Devanshi 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum getting Vardaan to the storeroom. She thinks how to get Kalki here. Menka gets Kalki there and locks her. Kusum smiles and thinks Menka did this, she does not know Vardaan is inside. Devanshi thinks Menka has shut me, I will play my trick, Menka does not know the surprise waiting for her. Manager sees Menka opening the secret chamber. Vardaan and Devanshi collide. He holds her. They have an eyelock.

Devanshi asks are you following me. He asks why will I follow you. She says you can’t ask me anything. They start arguing. He calls her hundi girl. She recalls the past and asks what did you say. He says sorry. Pavan looks for Kalki. Kusum thinks you won’t get Kalki today. He sees her. She lies to him. He thinks he will not let her succeed.

Vardaan knocks the

door to call someone. He takes Devanshi’s phone. Pavan calls her. She answers and could not hear her. He sees her. She asks what do you have to say. He asks how do you know. She says I know you, I m staying here since many days. He says I told you before, Pavan is not right for you, he told Kusum that he forcibly married you, we will support you. She asks what, you people forced Devanshi to die. He holds her. She asks do you recall your crimes hearing her name. He recalls Ishwar’s words.

She says I m very happy with Pavan. Menka laughs seeing so many lockers with money, and says now I got very rich. Kusum, Nutan and Pavan come there. Nutan asks what are you two doing here, Vardaan has to do engagement. Vardaan says we got trapped here, I came with Kusum and did not know about Kalki. Kusum says its not good for you guys to be like this. She does drama. Pavan takes Devanshi along.

Manager sees Menka with money and smiles. Police comes. Menka gets shocked. Manager messages Devanshi. Gopi says Menka is not here. Devanshi says I know where is she. Menka says I did not steal, did not do anything. Devanshi comes with everyone and blames Menka.

Menka says I followed Kalki, I did not know about this money. Devanshi says you came here to steal. Menka denies everything. Devanshi says no use to do drama now, you can’t get saved. Kusum calls her thief. Menka asks Vardaan to believe her. She holds Menka’s hand to get her arrested. Pavan says wait, Menka won’t go anywhere. They all get shocked.

Devanshi says Menka is a thief. Pavan says Menka is saying true, she did not do anything, this bag was already there. Devanshi asks how can you say this. Pavan says I kept this bag here. He tells inspector that he kept bag for payment. Devanshi says I can’t believe this. Pavan says I have to talk to you. He takes her.

Pavan asks Devanshi to be quiet. She asks why did you save Menka, you knew my plan, I would have saved Vardaan’s life. He laughs and asks did you hear what you said. He holds her angrily. He says you came to take revenge, not save him, you can’t leave him, did your heart melt for him, you think you got strong, you are still same weak Devanshi, what if Menka got arrested, her uncle would get her freed, nothing will happen by small plans, think something big and stop Menka from coming in this house, you have to do same what she did with you.

She says it means I have to prove her characterless. He says that will be Devanshi’s revenge. He thinks Menka will be proved characterless after marrying Vardaan.

Kusum says I can’t permit your and Vardaan’s marriage. Devanshi says Vardaan won’t marry her. Vardaan says this marriage will happen. Pavan and Devanshi dance on Aye dil hai mushkil…..Kusum gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mars

    Awesome epi loveeed it. Devdaan scene omgg good one. Dance sequence again hanged till Monday but I think it’s pavan’s dream only.
    Now kalki will make vardaan realize his mistake and Hope so he will change soon. This menka is soo irritating.
    Pavan and kalki’s last scene was nice but pavan is also using her for his benefit.Waiting for further Story….

  2. Whats this rubbish channel doing huuuu a boring mahasangam and after that devanshi time changed trp fell down so low hate colors

  3. Mica

    thank you Amena mam for update ! yay!!
    waa…. we should wait until next week to watch those kinda “ahem ahem” dance, too bad 🙁
    devdaan.. hmmm…So, No matter how he missed and thinking about devanshi, vardhaan took Ishwar’s words as UNIVERSAL TRUTH ???
    This yummy Vardhaan, He loves Devanshi deeply as well as he hates her deeply, that’s why he become puppet devdas 😀 😀 😀
    wooaahh !!! really i’m waiting the moment he knows the truth.. will be more EPIC!
    I love Pavan’s way to fooling Kalki, and KS just like a kid 😀

    1. MAHIRA

      She has been looking really like a kid in that hairstyle and malicious look…
      And i’m still wanting to slap your yummy Vardhan, at every episode he’s more stupid than before!!!

      1. Mica

        huh! allowed, but be gentle please !!!, btw, better be patient for awhile , let’s us see this honest, self center, determined Vardhaan facing himself when the truth come !!!! 😀 😀

  4. Hai guys. How are u all? My MSc classes have started. So I am little busy.
    Enjoying the episodes and waiting for the super hot dance of Kalki and pawan.
    But the trp decreased. I think devanshi is coming to an end. Colors time slot change karke Rashmi ji ka seva kar diya.

    1. Hiii saira i just want to know in which subject you are doing your msc . I am also doing msc in chemistry . I am in lst year . I am from odisha . You are from which state ?????

      1. I am doing MSc in botany and I am from kerala. I am also in 1st year.

    2. Botany nice

    3. I am late to comment but its OK NYC epi . saira u said colors rs ki seva me hain .I whish ye seva sr ke time ki hoti to aaj swasan hamare saath hote but both channel n producer didn’t do anything to save the show that’s y I always curse this channel

  5. Neptune

    awesome epi but have to wait till monday for seeing that beautiful dance sequence….

  6. so nice epi…loved it specially devdaan scene…ohe,god, my devdaan’s expressiv eyes…here,perfect line..for devdaan”ham tum ak kamre me band ho”…I want to see more devdaan scene…..

  7. eagerly waiting for the newt week epi…than u amena di for updates…how are u all ?

  8. *next week

  9. Saira u said correct “”rashmiji ka seva kardiya”” but who….. colors or sonali mam…??

    1. Colors ne. I don’t know about Sonali mam. But yeh colors chameleon ke tarah hai. Hope helly will work with a big production and good channel after devanshi

      1. I really don’t no about these things…but without sonali mam’s permission they cant do that ryt….

  10. Waiting for Monday….Hehe

  11. nice episode…menaka is too funny?apart from helly,i liked pawan’s acting so much?waiting for monday?❤??

  12. hello all … guys sorry for not commenting daily .. episodes are nice . but really now im hating colors channel he is using helly and her popularity for his channel.. hope helly dont work with colors again its a shitty biased channel.. i hate you so much rangu….. i want colors to be in 5th position from now…

  13. MAHIRA

    At my eyes, a good track and way to open Vardhaan’s eyes would be Kalki stained name WITH DEVDHAAN, accusing her of having an affair and carrying his child and Pavan not believing her and trying to take revenge, people trying to kill her and as Vardhaan seems having strange feelings toward her tries to save her, to protect her and to prove her innocence but evrything is agaisnt them only just like Devanshi, maybe just then only by that way he’ll open his eyes and sees that truth is never only what eyes saw and no one should belive blindlessly even against his own heart!

    1. Mica

      haaa.. at many occasion, maybe by destiny, by herself or even evil’s plan ( menka and KS) , Vardhaan and Devanshi somehow forced to face the same/ similar problem as Devdaan’s problem those time. And this is good thing and really useful for Kalki to make Vardhaan realize his mistake or even take revenge.
      Huh! feel confused to Devanshi, is she back for revenge or make Vardhaan realize his mistake ? hmmmm…..*dreaming about pavan

  14. MAHIRA

    I want him to say the same words Devanshi said for her innocence and no one believed her

    It would be hurtfulfor kalki/devanshi, but sometimes fire is the unique cure to fire

  15. The special thing in this show is….they show many romantic scenes of “”kumohan”” spcl scens for shikher n devanshi…. special romance of vardan n menka…..But when it comes to devdan they are too lazy….

  16. If they showed these scenes between devdan it would have much better to see….

  17. Spoiled the character of vardan… he was understanding, possessive,n caring husband….n now turned to a puppet of his mother… unbelievable…huh…the one who helped him in every situation also killed(ishwar)…

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