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Devanshi 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gopi and Golu getting water for Menka’s bath, while Nutan waits for water. Devanshi looks on. Menka comes and says Vardaan got water for me. Golu asks did he misbehave. Menka says no, he was mistaken and held my hand, he talks to me with love, he is a nice man, when I fainted, how he lifted me and dropped me to room. Menka asks Nutan to come and wash face. Nutan says I know everything, no need to do acting, you have put mu feet in hot water and then cooled it, you are a ghost. Kusum comes. Menka pours water on her head. Kusum smiles. Menka goes.

Nutan says see what I do with you. Gopi asks Devanshi about the sabha. Vardaan says she has to make imp announcement. Golu comes and asks where is my darling. Menka comes. Kusum says my girl has made sweets for the first time, she

has magic in her hands. Kusum does magic over Vardaan. Devanshi asks Menka to give kheer to everyone. Everyone stare at Menka.

Nutan says I don’t like much sweets. Golu asks how can you refuse, you have to eat. Devanshi sees Vardaan staring at Menka. She says serve less kheer, Vardaan does not like sweets. Vardaan says who said I don’t like kheer, she made it by love, let me have it. Menka serves him kheer. He gives another bowl and plate. He stares at her and smiles. He takes much kheer till bowl gets empty. Devanshi looks on. Vardaan says heaven was on earth and I did not know, take your shagun. He holds her hands. Nutan and Devanshi get shocked. Vardaan says you have filled sweetness in my life, your kheer was beautiful as you, you won our hearts, promise me whenever I like to have sweets, you will make this kheer for me and feed me. Kusum says it looks his wife never made kheer for her. She asks him to leave Menka’s hand.

Kusum thinks this necklace is not ordinary, it will make you forget what to do. Vardaan praises Menka. Devanshi holds him and asks him to leave Menka’s hand, she has to eat food. Vardaan and everyone come out of the trance. Vardaan asks did kheer get over. Nutan says what are you saying, you took all kheer. Mohan says its time for sabha. Devanshi says I have to get ready for the last time, I have to do a wife’s duty and stay with Vardaan. They all come in Sabha.

Devanshi sits on throne. Lady asks her to say some katha. Devanshi says I was going to tell you some katha. She tells a katha to them that a sadhu’s 12 day fast to call rain in village. Devanshi removes her jewelry. A lady comes and asks her to help, you are great, you also do miracle like that saint. Devanshi asks what happened. Lady says my girl is married, but did not get a child, my daughter’s life will be ruined, bless her. Devanshi says Maiyya will help you, I will pray your daughter gets a child soon. The girl faints. The lady asks what happened to her. Another lady checks the girl and says congrats, its good news, Mata did miracle, your daughter is pregnant. They all get shocked. Lady says Devanshi’s touch did this miracle. Lady chants her name. Vardaan holds his head. Devanshi says look…. A man comes and says big problem came on Jwalapuri, rains is not happening, water problem got high, do something, people are fighting for water.

Kusum angrily comes to room and says that lady spoiled my game, this drought will become a reason for Devanshi’s destruction, I will snatch this house and villager. Mohan looks on.

People fight for water. Devanshi looks on and goes. Kusum says Devanshi wants to tell us something. Mohan says Devanshi will keep 12 day fasts to call rains.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stop this menka nonsense. End serial with Kusum’s distruction

  2. Confusion hi confusion hai.
    Kya ho raha hai.

  3. one thing i came to know abt this is ks main aim to take over house and village again so using bm and menka .. devanshi is close to vardaan so try to seperating devdaan through menka…
    plz colors end bm and ks track and menka also not liking her at all…
    stop bm track…

  4. confusion ki dukan to ye menka hai…sadi se pahle kuch aur,shadi ke bad,kuch aur,and then after muhdekhayi rasam,bilkul he alag..lagta hai,kisi dusre ko rakh diya hai uski jagh pe.

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