Devanshi 26th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 26th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi and Sakshi seeing their home. The man asks who are you. Sakshi says this is my house, I used to stay here. The man asks her name. Devanshi calls out and says she is my sister. The man says why is she saying this house is hers. Devanshi says she calls every house as her house, she is mentally troubled. The man asks her to get her sister treated and goes. Devanshi pinches herself. Sakshi says I know you pinch yourself when you lie, this is our house right. Devanshi says it was our house, but now its not ours, come fast, we have no time.

Sakshi says wait Devanshi, and digs soil. She gets the doll and recalls childhood moment. She says I have hidden this doll here. Devanshi asks did you remember this. Sakshi says yes, I remembered this after seeing this house. Devanshi

thinks Sakshi can recall her memory if she stays here, I will stay here to make her fine, even if there is risk to my life. The man asks Devanshi to come and identify the guy.

Kusum and her brother come home. Servant takes jewelry. Nutan also takes jewelry. Kusum gets shocked and asks what’s all this Nutan. Nutan says Vardaan…. Kusum’s brother says its happening that happens this day every year, Vardaan is distributing the jewelry. Nutan says Vardaan wanted to do charity. Vardaan donates the jewelry. Ishwar, Omi and Ashutosh’s pics are kept there. The servants than him. Pandit says Shradh puja got completed, I did not see you praying to Lord. Vardaan says I don’t believe in Lord, these people believed in Lord, I do their Shraddh to respect them.

Kusum comes there and gets angry. Pandit goes. Vardaan taunts Kusum. Kusum says I know you were the one who create hurdle in Vadhdivas by riding the horse, I m your mum. He says you don’t know meaning of motherhood. She says villagers get peace by burning Devanshi’s idol, you snatched their peace, you did big mistake. He says you did big mistake by doing this, what proof you have that I was the guy, you tell this to villagers, they will punish me. She asks him to call her mum. He says my mum died when you gave command to immerse Devanshi in river. She says I did her good, if I did not do that, villagers would have killed her. He says I will never see your face, our relation ended with Ishwar’s death, I wish could see him once. He goes.

Devanshi sees Gopi and asks Sakshi to keep hands covered. Gopi asks them to look at the men and identify the guy. Devanshi says its none of them. Gopi asks her to look at them well and say truth, I hate lies. Devanshi says I m saying truth. Sakshi shouts on Gopi and holds him. Devanshi worries seeing her name written on Sakshi’s hand. Gopi asks Devanshi to control her mad sister. Devanshi says she is not mad, don’t say this again. Gopi asks the men to catch the guy whom they doubt. He says you both can’t run from this village, my men are everywhere, if you try to act clever, be ready to bear consequences. Devanshi holds Vardaan’s locket.

Kusum’s brother asks her to manage Vardaan, he wants to ruin you. She says I will see him, you don’t do anything. He says punish him, he was the one who created hurdle in Vadhdivas. She says he is my blood, we can do new busines which we wanted, I will tell them that Devanshi’s evil shadow has come here.

Devanshi and Sakshi go to the river. She recalls Vardaan. Sakshi shows her the guy on the log boat. Devanshi sees him and identifies. She says its same guy whom village is finding, he took me on his horse. Sakshi says we will beat her. Devanshi says no, if we take him to villagers, they will not trouble us, but he can run away, we can make him unconscious and take him. Sakshi laughs. Devanshi asks why are you laughing. Sakshi says no, you will scold me. Devanshi says what is it, tell me. Sakshi shows chloroform, she got from hospital.

Devanshi says this is called theft, don’t do this mistake again. She apologizes to Lord. She goes to Vardaan and makes him smell chloroform. He tries to resist and faints.

Devanshi exposes in front of villagers and says he is the the guy who took me on horse. Vardaan scolds her and asks her to leave from the village.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mica

    thank you Amena mam for fast update.. you save my life :*

    oh God!!! i’m so sad to watch Vardhaan-Kusum Sundari….Son-Mother conflict.
    being a son, it’s kinda unbearable pain to know that your beloved mom is a monster..
    i was crying!!! moreover when Sakshi found that doll! uugghh!!!! it was mine..Sakshii!! huh!

    goossshh.. this sisterss.. best partner of crime 😀
    and i saw my smart Swara back in Devanshi.. damn it!!!! she was, she is too awesome

    1. hii Mica m so glad 2 c u back. I Knw u r a swara fan bt I wanna tel smthing Vardaan Beta u gonna sufr like my sanku n lak cz I read smwhr dat swara’ll sacrifc hr lv. y swara y r u alwys dng injstc 2 us n ur lv. look dis s nt fair…sry yaar I knw it wil dfntly charge u. N do u knw abt any shw of VK m wtng 4 my cutiepie. n I jst hope it wld b shw in colors. no othr Hindi chnls in my hm…I Wrapped up my ff did u rd it. I Misd ur cmnt dr. so… tc dr n b hpy. I Wil Expct Ur Feedback

      1. Mica

        Hi Manuuu….how are you! sorry i’m not much in TU nowadays to read Swasan ff, uughhh i missed many part of your ff ? *pout

        yeah i know that, Swara/Devanshi is a best sister we craved for it 😀
        and what to say sanskar/laksh fallen in love for her selfless nature, it made them suffer yet proud of her in the same time ..aawww!
        and now, it’s Vardhaan’s time to feel it, huh! it’s his fault to fall in love to a good person kinda Devanshi !
        if only he accept my proposal!!! *pout again.

        about your cutiepie, i don’t know, sorry…
        tc to you, be happy and all the best for exam

      2. Sukamanello alle?

  2. Seema

    Awesome episode. I like vardev chemistry very much

  3. Nice episode

  4. devdaan(devanshi+vardaan)will rock…[email protected]@@zzz

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