. Devanshi goes with Golu. He stops her and scolds her for Sakshi’s doings. The color falls on her dress. All kids laugh. Devanshi curses Golu. Rajjo looks on.

She asks all kids to go to their classes. Sakshi sees them. Devanshi tells Rajjo what Golu did. Rajjo asks why did you about curse. Devanshi says I m Choti Mata, Sarla taught this to me. Rajjo says this is school, not Sarla’s house. She punishes Golu and Devanshi. Sakshi comes and talks to Devanshi. Golu asks Rajjo to come. Devanshi asks Sakshi not to worry for her and go. Sakshi feels bad and goes. Rajjo comes after the class and asks Devanshi to go to temple.

Devanshi asks why, I came to study. Rajjo asks will you go class this way, remember you are student in school, you won’t bless or curse anyone, don’t misuse Choti Mata name. She thinks how can Sarla teach this to Devanshi. Golu asks shall I go home or class. Rajjo says no, stay here.

The man argues with Omi and asks how did you cheat temple. Omi says I put money to make this hundi, what will I do. The man asks Omi to give his money and goes. Omi scolds Sarla and says no one wants to deal with me, they are calling me cheater, I told you not to spoil Devanshi’s life, you did not listen to me. She asks are you done, don’t tell me, be thankful that we bought some land, else we could not do anything by your honesty. He says we lost our peace now, sell the land and give money to Kusum, we will get Devanshi back. She says Kusum will never return Devanshi now, think of Sakshi now.

Ashutosh goes to pick Sakshi. Sakshi tells how Rajjo has punished Devanshi. He stops Rajjo. She asks her about punishing Devanshi. She says she is teacher and has rights, she did what was right for Devanshi, if you and Sarla were worried for Devanshi, you should have admitted her in school first, she would have known rules, I m not her enemy, I want her to learn things, don’t teach me how to behave with Devanshi. She goes.

A lady comes to take Kusum’s help. Mohan comes to Kusum in temple and thinks to tell her about well’s secret passage. She solves a lady’s problem by giving her necklace. Gopi asks Mohan to get his harmonium repaired in city. Mohan says its ordinary work, send someone else. Gopi scolds him. Nutan also scolds Mohan in front of Kusum. Mohan asks what’s your problem. He scolds them back. Kusum asks Mohan how did you talk to them like this, they are my family, you will be punished, you did two mistakes, don’t come inside house for two days. She takes his mobile and sends him.

Its night, Devanshi goes to the well to wash the uniform. She sees bubbles in water and thinks I m brave girl, I can’t get scared. She says I m not scared of you. She thinks there is someone in well, its not my voice which echoed.

Devanshi goes to temple. Mohan says I have to do something before Devanshi finds well’s secret. Devanshi looks inside the well and falls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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