Devanshi 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pavan seeing a mangalsutra and saying I feel like I know you since years. FB shows Pavan sees Devanshi hurt and taking her to hospital. Doctor says sorry, we could not save your child. Pavan says then I got to know what happened with you, I decided to take revenge from those who ruined your life, I took care of you, don’t know what was there in that moment that this relation got deeper, I got an english teacher for you, I had to make you Kalki, your inner Devanshi had to die, I had to make you win, then I groomed you for revenge, but now that wait is over, now the day has come when this mangalsutra will get the right person, I will make Kalki wear this mangalsutra, I stayed as her friend till now, I will be with her forever, I will never let Vardaan come in her life, even if I

have to do anything.

Vardaan massages Kusum’s leg. Kusum praises Kalki and says Menka tried to slap me. He says I promised of marriage to Menka, I will explain her, if I don’t marry her, people will make fun of me and point finger at Menka’s character. He goes. She thinks how to stop the marriage. Kusum gets a towel and puts outside Kalki’s washroom. She says when Kalki falls, Vardaan will save her, I have to create such situation that they get defamed, then Vardaan will agree to marry Kalki, yes he will do this to save respect.

Kusum goes to Vardaan and says Kalki called you, maybe for some imp work. He goes. Kusum fools Nutan and says I will take food for Kalki and become good in her eyes. Nutan says no, I will take this breakfast for her. Kusum smiles. Vardaan comes to room. Devanshi comes out of washroom. He asks did you call me. She says no. He says sorry. Nutan gets breakfast for her. Pavan comes there and asks what are you doing here. She steps on the towel. Pavan hugs Devanshi.

Pavan sees the towel and thinks of Kusum keeping a banana peel under it. He removes the banana peel. He thinks Kusum will slip by the peel now. Kusum falls by the banana peel and screams. Devanshi talks to manager and fools Menka. Menka thinks if I reach Kalki’s secret locker, I will become rich, I have to follow her. Kusum asks Nutan to take care of Vardaan. Pavan comes and taunts Kusum. He says my hand has magic, I will help you, I will make your back right. Kusum screams.

Devanshi comes somewhere and says secret code to open the door. Menka looks on and thinks this looks some magical door, so she has hidden the money here. Devanshi gets a bag full of money. Menka gets shocked. Devanshi sees her and smiles, thinking I did this to get you here, see how I expose your true face.

Vardaan asks Nutan about Kusum, if she is unwell, I will cancel engagement. Nutan says no, I know you are getting engaged, but you know the state of this house. He asks her not to worry, he does not want money for marriage, it will be simple, just family will be there. Devanshi asks why such simple marriage, I will give you money, I can do this for my servant. He says thanks, I don’t need your money. She asks him to answer. He goes. Nutan says how will he be happy to marry Menka, she is very bad.

Pavan says Vardaan does not care if Menka is good or bad, he would be happy to get a beautiful wife. Devanshi asks him to stop nonsense. Menka comes. Pavan asks her to say if she wants money. She thinks once I reach Kalki’s money, I won’t need to ask money from anyone. She sees Kusum. Kusum thinks to keep Vardaan away from home tonight to stop the engagement. Devanshi tells manager that Menka will try to come there for greed. Menka comes and apologizes. Devanshi asks are you done. Menka asks her to become her relative and do haldi rasam. Devanshi agrees. Menka thinks to shut her in storeroom, till she gets money. She says I did not get anything, but I have some things in storeroom, can you get it. Devanshi asks why, am I your servant. Menka says I will get ready till now. Devanshi thinks I know her plan, she does not know she is getting trapped.

Kusum thinks to bring Kalki to storeroom. Pavan and Devanshi dance on Aye dil hai mushkil……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mars

    Epi was good but super excited for precap kalki pavan’s dance omgg
    I wish vardaan see it and get angry

  2. OK guys major drop in trp its 0.3 I knew it this gonna happen congrats to colors u deserve to last position n I am watching oniy in voot but I am very upset about helly.I love u princess hope in future u r gonna rock

  3. Fenil

    Hello Everybody !!

    Today episode was Amazing.

    Nice start of episode Pawan was holding mangalsutra and remembered flashback how he got Devanshi Nd saved her but her child die, how he took care of her,how he got to know what happened with her, how he encourage her for justice for her for her child, how he appointed english teacher for her.,her makeover to KALKI.loved it.:):):$

    Nice try KS but you forgot that there was two pair of eyes,heheh KS falls down.:)):))

    Menka going to trap in Kalki’s plan B)

  4. Mica

    thank you Amena mam for update, love you!!!
    gooosshhhh, the way KS’s fall so EPIC ! can’t stop laughing !!!
    poor Vardhaan, huh! that’s Kalki yarrr, not Devanshi..ahem ahem..

    and my owl baby become a woman ???? omg!!! i never imagine that! waiting next episode for sure!

  5. Neptune

    hmm so now all the chits are getting clear. guys don’t you think the show is approaching towards its end..
    don’t know what will happen further.
    just wish everything happens for the NEST FOR HELLU..

    1. Kakali

      Yups. It’s approaching towards end.

  6. Neptune

    oops sorry it’s BEST FOR HELLU…

  7. I saw only precap at insta…(. my God helly is looking toooo much in red sari…..

  8. About trp ye tho ho na hi tha…. @6pm who vll watch??….

  9. Now I seriously wants devanshi to end……then helly will surely make her comeback with a bang…..colors is seriously very partial…dil se dik tak was not grabbing trp earlier..colors did everything to promote that show..and with devanshi they changed the timing….great…..

  10. MAHIRA

    This was a good episode, it has been slowing down since the end of the maha track which was by the way a real + in the other serial but unfortunately gave nothing in devanshi track.
    But this is becoming very interesting BH now, the passage from devanshi to kalki and the obsessed lover
    Still want to bang vardan’s head!!!!!

    1. Mica

      i knew it since beginning :), this mahasangam kinda a test about ppl interest for other serial. let it be, it’s business matter.
      Didiiiii…. did you notice that our cutie pie is growing up now ? huh! i hate to use “hot” word as it doesn’t suit for her, but..omg!!!! her and her red sareee…..!!!!

      1. MAHIRA

        Awwe!!! Give me a link to the pic pleaaase!

    2. Mica

      didiii.. no pic na, only video when she dance with Pavan as the precap 😀 , she is sooo hoottttt!!!!! gooshhhh…aawww, but still cuteness there also 😀

      1. MAHIRA

        i’m fainting
        Ok, she already has so many advantages being yet cute and innocent and i always wondered how will she look later, with some more maturuty in her so lovely face’s features!
        but the result !!!! WAWOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! she just made my heart pound madly in that so beautiful sari and that “hotness” emanting from her!!!
        Go ahead princess!! set fire on the tellywood floor :p

    3. Mica

      ???? see… matter how story line of this Devanshi serial, i just so grateful to maker team to explore all of Helly’s shade, she ever become cute student, sadist kalki and now, they turned her to be a woman … just love it, happy weekend to all….

  11. nice epi.. huuu,hate u colorstv,1 he rule hai tumhara bure show,ko promote karna,&quility show, ko barbad karna…

  12. *quality show I hope that,very soon,Ican see devdaan’s scene, their love..& their cute movement.&expected-pawan-devanshi scene is just pawan’s dream sequence.

  13. omg???my my my god!helly looking so hot s*xy n gorgeous in precap???i’m dead??and pawan n kalki’s dance on adhm??and abt show…i think it is nearing to end..better to helly?i want my princess to take some gap☺waiting for precap

  14. Kakali

    My baby panda slayed. The precap is freaking HOT, I really don’t like using the words HOT & s*xY regarding Helly. But today, I can’t stop myself saying “HELLY IS LOOKING HOT, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS”.
    M dead. She killed me.

    1. Kakali
      Here is the link. In case if any1 has missed. Watch this.

      Ameena mam Thnk u sooo much for the update. ❤

  15. Kakali
    Go through this guyz!!
    ?I miss my babies!

  16. Hey guys…..hw u all….precap??omg….. aag laga di Vardan kisses handi vaali chori ne….vo bhi kisi or k saath

  17. Hellly rocked in precap….

  18. seriously, today Iam watching epi… Oy hoy my pirncess sah is looking perfect in the red the precap.ohe kash vardaan ke sath dance karti hamari devanshi.missing devdaan so so much..

  19. perfect look & perfect song…but pair is not good…only vardaan’s eyes say this song……for his devanshi…waiting devdaan’s chemistry….

  20. anay bangalore

    colors channels most of the shows will have husband not trusting wife and then they will show one person who will trust and help them to take revenge prove their innocence and then they will fall in love but wife will forget her well wisher & forgive her not supporting husband and the well wisher will become villain i dont know why

    1. Neptune

      which show has this storyline??

  21. Where is today’s update?

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