Devanshi 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Golu asking Vardaan to take Menka. Vardaan says fine, I will take her and lifts Menka. Bua says its wrong, husband take wife to room on wedding night, how can Jheth/brother in law do this rasam. Devanshi says we will send her by maid, your hand is not fine. Vardaan says its fine, I will take her, Golu should have taken her, but his state is not good. He takes her. Nutan says Menka started showing her colors, see what happens next.

Vardaan puts Menka on bed. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his coat. He tries to remove it. Bua says what’s happening here. Devanshi and Nutan come and get shocked. Bua asks them to say.Devanshi says Vardaan.Bua controls. He says her mangalsutra got stuck in button. He sees it got free. He says don’t know how it got free suddenly. She says its

fine, go, I will see Menka. He leaves. Devanshi thinks what’s happening. Bua sits. Mohan comes and says I will take your blessings, show me your feet. She kicks him and says you are never change, I know what you want. He asks what. Bua stands straight and coughs bending down when Devanshi comes. Mohan says I came to ask if Bua needs help.

Devanshi asks Bua to move ghunghat, talking by meeting eyes just makes relations strong, remove ghunghat. Bua lifts ghunghat. Devanshi and Mohan see her. Bua asks her did she get peace now, I hide my ugly face in ghunghat. Devanshi says sorry, if you felt bad. Devanshi asks Mohan to go. Mohan says I will see if she wants something. Bua shuts door and stands straight. She lifts her ghunghat and shows face. She smiles and removes the ugly mask. Mohan gets shocked seeing Kusum.

She asks him what is he seeing this way, I told you I will come back, I will trap Devanshi, then she will cry and beg, Menka will become my player. Mohan praises her planning. He says remember, I have saved your life. FB shows Mohan saving Kusum’s life as she has saved his life before. He asks her to run away. She says I will go, but come back soon. He says you can’t do anything to Devanshi, don’t think to come back here, this girl is Devi’s ansh, go now. She runs. FB ends.

Kusum says I did not forget you saved my life, si I forgive your mistakes, this is my new avatar, see how I ruin them, I will take revenge from them. He says they are thinking you are dead. She says Kusum can never die, none can save Devanshi from me, she will lose for sure. Mohan says your fate changed. He says I write my fate on own, see how I change my time by my powers.

He says I will see, but people know your truth, if you fail Devanshi, how will you become Mata again. She says I have a solution. He asks her to say. She says anyone can sit on throne, but one who rules has power, I can use anyone. He says politics is such thing. She says I can do anything to get this power, I will kill anyone who comes in my way. She coughs and goes. Mohan smiles and says this woman does not know meaning of failure.

Bua comes to Menka’s room. Golu asks her not to disturb. Kusum says its a ritual, wife gives haldi milk to her husband. She gives the glass to Menka. Kusum makes Golu throw the glass. Golu thinks how did this happen, I did not throw glass. Nutan comes and asks Golu is he fine. Kusum asks what did Golu do. Nutan blames Menka for abshagun. Devanshi comes to see. Menka picks the broken glass. Kusum says Golu did mistake, he has thrown glass in front of me, Menka is picking glass, if she gets hurt, who will be responsible. She hurts Menka by the glass. Devanshi gets shocked. Golu says I would have thrown glass on Menka’s face. Devanshi asks him not to forget humanity, you will clean this glass. Nutan argues. Devanshi asks Menka to take rest. Kusum smiles.

Menka dips Nutan’s feet in hot water. Nutan screams. Devanshi gets shocked. Vardaan lifts Menka, assuming her to be Devanshi. Devanshi comes and calls him out. He gets shocked seeing Menka.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When devanshi was infront of him he never did anything…n now he is doing silly things vd dat menka huh….?? When vll they stop this bm(blk magic) drama….m fed up

  2. ulta pulta……I,don,t like this track…feeling bad for this show,how they do work,,they destroy this show,and drag so much…sara show ak jaisa he ho gaya dekhne ke liye kuch nhi rha….plz colors walo,stop thease..bad thinks.

  3. now,they are destroying this show,by bad thinks…ppl not like..thease bad thinks..

    1. show lost the charm by showing black magic dragging this why dont no.. i dont have any hope from sonali mam bcz she is not even active in twitter and insta to listen fans request no one liking bm track and upar se more ss for ks than lead pairs… no davdaan scenes and now ks menka scenes no one liking it it lost all charm..

  4. Episode – 218
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 23 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    Bua manipulates Golu to hit Menka and Devanshi is forced to call a meeting to address Golu’s actions. Meanwhile, Golu is saved from going to jail and Nutan blames Devanshi.
    Episode – 219
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 24 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    Kusum Sundari disguised as Bua, keeps Menka under her magical control and makes her burn Nutan’s feet in hot water and entice Vardan.
    Episode – 220
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 25 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    When the ‘Muh Dikhavi’ ceremony begins, all the men in the room including Vardan, fall for Menka’s charms, much to Devanshi’s bewilderment.

  5. Episode – 221
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 26 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    Devanshi and Vardan have an argument, which leads to Devanshi deciding to give up her position as ‘Mata’. Kusum Sundari is jubilant when she hears of her decision.
    Episode – 222
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 27 May Set Alert
    Unforeseen circumstances cements Devanshi’s prowess as Mata, making her unable to back out of her position as Mata. Kusum Sundari proceeds to cause further trouble for Devanshi.
    Episode – 223
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 28 May Set Alert
    Kusum Sundari is sure that Devanshi will lose her loved ones and her position as Mata. Meanwhile, another issue in the village draws Devanshi’s attention, which causes a rift between her and Vardan

  6. After a long time I see hellu… My cutiepie???? and I don’t know the story of show… But man kia to hellu ko dekh lia???? seeing her married women looks today I cried missed my swasan a lot… Sorry friends but couldn’t stop my self from expressing this feeling…

    1. dont be sorry u can express ur feeling here… yes mujhe bhi helly ko aisa saree mein dekh kar swara ki yaad aate hai.. missing swasan alot

  7. What is happening..
    Suddenly varadhan romantic ho gaya. Itne din voh unromantic tha. Menaka ke ane ka baad voh bada romantic ho gaya. Poor devanshi she is going to suffer a lot.
    Guys is really devanshi is going off air.
    Ente karthave ellathinum oru paridiyille.

  8. what is happening in devanshi menka is under ks spell. she using menka to torture devanshi creating rift between devdaan.. devanshi will suffer alot.. hope uska papa ishwar uske saath rahe.. only he is the one who can help her..
    plz colors walo stop showing dis black magic drama.. ur show is not to show superstitions but what ur showing.. sonali mam where r u? plz do something stop this drama.. is the lead pair devdaan or ks mohan? showing there scenes more than devdaan scenes stop this crap and show other..

  9. Yellathinum paridiyundu but ds yude directork paridi ille…… M not getting wht they r trying to do…. M also thinking the same…..till now he ddnt tryd to be romantic vd ds….n suddnly ander ka pyar umad ke aagaya….wo bhi menka k liye…huh

    1. arey sanu till now he is paralyzed ab theek hogaya.. and coming to his this action may be he also coming under ks spell who knows only writers hi jaane kya dikhana hai.. just saying my pov they showing this to try to show rift between devanshi and vardaan… which ks want even i got confused abt this romance thing

    2. Sanu u are also a malayali. Ente daivame mottam malayalikalanallo. It has paryunnathu chadranil poyal avideyum malayalikal kanum.

  10. Thank u renu for those info

  11. Haha… sheriya….pakshe njan mangloril ninnan….N…anu so wht he is paralysed he never spoke romantic words…n now this menka….. N i also get dout who is main lead in this show….?? they always show ks n mohans romans more that devdan’s…huh

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