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Devanshi 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajjo asking Devanshi to come and meet her and Ishwar. Devanshi says no, he is not a nice uncle, he made me a liar infront of everyone, he lied, my mum says lying makes us get horn on head. Rajjo says fine and hurts her hand by thorn. She says I will throw the flowers. Devanshi asks why, plants are innocent, they can’t talk and move, you have hurt your hand. Rajjo says even Ishwar is like plants, he also can’t talk. Devanshi says you are very nice and hugs her. Rajjo asks her to keep smiling and come to meet. Sarla asks Devanshi to come. They leave.

Gopi asks pandit to come for Krishna leela, else I will make you dance. He says I m not getting a Radha for Krishna leela. Kusum comes and Nutan asks her to sort the Radha problem, Kusum thinks to teach Mohan a lesson.

She says Mata Rani will find a good Radha, that’s our Radha. She shows Mohan. They all get shocked.

Sarla coughs and gets unwell. Devanshi gives her water and asks her not to do Choka in dish. Sarla says I forgot. Devanshi says I will help you. Sarla thinks who will lay golden eggs for then. She asks Devanshi to sit and peel vegs to help her. Gopi says Mohan is a guy. Devanahsi says so what, guys also become Radha and do Rasleela, its Mata’s command, no one can go against it. Gopi and Nutan agree. Kusum asks them to make Mohan as Radha. Mohan gets shocked. Kusum asks Mohan not to go against Mata, else Mata will curse.

Sarla tells Devanshi that people say daughters are burden, but you are a boon. Devanshi asks Sarla about boiling potato and making tea in water, then why is the difference. Sarla says whats this question, tea is tea and potato is potato. Sakshi says I m going school. Sarla asks whats this hair, tie it. She asks Devanshi to tie her hair. Sakshi says I want you to make my hair. Sarla says I won’t, go to Devanshi.

Devanshi asks Sarla to answer her. Sarla holds her head and says how to answer this. Omi asks girls not to trouble Sarla. He tells Devanshi about potato and tea, one bends infront of hot water and other manages the hot water, even people are like that. He asks Sakshi to come. Devanshi thinks Rajjo is like tea, who brings essence.

Golu asks them to see if Mohan can dance like women or not. Nutan asks him not to say in between. Kusum says don’t scold him, he said right thing, we should check our Radha first. Gopi makes Mohan wear the chunri and asks him to dance. Kusum thinks Mohan did mistake and now he has to dance like girl.

Ashutosh asks Omi how did they agree to send Devanshi to Kusum’s house, its not legal, I will explain Kusum so that this does not happen again. Sarla asks did you get mad, will you explain Kusum, don’t do anything, we have stayed out of village for 7 years. He says I will talk and goes. He leaves. Devanshi asks him to stop, you are angry and the matter is good for you. He asks what is it. She asks him not to be angry, I got Rajjo there. He gets glad and smiles.

He asks her to sit and tell him about Rajjo. She tells Rajjo is very beautiful, I can meet her anytime. He says I will get many toffee for you once you make me meet her. Sakshi hears them and sadly goes home. She packs the bag and asks Devanshi did you ask Kusum, am I own or step daughter. Devanshi says I did not get time. Sakshi says you had time for other things, no one has time for me, Sarla was worried for you. Devanshi empties her bag. Sarla comes and asks Sakshi what is all this.

She asks Sakshi to learn something from Devanshi. Devanshi says Sakshi is …. Sarla says Sakshi won’t change, Devanshi come with me, I will make you ready for Jagrata. Sarla makes Devanshi as Mata. Devanshi asks why don’t you make Sakshi ready like this. Sarla says all this is just for you, you are chosen by Devi, when you were small, a big tiger came in village, everyone was running being afraid, but that tiger fell near your feet, he did not hurt you, villagers trusted you, you are avatar of Maiyya. Devanshi smiles.

Sarla says you came on earth to help people, whenever there is injustice with anyone, you will fight for them, you will bless people, sometimes you have to bear pain, but you will do what I say, then Maiyya will give you laddoo, will you agree to me. Devanshi says yes, I will do whatever you say, you will always think my good, am I really Mata’s avatar. Sarla says yes, you are Devi’s ansh, so your name is Devanshi and does her aarti. She says just I knew this, now everyone in jagrata will know you are Devi’s avatar.

Few men catch Mohan and ask him to drink wine. Devanshi comes there in Devi avatar and the men get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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