Devanshi 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with people throwing stones at Devanshi’s pic. The maids make Kusum wear the jewelry. Nutan and Gopi come and greet Kusum. Gopi asks where did you go. Kusum says I went to jail to distribute blankets, you know on this day every year, I donate things. Gopi says I know. She says you can’t understand what’s burning in my heart, I get peace by donation, else I can’t forget what happened 14 years ago. She recalls people throwing stones at her.

She thinks Devanshi made me helpless for some time, you could not do any harm to me, see I m still at same height, people hate you, they burn your statue and kill you every year on Maha Ashtami day. Nutan says its time to ring the bell. Gopi says there should be some other way to ring it, so that you don’t bear pain. Kusum asks how

will I bear the pain, I will ring the bell as always. Devanshi is in bus and recalls the childhood.

Kusum goes to ring the bell. Her brother comes and says stop, I will do this work for my sister. He fixes Kusum’s hair to the bell. Kusum rings the bell by her hair. People chant her name. Kusum starts her drama. She says its time to think of those innocent souls who died on this day 14 years ago, the girls had to die, I m against violence, but you people celebrate Devanshi’s death day, I did not refuse for it, as I know its tough for you to forget that day.

FB shows Vardaan asking Kusum what did you with my dad. She asks him to kill her, who will like to be alive after such blames. He says stop acting, this will not affect me, tell me where is Ishwar. Kusum says I don’t know, if you all think I m murderer, kill me. She takes fire torch and says I will burn myself. Nutan and Gopi say no. Kusum says I will forgive you all, but Maiyya will not leave you all, before dying, I will wish Maiyya to forgive you all for doubting on me. She signs a servant. She says the sin is happening in this temple, I will burn myself.

They all hear some sound and rush to see. Vardaan looks for Ishwar. The cylinder blasts. Mohan signs Kusum. She asks him to go, don’t show me your face ever, if I need you, I will find you. He asks what about our child. She asks him to get lost. He goes. FB ends.

She says we lost those girls today, their faces scare me in dream, I can’t forget that day, I took responsibility to raise her, I could not change her, I could not see her Daayan face, I did not know she is Daayan in human form, it was late till I knew it.

FB shows everyone worrying seeing the temple. Gopi asks who has kept cylinder inside. The man says Sarla has kept the cylinders inside. The servant shows CCTV footage. They see Sarla beating Geeta and showing knife. Kusum says Sarla has done this. Nutan shows the proof. She says video and says Sarla has killed Geeta and Ashutosh, Sarla injured Ishwar. Kusum asks where is Sarla. Omi gets shocked. Gopi catches Omi. He says Omi will know this, Sarla stayed in our house, she became Mata’s special servant, see what they did, beat Omi. Kusum thinks Devanshi, your mum is blamed. Omi swears and says I don’t know anything, I m sure Sarla is not behind this. Kusum thinks Sarla is gone and now Devanshi you made Jwalapuri throw stones on me, see what they do with you now.

She stops the people and says drag Sarla in front of me, she is culprit of entire Jwalapuri. Gopi sends servant to get Sarla. FB ends. Kusum says I wish I could know that Daayan and stop her bad intentions, I would have not been guilty, I have sacrificed all colors from my wife to repent for my mistake, I have worn white color.

Devanshi recalls how people immersed her in river. She recalls Omi’s words. Sakshi enters Jwalapuri. The van leaves. Sakshi smiles. She gets happy that she reached Jwalapuri. She hears the Maiyya temple bells. She goes. Kusum says don’t forget that pain, we used to celebrate Maha Ashtami and now we are celebrating her death day, we have to alert that she does not come back. Devanshi gets down the bus and lands in Jwalapuri. Kusum says the day she steps in Jwalapuri, we will kill her. The people agree.

Kusum takes a bow to the fire arrow to burn Devanshi’s pic. Devanshi recalls being tied to the idol and immersed in river. She thinks I broke the promise and going to same village to get Sakshi back.

Devanshi stands in front of her pic. Vardaan rides a horse and gets her with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap is interesting. Tomorrow devanshi ‘s hero will be entered on his horse like fairy tale?


    si the hero will be Kusum’s and Ishwar’s son?????
    and ha… is Ishwaris still alive?
    i haven’t seen the the 1st part of story , just read abou it… so stll confused 🙁

    1. Mica

      Mahira didi, read summary here.. Shan wrote it for us

  3. Ur every questions answers r yes

    1. MAHIRA

      thank you 🙂

  4. Mica

    thank you Amena ma’am for update…
    huh! is that Vardhaaan ???? let me see *remove the scarf from his face and fainting….

    well aawww, the child devanshi is soo cute, resemble to Helly..
    and Helly more cute and chubby *pull her cheek

  5. Micu happy to see u here just imagine vk on that horse i know its not possible but by imaging only i am faintig

    1. Mica

      noooooooooooooo….. he will cute as vk but hot as namish.. *what i’m blabbering

  6. Nice episode…… I Know all are missing child actors… Is am right?. I miss them….soooooooo much.

  7. Hello mahira u told in previous day.. U watching this show for helly only…. That means u r not supporting the child actors. Previous DEVANSHI acted very nicely….. She is sooo cute. U can’t underestimate them. Viraaj kapoor( chota vardaan)also a good child actor. U have to see the episode 1 to Feb 20th episode. Then u will comment….

  8. This for everyone who haven’t seen DEVANSHI part 1……

  9. Nice episode

  10. Hello everyone who haven’t seen devanshi part 1 must see it. Choti DEVANSHI and chota vardaan they are good child actors. U are seeing this only for helly… Means u r not supporting child actors….. I think u should see episode 1 to Feb 20th episode. It is much better….. Please watch… Then comment

  11. yes u are right saumya Imiss,very very miss them cute kashvi , arha and viraj voice and acting..

  12. choti devanshi acting is best ….now its suddenly changed which is not so gud….she become memory only now…..

    choti devanshi k wajesa he dektha devanshi serial….

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