Devanshi 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 21st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka’s Bua talking to Kaki. Kaki says we will go now. Devanshi says go after rasam. Kaki says no, Bua will take care of Menka now. Kaki and everyone go. Devanshi asks Menka to step inside the house. Ishwar says people say bahu is Laxmi, when bahu steps in, Laxmi also comes in. The power goes. Gopi asks servant to see. Nutan looks at Menka. Ishwar sends Vardaan to check. Devanshi asks is everything fine. Nutan gets candle. She gets shocked seeing Menka’s eyes scary and screams. Lights come. Nutan sees red color on Golu’s face and worries. Golu says its color, not blood, I slipped and fell on this plate. Vardaan asks Golu did he drink wine, did he sit in mandap in drunken state, get to senses now, he got married. Golu says this is my destruction, can anyone stay in senses to

see destruction, so I had to drink. He goes. Bua says Menka’s life got ruined. Nutan argues. She says I will see how you save this relation from breaking. Devanshi apologizes to Menka from Golu’s side. She asks Menka to step on plate and come in. Menka walks in.

Nutan screams and asks what happened. They all get shocked seeing the red foot marks turning black. Nutan says I told you, this girl is a ghost, there is black shadow on her head. Bua says this is my foot marks, I came from far, my feet got dirty. Devanshi says its fine, you can lift ghunghat and talk. She says we will prepare for rasams. Vardaan goes to get Golu. Nutan says there is something wrong, there is nothing like relation between Menka and her Bua.

Devanshi takes Bua to room and talks to her. Gopi comes and apologizes from Golu’s side. He says Menka won’t have any problem in this houe from my son and wife’s side, its my responsibility now. Devanshi smiles. He says I could not understand this before, your sitting on throne was right. Mohan hides and looks on. Gopi says Kusum was a big sinner, its good she died. Bua gets angry. The mirror breaks. Mohan thinks what’s this Bua’s intentions. Devanshi says Maiyya does everything for good. She asks Bua to call her if she needs help. Vardaan gets Golu for rasam. Gopi says Nutan is responsible for ruining Golu’s life, I should have stopped her, Vardaan did not get parents’ love but he is so good valued. Ishwar says change has no time, its good if he changes with time, trust Devanshi, she can do anything.

Ishwar asks Golu and Meenka to find ring. Golu throws the milk rose bowl. Vardaan scolds him. Golu asks why do you worry, she is my wife, I can keep her any way, who are you to stop me. Bua says it would be good if Menka was unmarried, don’t know what this drunkard will do. Golu scolds Bua. Devanshi asks Golu to behave well.

Nutan says Kusum died and then this marriage happened. Devanshi says none will take her name here. Nutan says fine, as you say, Devanshi has done this good deed, Devanshi removed Kusum from throne, then burnt her alive to give her freedom. Bua says that woman used to call herself Jagmata. Vardaan says she ruined this house and village. Bua says how can black spirit come when Mata’s ansh is here. Mohan thinks she is fast, she is changing colors. Bua says we should do bhajan to purify the house. Nutan says nothing will happen by this bhajan and kirtan, its because of this marriage, Devanshi has done this. Gopi asks her to be quiet, bhajan will happen.

Gopi sings bhajan. Menka starts getting unwell. Menka gets up and dances. Everyone get shocked. Bua controls her. Menka falls in Vardaan’s arms. They all get shocked.

Vardaan lifts Menka. Bua taunts that Menka is in Vardaan’s arms, its bad. Devanshi thinks something is wrong and asks Bua to show her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Huh…..?? No devdan scens

  2. So much of confusion. Golu kya kar rahe hai. Mandap mein vo teek tha ajannak unhe nasha kaise chadi?
    Mujhe kuch samaj nahi aa raha hai.
    Again they are showing black magic.

  3. confusion and gol maal hai sab goal mall hai bhai… i’m getting only this song in my mind presently.. ahh mohan hiding and watching them arey bhai ab kya hai and bua and mirror brake seriously i think its ks i have full faith on cvs that the its ks only who came as bua devanshi jaldi ks ko pehchaan lo and send her and golu ko kaise nashe chadgaya?

    jo bhi ho im just waiting for tdy episode as we getting one devdaan cute scene after long… segment is nice vardaan devanshi muh par plaster lagate hai i think it will be cute scene between them

  4. Most idiotic serial Poor story n direction.Why devanshi actor is made afool character with no brains. Better to wind up.

  5. I need the title of the dong gopi sing during bhaga

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