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Devanshi 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi shouting. Everyone come and get shocked seeing Rajeev dead. They see Ishwar. Vardaan asks Ishwar is he fine. Kusum asks how did this happen, who has done this bad thing. Ishwar looks at Mohan. Kusum signs did the dog do this. Ishwar tries to sign Vardaan. Kusum says dog has done this. Devanshi says no, dog can’t do this, he was with me on kitchen, he was barking and came here. Mohan says wait, see the blood on Rajeev’s neck, dog has bitten him. They get shocked.

Vardaan says why will dog bite him. Kusum says don’t know, but dog has killed Rajeev. Rajjo says whatever, we have to tell police. Gopi agrees. Ishwar asks Gopi to call police. Mohan goes. Ishwar cries. Devanshi says dog did not kill Rajeev and cries. Rajjo takes her and asks her not to go to dog.

Devanshi says dog is nice, he can never kill Rajeev. Rajjo says truth will come out. Vardaan asks who will make Papa fine now, what will happen. Devanshi says Rajeev will meet my parents there, he should tell them that I miss them a lot. Rajjo hugs her.

Kusum tells inspector that we regret whatever happened. Inspector says don’t worry, I will send dead body to postmortem. She says no, everyone know dog has done this, no need to do post mortem, Rajeev is orphan, let me manage, I don’t want anyone to point finger at me that I did not do justice with Rajeev, we will do his last rites tomorrow morning. Inspector says I will make report and close file. He goes. Kusum says shut this dog, I will decide later. Dog barks.

Omi tells Sarla about Rajeev’s death, its not your good fate that Kusum dies, Rajeev came to treat Ishwar, Kusum’s dog has killed him. Sarla says how, dog is very silent, I can’t believe this. Kusum talks to Mohan on phone and says its good dog saved us. He asks what about Devanshi, she is smart. She says no one will believe her, there is no proof, how can dog say truth. Geeta comes and hears Mohan talking. Mohan says when I recall that 7 year old night, I get worried. Geeta comes and thinks Mohan was saying about that night when Sarju and Devanshi’s parents died.

Its morning, Mohan tells Devanshi that he is going to punish the dog. Devanshi says I lost my parents, and Rajeev, I could not save them, I will save this dog, leave him. Rajjo and Mohan ask her to stop. Dog barks. Devanshi gets angry on her. Devanshi bites on his hand. Mohan raises hand on Devanshi. Dog runs and bites Mohan. The servants take away the dog.

Mohan gets bitten and says I will not leave that dog and this girl. He shouts. Kusum and Gopi do final rites of Rajeev. Mohan does drama infront of them. Devanshi says I have proof that dog is innocent. Inspector asks what proof you have. Devanshi drags Mohan and says Mohan is also bitten by the dog just now, see the marks, its different than seen on Rajeev’s neck. Omi says Devanshi has sharp mind, once she sees something, she remembers. Sarla says yes, check Rajeev once.

Kusum says no, Rajeev will not get soul peace, I value Devanshi’s love for the dog, but I can’t stop the rituals, go from here, kids should not be here, go. Devanshi says but we have to find truth, else it will be injustice. Kusum says Maiyya will do justice, trust Maiyya, about the dog, seeing your love, I will not punish him, Omi take Devanshi, we can’t light funeral in front of her. Omi takes Devanshi. Kusum and Mohan get glad as fire is given to Rajeev’s funeral. Vardaan cries and talks to Ishwar. Devanshi comes and asks him not to cry, Kusum will not punish dog now. Vardaan says I was not crying.

Mohan gets ready as Mohini. Geeta thinks Mohan is inside the room, what is he doing inside. She finds the door locked and goes to see via window. She gets shocked seeing Mohini’s clothes. Mohan leaves from the window. Mohan takes the dog. Devanshi sees this and runs to stop them. Devanshi sees them and runs to save the dog. She falls down. She gets up and looks for them. Mohan pushes her in the quicksand. She shouts for help. Mohan smiles. His dupatta flies in air. She manages to see his face and gets shocked. Mohan asks her to die and goes.

Kusum says Devanshi did not do right by exposing his truth, I will kill her today. Devanshi comes to her. Kusum aims gun at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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