Devanshi 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla saying now Devanshi will get famous and Kusum will lose her name. Ashutosh hugs Devanshi and says if anything happens to me, what will happen of me, I got scared and scolded you. Devanshi says nothing will happen when you are with me. She tells him about Rajjo. He asks where is she, tell me fast. She says you got scolded by Rajjo. He recalls and says she was Rajjo. She says yes, she is beautiful. He says she is a moon. He asks her to go and apply haldi to Rajjo, else she will go. Rajjo blows off the coal by putting water.

Ashutosh comes and gives her haldi for her wounds. She asks him to apply. He says I m man and not get hurt by small wounds. She asks does he know responsibility, anything could have happened, find out who has thrown burning coal in house which has

kids. She goes. He says she said right, what was Sarla and Omi doing.

Nutan talks to her friend and boasts. She says how shall I get such dress. Kusum talks to someone and says yes, I will come in your function, its Mata’s command. Nutan hears her and thinks Kusum is going Delhi tomorrow, my problem got solved. Ashutosh asks Sarla about the burning coal, how can anyone be careless.

Omi and Sarla get shocked. Omi says actually… Sarla says stove was not working, so I got coal. Ashutosh says we have two little kids, is this right to throw burning coal out. She says I did mistake, feeding them was imp, don’t explain me. He says fine, be careful. He goes. She says lucky ones get a caring brother like him, but he will break my luck.

Sakshi says teacher asked me to write essay on mother. Devanshi says I like studies, I can write essay on mother easily. Sakshi says fine, I m going to sleep. Devanshi sees Sarla’s pic and writes essay on mother. Its morning, Sarla wakes up Devanshi and asks Sakshi to sleep. Devanshi says let me sleep for some time, I slept late. Sarla says you became Choti Maa by Mata’s blessings, its your time to bless devotees. She asks Devanshi to come.

Nutan asks Rajjo where is she going at this time. Rajjo says I m taking sweets for Devanshi, I like her a lot. Kusum says she did great thing to save Mohini, take sweets, infact I will also meet Devanshi. She acts good to them. She gives Prasad to Mohan. He asks will you take this. Kusum says yes, I will take full plate laddoos. Mohan says I don’t know whats going on in your mind, no need to go to poor woman like Sarla’s house.

Sarla does Devanshi’s aarti. Kusum says sometimes we should do small work to show our greatness, if I go there, they will feel Mata is so nice and caring. Sarla thinks Kusum will know when Devanshi gives more fruit than her, Kusum’s bad time started. Kusum says I called media also, the village should know the girl who saved a woman from goons, how Mata blesses her. Mohan says she saved man’s respect. Kusum laughs and says if we have to rule, we have to get art to change loss into profit, which I know, I will go. Devanshi falls asleep. Sarla burns her hand by incense stick. Devanshi says I fell asleep. Sarla does not let her sleep and says Ghungroo Wali Maiyya never sleeps.

Kusum comes there. Kalavati says if Devanshi touches the rice, we will get good harvest. Sarla says I will not say no, you will get good price for grains, leave grains here, it will be safe here. Sarla gets Prasad and says whoever eats this Prasad, their life will get fine. A beggar comes. Sarla asks him to go. Devanshi looks on. The ladies take Kusum’s blessings. Kalavati welcomes her and informs Sarla. Sarla gets shocked seeing Kusum at her door.

Kusum asks what is happening. Devanshi says I m not Mata and have no powers, I know everything. Sarla worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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