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The Episode starts with Devanshi showing her parents’ pic to Kusum and Mohan. They get shocked and recall killing Devanshi’s parents. Devanshi asks why did you not save them, I would have been glad if they were here, I want to meet them once. Mohan asks her to run away, can’t you see Kusum is unwell. Devanshi goes. Mohan says I thought she will get them back from past, I got mad. Kusum laughs and asks did you think dead will come back, its been many years now, we have erased all proof of Sarju and Devanshi’s parents’ death, none will get proof.

Geeta thinks how to find that Sanskrit book, I can get the meaning of this word. Devanshi comes and cries. She says I want to meet my real parents, make me meet them. Geeta says Devanshi, the one who go to Lord, you can’t meet them. Devanshi

says if Lord wills then, we can meet them. Geeta says I will talk to you later, I m finding something. Devanshi asks what. Geeta says Sanskrit to hindi dictionary, I want meaning of a word. Devanshi says ask me, Sarla used to teach me Sanskrit and hindi. Geeta asks the meaning of the word. Devanshi says servant, like Mohan. Geeta gets shocked and thinks Sarju went to meet Mohan. She cries and hugs Devanshi. She thanks her for help. She thinks to start finding the secrets now, Mohan is involved in Sarju and Devanshi’s parents’ death, I m not away from this truth.

Rajjo talks to the principal and says Devanshi will get fine, I will get her school. Sarla comes and asks Rajjo to help her, how did Devanshi stay in dark room, I left her here as you took her responsibility, my heart is restless. Rajjo consoles her. Sarla says I will agree what you say, I believe you the most. Rajjo says fine, don’t worry for Devanshi, I keep her as my younger sister, I can’t say anything infront of Kusum’s decision. Sarla says I got relieved now. Rajjo says I did not like what you did today, don’t do this again. Sarla praises her. She says you are like my brother Ashutosh, he also tells this to me, that Rajjo will take care of Devanshi. Rajjo says if you took care of Devanshi, Kusum would have not taken her under her care. Sarla thinks to bear her words, to get her married to Ashutosh soon.

Devanshi takes the pic. Vardaan asks why are you roaming with this pic, don’t you like to have food. Devanshi says don’t make me fun calling me Choti Mata. Vardaan says I don’t believe in Lord and Kusum. Devanshi asks who saved Kusum, Lord saved her. He says show me where is your Lord, come with me if your Lord is really there. He takes her to Ishwar. He says you said Maiyya saved Kusum. She says yes. He asks why did she not save your parents then. She gets shocked. He says if they were alive today, you would have been with them today, tell me why did Lord not make Ishwar fine when he is a good man. She gets thinking.

Vardaan asks why did your Maiyya not make my dad fine, he is bed ridden since years, give me answer. She gets sad. He asks her to answer him. She recalls Maiyya. He asks her to go and not show her face again, be happy with your belief, don’t argue with me. Ishwar looks on and thinks I don’t doubt on Devanshi, Maiyya is my hope, I know one day Vardaan will also believe Maiyya, he will not be angry on you, he will take care of you well. He smiles.

Kusum talks to someone and says I m explaining the black money is caught, I will send more money later. The man ends call. She gets angry. Devanshi comes there. She asks are you fine, you are not hurt, you will tell Maiyya to make you fine. She asks why did ou not save my parents. Kusum gets shocked. Devanshi asks why did you let them die, and why is Ishwar unwell, why did Maiyya not make him fine. Kusum thinks to answer her today.

She says wait, come with me. She holds Devanshi out of the window. Devanshi shouts. Kusum says calm down, tell me what will happen if I leave you. Devanshi says I will die by fall. Kusum gets her inside the window. She says don’t worry, I did this to explain you, I had two ways, to leave you or save you, I saved you, I had two ways to let Ishwar die, or he stays alive in any state, I chose the other way, and about your parents, they did sin to steal you, their fate had death written.

Devanshi asks whats fate. Kusum thinks I should have thrown her down the window. She says fate is that which is with us since birth, none can change the fate, understood. Devanshi asks who writes the fate. Kusum gets irritated. She asks Devanshi to go, and don’t ask any question. Devanshi says I trust Maiyya, Vardaan raises questions, he was asking this to me. Kusum thinks my son does not believe me, what to expect from others. Devanshi says I will explain him, he is very good. Kusum says yes, you go now. Devanshi goes. Kusum says whats going on, why do these two care for each other.

Vardaan, Golu and Devanshi study. Devanshi asks Vardaan to see how Golu is disturbing. Golu asks her to go somewhere and study. She hides the eraser. She says Vardaan, I want eraser. Vardaan says I m not small kid, its there, take it. She takes Golu’s eraser. Golu takes her pic. They both argue. She pulls Golu’s hair. He asks her to leave him. He crushes the pic and throws. She cries seeing the pic. Vardaan looks on. He asks do you get angry also. She asks did you not get angry seeing Golu doing this. He says Golu is mad. She asks him to see what he did with pic, how will I get same pic again. He asks her not to cry, give this to me, I will make it fine, find solution by mind, not tears. She smiles and thanks him.

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