Devanshi 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying I don’t want to make you a part of this fight. Pavan says I have become a part of this fight and…. I mean you have to talk to me about Vardaan. She goes. He says I will not let Vardaan make you weak. Kusum comes to Vardaan and says I have to talk to him. Menka asks what can’t you talk in front of me. Vardaan sends her. Menka goes out and stands. Kusum sees her and asks her to go. She shuts the door. She says there can’t be anyone better than Kalki for marriage. He says I don’t want to think about this, she is married to Pavan.

She says no, Pavan forcibly married her, we have to save Kalki. He says I will do anything to save her, she did big favor to save me from fake blame. Pavan says if you hate Vardaan, then kill him. Devanshi asks what the

hell, you got mad, control your emotions, I can’t change my way. He says what did you do with this family. I m also with you, its time to drive the car over them. She says I know Vardaan did wrong with me, I will kick them out. He says I m with you without any condition, I will always be with you, remember our relation is same which Krishna and Arjun had, I will always be your Saarthi and show you the way.

Its morning, Nutan and Gopi take care of Pavan. Nutan thinks she has to stay as house owner. Pavan compliments her beauty. Vardaan comes there and argues. Pavan asks him what is his problem. Vardaan says I got to know you married Kalki forcibly. Devanshi comes and scolds him. She asks him to look at himself once, why did he not marry Menka till now, its like her insult. Pavan says so this is going on here, he is giving me gyaan.

Vardaan asks him to learn respecting women. Pavan scolds him. Vardaan says fine, call pandit I will fix Menka and my marriage date. Menka smiles. Everyone gets shocked. Kusum asks Mohan to become fake pandit. He refuses to help her and goes. Pavan becomes fake pandit and tells mahurat. Kusum tries to talk and fails. Pavan recalls making her drink a juice to make her mute. Vardaan asks Kusum what happened. Pavan says Menka is very auspicious for this house. Nutan says great, tell us date also. Pavan says keep marriage within 3 days. Menka smiles.

Devanshi sees Kusum and says she wants to keep engagement first. Vardaan agrees to Kusum. Kusum thinks Menka did magic on him. Devanshi congratulates Menka. Vardaan comes to Devanshi and thanks for saving him. She says I just said truth, keep your thanks to yourself, anything else. He recalls Kusum’s name. She says I want such a man in my life who blindly believes his wife, not someone who doubts on his wife, you are one of such man. She sees Pavan and signs him about his moustache. Vardaan turns to see. Pavan removes the fake moustache. Devanshi gets relieved. Pavan asks what are you doing here, better change your way, you are getting married now. Vardaan goes. She asks Pavan to see what happens next.

Pavan says your planning is good, Menka’s marriage with Vardaan is punishment for him. She says I will not let this happen. He thinks I will not let you go back to Vardaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mars

    Superb epi just loved it. Kalki is nailing her dialogue delivery, expressions, gestures are all just perfect.
    I waiting what Pawan will do to get kalki. Today as I saw flashback scene the way devanshi was pleading vardaan I think he really don’t deserve her. Devanahi should not forgive him.
    Now a days I m loving Pawan kalki (kalan) jodi a lot. I can see his love madness for kalki. Waiting…..

  2. Fenil

    Hello Everybody !!

    Today Episode was Aflatoon.

    Pavan and Devanshi/Kalki plans was superb.:):)

    Fun to watching Kusum as dumb:)):)):)):D

    DevDaan moment was sweet.

    Would like to watching who will win between Kalki and Pavan about Vardaan’s marriage;););)8)

    1. Mica

      Hello Fenil !!!

      1. Fenil

        Hello Dear Mica, Good Noon.
        How are u ?

  3. Guys whether Piyush is exiting from devanshi? I saw tweet of Piyush where he said that he is re-entering in Beyhad.
    And today’s episode was superb. Now a days I like pawan Kalki jodi more.
    How are u all?

  4. NYC episode but pls CVS don’t let menka to marry vardaan don’t separate devdaan.I like pavan but his intention r not right .Mr pavan just stay away from my devdaan

  5. Mica

    thank you Amena mam for update! love you!
    omg!!!! i love derby between Kalki and Pavan now, and gooosshhhh !!! 😀 😀
    Vardhaan become their toy 🙁 🙁 🙁 poor Vardhaan 😀

    1. Mica feeling sad for vardaan. I want devdaan back as soon as possible missing them badly n their romance how shameless I become but I can’t do anything for it

      1. Mica

        i just waiting Vardhaan to knowing that he killed his own baby 😀 😀 😀 , it must be EPIC

  6. Super episode and I want Kalki-Pawan together, not Devanshi-Vardaan. Devanshi has dead and the one here is Kalki Shah. Vardaan is bad and he never deserved Devanshi. Pawan has always stood by Kalki’s side so he is the one who should be with her. Please, don’t make Pawan evil – he is a good guy… Please, do not make Kalki-Vardaan together. We want Kalki-Pawan!!!

  7. amezing epi…liked it,but…Never..Never..Never………………Only one, my hero-heroien is devdaan my fev. cute pair…loved this pair a lot…

  8. S,keep calm na,this will never happen…ok..Iknow,…I like this new,entry,(pawan)his acting & many more,but Icant see our devanshi with him,.icant see this pair…In this show, original pair is my devdaan (hemu).how are u all..

    1. Gaytri I can’t yaar I want devdaan. eagerly waiting for devanshi innocence proved in front of vardaan n his reaction after that.

  9. Mica

    aahhhh, watching this episodes finally..
    i just looove piyush’s acting to be pandit ji ..too good!!!
    even his make up was good also,.. good job!

  10. Awesome episode

  11. yes, S Iam also want…..jaldi se devdaan sath ho jaye..eagerly waiting..their cute nok jhok..& their romance..ohe cute hundi wali chodi&cua wala choda…missing them very very much…

  12. “Devanshi” ke set par (Pandit ne Devanshi ka
    Shrad Karne se Kiya Inakaar) 25 July 2017 2:14 16 likes, 0 dislikes 674 views Shoot Live Published on 25 Jul 2017

  13. nice episode but y i dont know i think devanshi will send soon

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