Devanshi 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi struggling in quicksand. Mohan says now this girl will die. Vardaan looks for Devanshi. Mohan leaves. Vardaan sees Devanshi and runs to her. He jumps in the quicksand to save her. He holds her hand and tries to pull her. He holds the tree bark. Vardaan and Devanshi come out of the quicksand. She asks how did she fall in quicksand, are you mad to do anything, you are fool. She says I…. He says if I got late, you would have died, you are foolish. She hugs him and asks did my parents got scared and felt this when they died, like I felt. He asks what happened, tell me, why did you come here.

She says Mohini was dragging the dog here, when I came here, Mohini pushed me in the quicksand, while I was saving the dog. He gets shocked. She cries. He asks where was

your Maiyya when Mohini did all this.

Kusum asks did Mohini push you. Devanshi says yes, I have seen Mohini. Kusum thinks Mohan’s truth would have come out. Rajjo asks how dare Mohini do this. Servants say we did not get Mohini anywhere. Gopi says now her bad crimes are in front of us, how will she come. Kusum says she is Daayan, its good this truth came out. I will not have any special servant with me now. Mohan comes and looks on. He thinks how did Devanshi get saved. Kusum stares at him.

She asks him how did Mohini take the dog, you know she tried to kill dog. Devanshi has seen it herself, when Devanshi went to save dog, Mohini has thrown her in quicksand, Vardaan risked his life and saved her, I m giving you command, I want the dog back. Devanshi smiles. Kusum says kick out Mohini from the village. Geeta thinks why did Mohini try to kill the dog. Rajjo asks kids to come and take bath. Gopi says I will find Mohini and goes.

Mohan says trust me, I… She gets angry and goes. He thinks how did this happen. Ashutosh comes to Kusum’s house and asks how did this happen, Rajjo said Devanshi is her responsibility. Sarla says stop it, don’t spoil things, be quiet. He says I will meet Devanshi. Rajjo gets Devanshi to them. Ashutosh and Sarla hug her. Rajjo says don’t say I don’t care for her, don’t create drama. Sarla says I told him Devanshi is fine. Ashutosh goes angrily. Rajjo takes Devanshi. Sarla thinks Ashutosh is foolish to make distance between him and Rajjo, I have to do something to unite them.

Geeta checks Mohan’s clothes. She gets Mohini’s clothes. She says there is some connection between Mohan and Mohini, Mohini pushed Devanshi today. I have seen Mohini running from this window today.

Sarla writes letter for Rajjo from Ashutosh’s side. She keeps the letter. Nutan sees her. Sarla goes. She reads the letter and gets shocked. She says so Sarla wants to trap Rajjo and make her marry Ashutosh, Sarla, I know how to cut your wings.

Devanshi tells Ishwar that Sarla did not meet her well today, and her parents don’t talk to her. Vardaan asks who killed doctor uncle, if not the dog. Ishwar tries to sign. Vardaan asks do you know who killed him. Ishwar nods. Devanshi asks him to say. He makes the things fall. Devanshi picks medicines and gets the murder weapon with blood marks on it. She shows it to Vardaan. Vardaan says it means Rajeev is killed by this, dog did not kill him. Geeta, Nutan and Gopi come and ask what happened Vardaan. Vardaan shows the sharp pointed metal with blood marks. Kusum and Mohan come and get shocked. Rajjo says call police, it means Devanshi was right, someone else killed doctor, who did not wish Ishwar to get fine. Ishwar signs to Kusum. Kusum sees him. Ishwar smiles.

Kusum says Devanshi did not do right, I will kill her. She aims gun at Devanshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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