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The Episode starts with Kusum telling Rajeev that he can cure Ishwar by medicines, but I will not give you permission to experiment. He says its advanced treatment, it treated many people in London. Kusum says it will not work here. Devanshi hears them. She goes to Nutan and asks for some ice. Nutan asks why do you need ice. Nutan gives her some ice. Devanshi hurries and takes the ice. She thinks of an idea and runs to Ishwar to apply ice. She shows the ice to Ishwar and says doctor said you will get fine by using ice application, but Kusum refused him, don’t know why. Devanshi applies ice and keeps ice under Ishwar’s neck.

Vardaan comes and Devanshi tells about keeping ice brick under Ishwar’s neck. He gets shocked. Everyone come and ask what happened. He tells what Devanshi did. Ishwar

moves his neck. They all get glad. Kusum and Mohan worry. Rajeev praises Devanshi. Devanshi says I knew Ishwar will get fine. Vardaan gets glad and happily cries. He hugs Ishwar. Kusum says I can’t believe this, I m happy.

Kusum goes to the temple sabha and tells them that Ishwar’s body has improvement, its all because of Rajeev, I was against his treatment before, but now he should treat Ishwar. Mohan thinks Kusum is changing colors, what will happen of me when Ishwar gets fine. She says I m happy Rajeev. Rajeev says Devanshi did the miracle, I just said, but she did it.

Devanshi smiles. Kusum says Devanshi is Choti Mata and she does miracles. She tells what all Devanshi did, she got black money caught and my son came back, Geeta got married, I m happy, Devanshi ask anything, I will give you. Devanshi asks really, I want my parents back, tell Rajeev to get them. Kusum recalls killing her parents. Nutan asks Devanshi is she mad. Rajeev defends and understands Devanshi, as he is also an orphan. He asks Devanshi to keep hand on heart and talk to her parents. Rajeev gives injection to Ishwar and says this is new here, and Ishwar will get fine now. Kusum tells Mohan that Rajeev gave injection in front of Gopi, now if we give poison to Ishwar, he will die and blame will come on Rajeev. She scolds Ishwar and says I will give you easy death.

Mohan stops Kusum and calms her. He says you will fail plan, Ishwar will die by injection. She asks him to get injection. They leave. Mohan takes injection and goes to Ishwar at night. Rajeev comes and asks Mohan what injection is he giving to Ishwar. He checks medicine and says this is poison. Mohan gets shocked. Rajeev asks how dare you give poison to Ishwar, leave this, the house will know this. Kusum comes there and stabs Rajeev. Rajeev gets shocked seeing her. The dog barks. Devanshi asks dog not to bark, family will wake up. The dog runs. Rajeev falls down.

The dog comes and barks there. Kusum asks the dog to go. They hear Devanshi coming. Kusum and Mohan run to save themselves. They hide. Devanshi goes to Ishwar’s room. She sees the dog with Rajeev. She switches on the lights and gets shocked.

Kusum says I will not let Devanshi fail me. Mohan throws Devanshi in waters. Devanshi sees his face when he is in Mohini’s disguise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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