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The Episode starts with Geeta going to Mohan’s room. She gets his phone and checks. Mohan comes and takes the phone. He asks what were you doing with my phone and raises hand on Geeta. Vardaan angrily pushes Mohan. Mohan gets angry and apologizes to him. He says I can’t control anger. Geeta goes. Mohan catches Vardaan and scolds him. Vardaan bites his hand and runs. Mohan takes a stick to beat him. Vardaan runs to Ishwar’s room and hides in cupboard. Mohan asks him to come out. He pours water on Ishwar’s face. Vardaan comes out and asks him to stop. Mohan scolds him. He says I understood your life is in Ishwar, don’t tell anything to Kusum. He goes.

Nutan asks Mohan why did he not come for aarti. Vardaan stops Mohan and asks Kusum to ask Mohan why he raised hand on Geeta, when I tried

to save Geeta, he has beaten me, when I went to Papa’s room, he tortured Papa. They all get shocked. Mohan says I… Kusum says no, I don’t want your explanation. She calls out Geeta and asks did Mohan raise hand on you. Geeta says I did mistake and Mohan was scolding me, Vardaan came in room and thought he is beating me, Mohan apologized to me and I left from room.

Vardaan asks Geeta why are you lying. Geeta says why will I lie. She thinks sorry Vardaan, Mohan doubted me seeing mobile with me, I have to win his trust. Mohan says Vardaan has problem with me, see he has bitten my hand. He says Ishwar is Kusum’s husband, why will I torture him, I can’t even think so. Vardaan calls him a sinner and says I m saying Mohan should be kicked out of house. Kusum slaps Vardaan and scolds him.

She says I will not bear if you say anything against Mohan, he is your caretaker, you have run away from hostel and became Mohan’s enemy. Devanshi says Vardaan never lies, why did you slap him. Nutan scolds Devanshi. Mohan asks is my wound saying lie, tell me, am I liar. Vardaan shouts enough.

He says fine, I m lying, I lied for my motives, Mohan did not do anything. Devanshi worries. Vardaan goes. Kusum stops Devanshi and asks her to stay as kid, and not interfere in elder’s matters. Devanshi says I know Vardaan can never lie. Mohan comes to Vardaan and says I told you not to tell anyone, what did you get, Kusum did not support you, she slapped you in front of everyone, I came to explain you don’t come in my way. He goes. Vardaan cries.

Devanshi comes and asks did you really lie. Vardaan asks her to leave. She refuses. She says I don’t want to lose Ishwar, She asks whats the matter, why are you scared. He asks her to leave him alone. He goes. She picks the torn paper and reads.

Geeta apologizes to Sarju for lying and putting Vardaan in problem, don’t know what is he thinking about me. Mohan comes. She apologizes for touching his phone. She says Vardaan should have not come between us. He says its my mistake also, sorry. She does the aid. She thinks to get his secret truth out. He thinks I know she has something in her mind.

Devanshi goes to Nutan to ask a word. Nutan scolds her and takes the chilli power to feed Devanshi. Devanshi coughs. Rajjo comes and asks Nutan what did you do. She gives water to Devanshi. Nutan says Devanshi has said bad thing to me. Rajjo says this can’t happen, its not a bad work, Devanshi does not know english. She asks Devanshi are you fine, how did you learn this word. Rajjo gets the letter. She reads Vardaan’s letter and gets sad. Devanshi asks what did Vardaan write. Rajjo says Ishwar’s state has become helplessness for Vardaan, we have shown Ishwar to many doctors and his state did not improve. Devanshi thinks to call big doctor for Ishwar’s cure and help Vardaan. She sees the diary and sits to write letter. She asks doctor to come soon, then Maiyya and I will get fine.

Devanshi prays for Ishwar. A doctor comes. Devanshi says he will treat Ishwar, see Ishwar is moving his neck. Mohan and Kusum get shocked.

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