Devanshi 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kalki gets kidnapped


Devanshi 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pavan holding Devanshi when she slips. Vardaan comes and sees them. He says I just had to see this, will you still say you are just friends, I got court papers, it has written that I m rightful owner of this property, you won’t get anything till I m here. Kalki comes and says I told you Vardaan will come back, see he has come. He asks Devanshi does she stay here, are you fulfilling your dream to become mum, you found a good way. Kalki signs and he gets ache in his leg. Kalki holds him and asks him to sit on chair. Kalki touches his leg and says if you can’t bear pain, why do you give pain to Devanshi, this is the difference, your leg has pain and her heart has pain. She says heart wound is more deeper, did your pain end. Vardaan holds his leg and stands. He thinks how did pain

get fine suddenly. Kalki asks him not to give pain to Devanshi again.

Kusum talks to Menka on phone and says I will be out of here soon, do as I said, everything should be as per plan. Sushma keeps an eye on Kalki. Kalki plays outside the house. Vardaan says be ready to get out of this house. Devanshi argues with Vardaan. She says I have seen you attacking Mohan, I pity on your thinking, you don’t deserve anything, what do you think I will always listen to you, you can’t run away this way. Sushma kidnaps Kalki.

Devanshi asks Vardaan to stop. Vardaan asks what is it. She says its Ishwar’s property, not mine, if you asked me once, I would have given you, I won’t let him get insulted, your way is wrong, he wanted property to get spent on village’s betterment. He asks village or your betterment. She says I don’t need to clarify, think and do anything. He says then listen, I will think and do anything I want. He goes.

She says I was mad to believe Vardaan, you were right about him. She sees Kalki’s bangles and looks for her. She gets worried. Menka and Sushma get Kalki. Sushma asks for money. Menka says your work didn’t get completed, you have to take this girl. Kalki sees Menka.

Menka says you won’t get any help here. Kalki says I don’t shout and call people for help, people shout and call me for help. Menka asks what do you mean, are you not scared. Kalki says no, I m hungry, give me some butter please, are you afraid Devanshi will come and find me. Devanshi gets angry on Gopi and asks about Kalki. He says its not possible to always keep an eye on her. Pavan calms her down and says come with me, we will find Kalki. She says I think Sushma did this, but on whose saying, where is Kalki.

They look for Kalki. Devanshi cries and says I feel have a strange bond with her, I get a smile seeing her, I wished we don’t get her mum. He says its fine, don’t judge yourself, I want to see you two together and happy, come. Menka talks to Kalki and calls her mad. She takes Kalki. Kalki drops her bangles. Menka dumps her with other kids.

Sushma sees her daughter among the girls and frees her. She hugs her and says who got her here. The man says this girl is ready for operation. Sushma scolds the man and says I m taking her from here. Menka says your daughter’s operation will happen today, I have no time to wait. Sushma argues and says let me go. Menka shouts. Kalki looks on. Pavan and Devanshi are on the way. The car stops. She says we fell in another problem. She gets Kalki’s bangles and says she went by this route. Pavan says see Maiyya heard us, we will find Kalki, she is here.

Kalki smiles while doctor prepares her for operation. Pavan and Devanshi look for her and get more bangles. Kalki saves Sushma. Devanshi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Who needs operation for what? when did another girl come ? When did pavan turned so religious? Why did he become soooo perfect when vardhan became so diabolic?
    “You’re fulfilling your dream of being mother” is this all what the death of your child let you with !!! Moron man!!!

  2. Now I am sure there is no hidden intention of vardaan behavior he don’t believe devanshi thank u so much CVS for ruining his character now pls just end this show.

  3. Vardaan has definitely become much worse, rather than grow and learn from his mistakes. By contrast, Pawan has become much better. Also, I am sure that Kalki has been sent by Maiyya to be with Devanshi so she can be happy.

  4. Guys I m Soo hurt…many people are bashing helly…why are they bashing her..she is not the one who is writing the story of the show….her Job is to do acting and she is doing that perfectly…. please don’t bash helly….she is really working hard….I know many are not liking the change in the storyline…but for that say something to sonali mam..not to helly

    1. MAHIRA

      Hi zoya
      Are you talking about here on TU pages of devanshi? Because we’re all here in support to her work and we’re just against the turn of story not against her at all

      1. Agree with u mahira dii on tu no one is bashing her yaar thats y still reading its update n watching her scene only I just want this show to end as soon as possible because it is ruined totally n want our princess to get new project soon.

  5. helly looking beautiful?❤hopefully show is coming to end!

  6. hmmm..hopefully show, is not coming to,till no any article for there..that this “show to go off air in the next month” they have much ppl want this crap & devanshi- pawan pair..
    Am I right???
    but they dont know, many more ppl is Devdaan fan…
    Missing my fev couple Devdaan forever…

  7. sweeti,@devya kalki has been not sent by mayya although, she herself mayya…in human avtaar..

    1. @gayati oh ok thanks 🙂 I see what you mean

  8. **maiyya

  9. Devanshi gives challange to vardaan this part was nice..loved it…now devanshi not fears with anyone but day by day, pawan devanshi closeness …never like
    cant bear..this track is hurting me more..
    Sooo… Sad

  10. Mica

    thank you amena mam for update..
    hmmmm.. from spoiler and poll, seemed that cvs upto something about vardhaan… somehow they still signaled that devdaan will happen later… whatever 😀 😀 😀
    well about black magic in this story line… i hate this , but i’m more concern about Devanshi marital status 🙁 …

    Let’s talk about black magic.. in this few days, i observed that kalki seemed resembled of Lord Krishna, right ? her flute, her naughtiness , butter 🙂 …
    and then.. boom, i heard about black magic in this story line.. remind me to Cartoon Khrisna…when there are many black magic, ghost, monster then this little Khrisna fight and win :)…

    1. MAHIRA

      You know Mica I was just thinking the same, Kalki reminded me of Krishna whenever she asks butter and says she’s hungry, also that she’s very friendly with everyone and seems praising forgiveness , the flute too and she wants her to return to Vardhan her love…
      This why i askes days ago if this name has a divinity’s signification…
      Black magic is really unwelcomed here and alien in a story which has always used the sciene, the smartness to win… but it seems like if Kalki is not a human being at all regarding her powers so it’s somehow logic in the illogic.
      yet I would like Kalki to be a real child too, that she’ll be adopted by Devanshi, Devanshi came to this world as a gift of God, becoming Kalki’s mother would bring her mata statue back in real terms because she’s then carrying maiyaa… then frankly no need of a man in her life at all… because Vardhan needs a huge miracle to polish his image again!
      Like you Mica, i’m so disappointed by her marital status… what the need of romantic scenes with Pavan if we all know that Devdhan will be back again.
      CVs are again (like in Swaragini) giving a conflictual image of values about marriage… sometimes I find it good that they give a non conventional image of the blind obedient traditional wife, but then it’s not necessary to make the wife roam arround with other men (Pavan is here just like Nikhil… 🙁 )

      1. Mica

        Mahira didii.. let’s us crying about this marital status.. i hate this from bottom of my heart. Btw, on Swaragini, at least there wasn’t any intensity whatever nikhil or swara do something close, but here, even devanshi-pavan kinda lead to something else, and i hate that,..
        in Swaragini, i hate CVS to let Swara roaming with Kissan, no matter that Kissan was Sanskar, as in front of Swara, he is not her husband, na.. and here.. omg!!!! how can Devanshi kinda like this :'(
        About black magic.. well in the beginning, i really hate this, unwelcome to this, but then..when CVS bring Maiyya/ Khrisna in perform of Kalki, and ppl accepted her illogical action, so, why not black magic then ? as you said.. this illogical matter become logic somehow 🙂 , when ppl can accept cartoon by title “little khrisna” why they can’t accept this now ? .
        Same as you (again) i really wish kalki is ordinary child which can heal Devanshi’s wound for losing baby, and walk away from that hell only her and kalki 🙂

    2. MAHIRA

      About Kisan I understand you but still the scene when she hears him singing gerua having blurred flashbacks then she confessed to him that sanskar was giving her conflictual feelings mind hating and heart trusting only him it somehow clarified it. I hated the scenes with sahil when she woke up, songs and friendship bonding… Because she’s married and it was weird… But then at the scene of jungle when sahil says for the first time his real intentions she immediately withdraws from his embrace rejecting any contact with him and reacting like a real married woman whenever she feels man’s hands touching her even she was still amnesic.. That clarified things too..
      But the last track, nikhil saying I love you and she just acting like didn’t understand him when her husband was watching the scene… That was way away from her character… Because even when she rejected his love, she still respected their forced marriage status…
      Here I see CVS doing the same with devanshi… Why romance with a stranger when she’s still married?

      1. Mica

        uumm,,,, i dunno why i was more upset about kissan then nikhil, as kissan is stranger for her, meanwhile nikhil is her childhood best friend..
        when nikhil said i love you… i didn’t see any intensity from swara, she was kinda know that was a she knew nikhil so well :)..

  11. I don’t understand why there seems be an obsession with her marital status. Why should Devanshi be expected to somehow end up with Vardaan? She is an awesome person on her own and Kalki gives her all the happiness she needs along with Pawan. She doesn’t need a man in her life. Vardaan should be forgiven but she doesn’t need him back as her husband.

    1. Mica

      Devya, we obsessed with her marital status, it doesn’t mean that we want devdaan back or whatever… but here we talked about Devanshi’s character itself, NOW, she is someone’s husband, roaming with stranger is kinda wrong for us NO MATTER HOW RECKLESS HER HUSBAND IS.
      We don’t care who is Devanshi’s husband, but we care as Devanshi is someone wife.
      wish you understand our point

    2. MAHIRA

      Exactly Mica
      For me making her roam with another man is just a justification for the husband’s deeds.. Like saying see, he’s bad but she also wasn’t so perfect so let’s forget everyone’s errors and they’ll just forgive each other and return back.
      In a real story a woman wouldn’t have to be close with another man to help herself when her husband is bad. She’ll fight by herself be it to return back to her husband or yo kick him out of her life. It’s just that again in a colors show, a woman with great values gives somehow reasons to her haters. Here, devanshi was pure innocent when vardhan accused her because she just said truth, HE hitted the guy on his head leading to his state but when vardhan came back he really saw a scene worth of misunderstandement by any husband and this unfair toward devanshi character…

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