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Devanshi 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone apologizing to Devanshi. Devanshi recalls stopping Vardaan. He asks will you break promise given to me for villagers. She says yes, I will regret for this, you can give me any punishment, but I have to do this, just think of villagers, if I don’t keep fast, they will kill each other. He says I just worry for you, not world. She says I know, if I become selfish, will I be same Devanshi whom you love. FB ends. Ladies get angry on Bua for blaming Mata. They beat Kusum. Devanshi stops them. She says maybe Bua did mistake, you all go now.

Kusum says her eyesight got weak, I m bad, they are right. Devanshi says no, you would have other name given by parents. Kusum says no, they call me Kulakshani. Devanshi says I will give you a name today, Laxmi, everyone will call you

by this name. She lifts her ghunghat. Kusum worries. Devanshi asks her not to hide face, go and sleep. Kusum goes. Devanshi asks Vardaan to eat prasad, as he did not eat anything. He says I agree to you, you keep fast for villagers so that they get hope, it does not mean you don’t eat food, you can have food. She gets back. He asks what happened, we know its a lie, your fasts won’t call rains. She says its wrong.

She asks what’s right, what these villagers are doing, have prasad. She says no, I can’t eat, I don’t know what I m doing, will rain happen or not, I just know I can’t cheat myself or villagers. He asks her not to link everything to Maiyya. She says no. He asks her to have food for his sake. She does not eat. He gets angry. She cries and apologizes to him.

She says I can’t lie to Maiyya, I want to do this honestly. He asks will rain happen by your fasts. She says villagers trust me, trust is big thing, Kusum has broken trust many times, they all think I m Maiyya’s ansh, atleast they will get some happiness. He says I don’t know what your Maiyya wants, I know what I should do, you don’t care for my promise, I love you more than myself, till you keep fasts, I will also not have anything. She says no, you won’t hurt yourself. He says you are my wife, wife is Ardhaangani, it means half body, if my half body is hungry, how can other half eat food, don’t argue, I will stay hungry, this is my last decision.

Golu dances for Menka. Nutan asks Menka what magic did she do on her son. Kusum looks on. Gopi comes. Menka asks Nutan does she have any work. Nutan scolds her for making Gopi and Golu work. Menka says I did not tell them to work, they are not listening to me. Nutan asks her not to do drama. She raises hand. Golu holds Nutan’s hand. Gopi says don’t leave her hand, she should be punished. Kusum smiles.

Lady tells Devanshi that two days of fasts are completing, we will keep diya here every day, till rain occurs. Lady says you are lucky to get such a loving husband. Vardaan coughs. Devanshi asks him to have water, you are unwell. He asks her to have water. She stops him. He keeps the pot.

Menka tells doctor that Nutan had drunk water and then she became mute. Nutan gets angry. Doctor checks Nutan. Nutan thinks Menka added something in water to make me mute. He says I gave injection, we will wait and see, else we have to take her to hospital. Mohan calls Kusum. Kusum goes. Mohan says Vardaan got mad, he is staying hungry along with Devanshi. Kusum says we have to separate them, else how will Menka trap him. Vardaan and Devanshi do the aarti. Devanshi feels weak after completing 7 days fasts. She faints. Mohan goes to call doctor.

Doctor says Devanshi’s life can have risk. Menka feeds Vardaan. Devanshi looks for Vardaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. One and only problem is menka.

  2. nice episode both helly and mudit rocked as devdaan… ks and menka ka bm is big thing which i dont have intrest to watch it

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