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Devanshi 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla telling Devanshi that everyone will know that you are Devi’s avatar. Sakshi comes and sees Devanshi. Devanshi worries seeing Sakshi leaving and says I will come in 2mins. Sarla asks her to come soon, people will come for Jagrata. Omi says people have come, did you tell Devanshi about coal game. She says I said as much as needed, I hope you ignited coal. Omi gets coal. Devanshi stops Sakshi. Sakshi says I will not stay here, I m not their real daughter. Devanshi says Sarla loves you. Sakshi says no, you are her real daughter, she loves you.

Omi says coal is hot, is this necessary to make Devanshi walk on coal. Sarla says yes, we have to make Devanshi do miracle, when people belief in her, Kusum’s magic will fade. Devanshi says I can go from home and you will get

all love, I m ready to go. Sakshi agrees. Devanshi asks her to go back home and wishes Sakshi gets much love. She hugs Sakshi.

Omi says Devanshi does not know anything. Sarla says Devanshi has left all decisions on me. Omi says you did not think how will Devanshi bear the pain. Sarla says decision is taken now. Devanshi leaves. Sakshi cries. Mohan gets angry thinking of Kusum’s words. He gets angry on Kusum and stops. She asks what happened. He says you ruined my respect, what is remaining, I don’t want money, you use me. He leaves in Mohini’s getup. Kusum thinks your relation is like goat and rope, you can’t go away from me.

Sarla and Omi welcome the guests. Sarla says I kept Jagrata so that you get Mata’s blessings. Lady asks will Kusum come. Sarla says no, bigger Mata is coming here. Lady says then its good we came here. Devanshi thinks why does Sakshi think no one loves her, Lord make her happy, else I get sad.

Sarla’s friend Kalavati comes and says I have to see Mata’s miracle come. Sarla says yes, Mata will come. She tells Omi that they all are bling devotees, I told them to come and see Mata Leela and they came, Kusum used them, now I will use them, they will call Devanshi as Mata. He asks what will we tell Ashutosh. She says I have sent him out, I knew he can’t see Devanshi walking on hot coal, where did Devanshi go. Mohan drinks wine and walks on the road. He says I have respect also, she insulted me today, I will go my village and do farming, I won’t go back to Kusum.

Lady asks where is Mata Rani. Sarla says Mata will test devotees’ patience and come as per her time. She asks Omi where is Devanshi, I will find her. They look for Devanshi. Sakshi comes dressed as Mata. Sarla scolds her and asks where is Devanshi, remove all this. Sakshi says I became Mata and know bhajan also, take me. Sarla scolds her a lot and asks her to go and change. Omi says I have an idea, we will send Sakshi to entertain people till Devanshi comes. Sarla says no, people like miracles, not bhajans, I can’t make my daughter walk on hot coal, Devanshi will walk on coals and her feet will burn, we have to find her first. She asks Omi to find her.

Some men see Mohan coming in Mohini’s getup and think he is a woman. The men tease Mohan and hold him. Devanshi come there and men ask who is there. Other men come and beat the goons to save Mohini. They greet Devanshi as Mata and says big danger got away. They call her Devi’s Ansh.nThe men tell Kusum that these goons tries to ruin Mohini’s respect, don’t forgive them. Gopi says I think Kusum is talking to Mata Rani.

Kusum blesses them. She says the village where woman has no respect, that village can’t progress. She says Mata wants Mohini to punish these goons. Sarla says everyone is waiting. Omi says we will tell them to leave. Sarla says no, if I don’t show miracle, my respect will be ruined, I will make Devanshi walk on coal. The men lift Devanshi and get her saying Choti Mata Ki Jai. Omi and Sarla get shocked. The men say Devanshi did miracle and got dangerous culprit caught, she is Devi’s ansh. The lady says we are blessed to get her. Sarla says I told you Maiyya blessed my house, I kept jagrata so that you all get blessings. She asks them to chant Devanshi Maa is Jai. Omi feels bad. Devanshi smiles innocently.

Devanshi tells Sakshi that she will ask answer from Maiyya, I heard Sarla saying we get answer by walking on hot coal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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