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The Episode starts with Devanshi thinking what to do to get big doctor’s address, I will give this to Ashutosh, he will know big doctor. Omi asks Ashutosh to take idols carefully. Devanshi calls Ashutosh and comes running. Gopi stops Devanshi and asks why did you come out of house, you are not allowed, come inside. Devanshi is dragged and the letter flies to the tempo. She prays that letter reaches doctor uncle.

Kusum talks to the people. She tells Mohan that I know Vardaan did not lie, be careful. Gopi says its time for aarti, we will do aarti first. Gopi does Kusum’s aarti. Everyone pray. Kusum blesses them. A guy comes and takes her blessings. He says my name is Rajeev, I m from this village, I came back from London after many years, I earned name and money in London, I want to give

part of my earnings to this trust, accept it. Kusum agrees. She asks whose son are you. He says I did not know my parents’ name, but Ishwar raised me and gave me love and upbringing, I was orphan, he took care of my studies and made me successful doctor. Kusum says great, you prosper more and do good to others, good you came for darshan and gave donation too. He says I came for Ishwar’s treatment also. Kusum gets shocked. He says I did not know of his illness, I got Choti Maa letter, I left all work and came here.

Devanshi smiles and says this letter reached you, its great, you came early, we should never doubt on Maiyya’s powers, I have prayed by devotion to make my letter reach big doctor, and see he has come, I m choti Mata, I wrote that letter for you. He says you wrote such way that anyone couldn’t understand easily, I asked people and got to know about Ishwar, I will try my best to cure him. Everyone smile. Rajeev goes to see Ishwar. He meets Ishwar and reminds him. Ishwar smiles.

Rajeev says I become doctor now, you are my Lord. He checks the medicines. Kusum says he will know we are giving wrong medicines to his old man, Devanshi created problem for us. She signs Mohan to do something. Rajeev says so these medicines are given. Rajjo says yes, Kusum is his caretaker, is there any problem. He says this medicine is right. Mohan thinks I changed medicines. Kusum gets relieved.

Rajeev says but I don’t understand, why is his health not getting well. Kusum says we all are trying best, Ishwar is glad to see Rajeev after many years. Rajeev says anyway, he needs treatment by me, I will take care of him now. Kusum says but you said the medicines are right. Rajeev says but I know great technology in medical sciences, I can treat him and cure him soon. Gopi and Vardaan ask him to start treatment. Kusum worries. Rajeev says Devanshi is really Maiyya’s special child and thanks her.

Mohan goes to talk to Kusum. She gets angry on him. He asks her to do something of Rajeev. Devanshi asks Vardaan why did he come temple. He says I wanted to thank you for getting doctor. She says I m glad. They argue. He asks her to learn english. She says I will learn and then make you forget english. Nutan asks Devanshi to come and help her in work. Devanshi keeps her parents pic and says it would be good if you were here. She talks to them and asks whom loved me more, I know parents love children a lot, when anyone scolds me at home, I miss you all a lot, Sarla and Omi are good, but your presence would be good too. She gets sad and hugs the pic.

Mohan pushes Devanshi in quicksand and runs. Devanshi shouts for help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode – 72
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 27 Dec Set Alert
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    Just as the doctor makes progress in Ishwar’s treatment, Kusum Sundari succeeds in getting him out of the way by murdering him.
    Episode – 73
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 28 Dec Set Alert
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    Devanshi reaches the swampy area in an effort to stop Mohini from killing the dog in the wild, but ends up falling in the swamp. She pulls Mohini’s dupatta and falls short of seeing her real face.

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