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Devanshi 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum hurting Mohan. He asks what are you doing, I m getting hurt. She says I heard man does not get hurt, you have worn bangles. He says you made me wear bangles. She says I made Mohini wear bangles, not Mohan, tell me where is the chain which was in Ishwar’s neck. Mohan says I don’t know. She asks really, fine. She holds his gold chain and says I fooled the world, you can’t fool me, why did you putting thorns in my way, its good Devanshi did not see your face, else how would I save you. Mohan says that girl is little, will she catch me. Kusum says she has exposed our fake gold coins matter, don’t think she is little, she has taken the lotus, don’t see her age, see her courage, she wants to catch thief and help Ishwar, he has seen your face.

Sarla says I invited

everyone in evening, I will get peace when Devanshi comes home. Omi asks her not to worry, she is not a fool to do wrong thing. A man comes and says Devanshi did a big thing and got trapped. Sarla asks Omi to come fast. Sakshi shows her book. Sarla slaps her and scolds. She goes. Omi says don’t worry, we will come and see book, have food, stay at home. Sakshi thinks they just love Devanshi and scold me, I hate Devanshi.

Devanshi tells everyone that Mohan is the thief. Kusum and Mohan hear this, Kusum asks Mohan to listen, are you happy now. Mohan says why will I want this. She takes Mohini’s clothes. Kusum asks him to change clothes and remove bangle. Devanshi says Ishwar told me. Geeta asks how did he say you, Mohan is old servant.

Devanshi says Ishwar winked at his name, I told him to wink once for yes and twice for no. Nutan says she is sharp girl, she did theft and wants to trap someone else, this girl is thief. Gopi says yes, I had doubt, maybe she got inside hundi to get gold coins, so she did this. Kusum comes and stops Gopi. Everyone greet her.

Nutan says Devanshi has blamed Mohan, will you blame her now. Sarla and Omi come and greet Kusum. Devanshi says I did not steal anything. Sarla cries and says before deciding, let me say anything to defend her, she can’t steal anything, I did wrong things, but when you have cut my hair and made me leave from village, I understood Dharm path, so I came back after 7 years, I have given your values to Devanshi, she can’t do this. Omi says Mata forgive her, give her one chance. Kusum says my heart is melting seeing her, fine, I will give her another chance but if she is wrong, I have to go with Mata’s decision, you both can’t stop it.

Devanshi takes them to Ishwar. Devanshi asks him to say. Kusum comes and scares him. She does tilak to him and says I feel like getting heaven, I request Ishwar to help me in catching thief, is Devanshi saying right, Mohan took chain from your neck.

Ishwar winks twice. Mohan as Mohini looks on. Devanshi gets shocked. Kusum says Ishwar winked twice, he means Mohan is not thief. Devanshi says that time he winked once, tell uncle I m saying right. Kusum says why will he lie to us, we are his family. Nutan says yes, this girl is outsider. Devanshi says I m not thief, how can uncle change words, he winked once, I m not lying. Kusum recalls how she threatened Ishwar to make him change answer. Ishwar cries. Nutan says Mohan’s truth came out, now check this girl.

Kusum says its good that truth comes out, let the girl get checked. Nutan says now this girl will not be saved, I will check her. Nutan checks her. Mohan smiles. Tajjo says your doubt is wrong, Devanshi does not have anything. Sarla says I told you my girl is innocent. Nutan says even then she ruined our peace, she should be punished. Kusum says no, it will be sin to punish her, her punishment is over. Sarla and Omi thank her. Everyone leave. Kusum scolds Mohan and says I have sent the girl so that you stay safe, if you did not keep chain in her pocket, where is it. Mohan says don’t know. He sees the chain on the floor and says see its here. The chain fell out of Devanshi’s pocket. Mohan says how did this come here. Kusum gets angry. Ishwar smiles seeing them fighting. Mohan says Devanshi became curse for me, I m scared she can be dangerous for us, punish that girl. Kusum says you want me to get scared of her and send her away, no way, she does not matter me. Ishwar recalls Rishi’s words and smiles. Kusum asks why is he smiling. Sarla and Omi take Devanshi home. Devanshi prays to Maiyya.

Sarla makes Devanshi a Devi and says you are Devi’s ansh, just I knew this, now village will know.

Update Credit to: Amena

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