Devanshi 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Vardaan to remove shoes. He removes shoes. They argue. She gives his bag. He throws his shoe on the flowers and says what did this happen, you asked me to remove shoes and did not say where to keep it, make it again, you can do this in your Maiyya’s respect. He goes. She throws shoes and fills flowers. She asks him to go from that side. He sits to wear the shoes. She calls him Gabbar Singh. Sakshi says there is big rat there and takes Devanshi.

Vardaan thinks whatever will happen again Devanshi, I will stop it. Kusum’s hand gets stuck in door. Everyone worry. Nutan says gold hand is new, it will be problem in beginning, you will get habitual with time. Kusum says there should be no problem in Shuddi Divas, Gopi is all arrangements done. Gopi can’t

talk well. Kusum asks what happened. Nutan says Vardaan made him eat betel, Gopi can’t talk. Kusum’s brother asks how will we get another singer now. Nutan says our Golu will sing instead Gopi. Kusum asks Golu will he sing. Golu says Nutan is forcing me to sing.

Kusum says who will sing on Shuddi divas now. They all hear Devanshi singing melodiously and walk inside the temple to see. They all see Devanshi lighting diya in temple and singing. Sakshi and Devanshi get tensed. Kusum asks her why did you get quiet, sing, you have a melodious voice, it entered heart.

Devanshi gets tensed and sings again. Kusum says your sister will get fine, but you have to stay here, I know everyone is annoyed with you and want you to leave, I will explain villagers, you can stay here if you sing in Shuddi divas and if villagers like your song, else you have to leave from the village. Devanshi agrees. Kusum’s brother says Kusum is commanding you, you have no option than to agree. Sakshi says that gold hand is so beautiful and goes to Kusum to take the hand. Devanshi stops Sakshi. Devanshi says sorry, you know about my sister, she does not understand. Nutan asks her to tie her mad sister with rope. Devanshi says I have apologized, don’t say this again, my sister is not mad. Kusum asks their names. Nutan asks her to answer Kusum.

Sakshi says let me say. Devanshi says I will say, we are Chutki and Badki. Kusum says fine, you will stay in servants quarters till you sing in Shuddi divas. Sakshi asks why, we are not servants. Devanshi says its matter of one day, we will stay. Sakshi agrees. Kusum and everyone leave. Devanshi thinks we will stay where Omi used to stay. Golu tells Vardaan about Devanshi singing in Shuddi divas, Kusum kept her so that the horse rider does not take her. Vardaan says if this girl sings, it will be Devanshi’s failure, I won’t let this happen.

Devanshi and Sakshi come to servant quarter. Devanshi thinks of Omi and Sarla. Sakshi says Devanshi, I used to stay here. Nutan asks what are you reminding. Devanshi says nothing, Sakshi calls every house as her house. Nutan says its bad habit. Sakshi says no, I know everything about this house. Devanshi looks for Sakshi.

Nutan says its Kusum’s servant’s house, call her out. Devanshi calls out Chutki. Vardaan says this girl came in servant quarters, I will not let her sing in Shuddi divas. He looks for Devanshi. Nutan asks where is your sister. Devanshi says I don’t know and cries. Nutan goes other way to find Sakshi. Vardaan catches Devanshi and takes her away. She sees him.

Kusum sees Devanshi written on Sakshi’s hand and says you are Devanshi. Devanshi says you all are mistaken, I m Devanshi. Kusum and Vardaan look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mica

    Thank you amena mam for update


    thanks for updates… it seems like a short episode, eager to know what happen next 😀

    1. Mica

      Mahira diiii… huaaaaaa we are twin..huh!
      it’s short as really short or we want more as we get interesting on it ? 😀 😀 😀

      be frank, it’s difficult for me to adjust to Indian serial schedule as on my country,
      in the stripping serial, we have 1 hour to 1,5 hours aired time 😀

      you know what ? india serial have kinda 2 hour airtime per serial on mine.. pheewwww!

      1. MAHIRA

        Lol as usual 😀
        In Arabic channels , Hindi series are aired by 2 episodes in one (22 mn x 2) with ads, it’s a 1 hour time for every serie and yet we can’t wait and run to internet for the rest.
        22 minutes is really tooooo short! Or like you said , interested waiting for next…. I love the bit of fun in dialogue as she calls him gabar singh …

  3. Colors repeat tellycast dene mein kya problem hai aap logo ko

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    Despite being kidnapped, Devanshi manages to reach the temple to sing. There, she finally finds out why the villagers hate her and then tries to prove herself innocent.
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    The truth of her sisters’ identity comes out before Kusum Sundari and everyone else. But the ‘ghungroo’ and tattoo around Sakshi’s neck make them believe that she is Devanshi.
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    Vardan decides to leave Kusum Sundari’s house and shift base to the Sarla house where the sisters are allowed to stay. Meanwhile, Kattadhari is out to prove Devanshi to be a witch.

    1. MAHIRA

      Thank renu for the precaps… Really interesting… Hope serial keeps going up

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