Devanshi 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum asking Mohini to slap the men and punish them. Mohan takes her blessings. Mohan punches them and the men fall. Kusum thinks I asked him to slap, he is beating them. She asks Mohini to stop it. She asks Mohini to go and take rest. She asks the men to throw the goons outside. Rajjo asks a man about Devanshi. The ma says Omi and Sarla’s girl saved Mohini. Rajjo gets glad. Kalavati says Sarla, your daughter has Mata’s powers. Sarla says its Maiyya’s blessings. The people give gold and cash as chadava. Sarla smiles. Devanshi says I m hungry, give me something to eat. Sarla says later, focus on devotees now. Sakshi comes and looks on. Devanshi says the lovely laddoos are calling me, let me eat one. Sarla says you are Mata’s avatar, Mata gives food to devotees first, bless

them well.

Mohan gets angry and says I will burn the clothes and end Mohini’s chapter today. He pours kerosene and ignites a matchstick. Kusum comes and stops him. He asks her to leave it. She says these clothes are imp. He smiles and asks did you just see clothes, not my heart. He gets angry and tells what he went through, its all because of him. Kusum tries to calm him down.

Sarla says everything went well. Omi says I m feeling bad. Sarla asks him not to be so good. He asks what would happen if Devanshi did not come back. Sarla says I will ask where did Devanshi go. Sakshi says I have sent Devanshi as you love her and not love me, its good she saved that woman, give me prize. Sarla scolds her a lot and says if goons kidnapped Devanshi then… Omi says leave her. Sarla says I asked Sakshi to study, she does not listen and punishes her for not seeing tv. She thinks how to explain Sakshi that I m doing this for her.

Devanshi is hungry and waits for Sarla to give her food. She says what did I do that they call me Choti Mata, I left home and they got me back, what will I answer Sakshi. Sakshi comes and argues. Devanshi says its not my mistake. Sakshi calls her liar. She says you did not get answer from Mata house, you don’t want me to get love. Devanshi says its not like that. Sakshi says you run away and got love, mum has punished me, its proved who is real and who is not. She goes.

Sarla tells Omi that Devanshi saved someone’s respect, what will people say when she walks on hot coal and answer everyone’s questions. Devanshi comes and hears her. She thinks walking on burning coal gives answers. Sarla asks Omi did you throw the coal. He says yes, it will cool down till morning. Devanshi gets Sakshi out and says I will get answer for the question which is troubling you, I heard mum saying if I walk on hot coal, Maiyya will answer me. Devanshi thinks I will get hurt by walking on hot coal, but its imp for me to bear this pain to get Sakshi’s question’s answer, make my pain less. She prays to Ghungroo wali maiyya and steps on the burning coal. Ashutosh and Rajjo keep their hand to hold Devanshi’s foot and stop her. They see each other. Devanshi smiles.

Ashutosh asks are you mad to do this Devanshi, do you have sense. Rajjo says don’t shout, does anyone shout in little kids like this, kids are explained by love, not by threatening, go, I will talk to her, go and get ointment or ice. Rajjo asks Devanshi did her foot get burnt, it turned red by heat, what were you doing, is this thing to play, the hot coals can melt a metal, I have seen you behaving well, what happened that you were doing this. Devanshi says I wanted to get answer from Maiyya. Rajjo asks what. Devanshi says this is my younger sister Sakshi, she feels she is not own daughter of Sarla and Omi, she is worried, I was walking on burning coal to get answer.

Rajjo asks Sakshi who told her. Devanshi says Sarla loves both of us, Sakshi thinks mum loves me more, I worry seeing her worried. Rajjo says Maiyya does not help kids who hurt themselves, pray and ask question, wait for answer, Maiyya will drop flowers if its yes, else not. She asks them to pray to Tulsi Maiyya. Devanshi asks Tulsi Maiyya is Sakshi own daughter of Sarla and Omi. Rajjo showers flowers on them. Devanshi and Sakshi get glad. They thank Rajjo. Devanshi says we got answer. Sakshi smiles. Devanshi wishes Ashutosh and Rajjo unite. Rajjo asks them to sleep. Rajjo says sorry to take Tulsi Maiyya’s help to lie to kids and save them. Kusum is with Mohan. She answers a call. Sarla laughs and scares her. She ends call and sees an one rupee coin.

Sarla says Devanshi’s name will get famous and now Kusums name will get sinking. Kusum goes to meet Sarla at her home and sees Devanshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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