Devanshi 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying you knew I had to come here some day to fulfill your revenge, why did you blame me that I left you. He says your shaking hands show your feelings, you don’t be scared and helpless, I know I m not your husband, you need courage to fight with family, I m always with you Devanshi. She says I know Pavan, you gave me a new life and showed me a way to fight, but this is my fight, I want to win this fight. He says yes, but I don’t want you to lose yourself, if I did not reach on time, anything could have happened. She says Mohan did not do this, Menka tried to kill me, how can he punish Mohan, please let me fight my way. He says for me, life for life, she tried to kill you, now her life will go. Mohan comes and thanks him for saving his life. He says you tell me if Pavan

is troubling you, just call me once if you need my help. He goes. She shuts door. She says Mohan will not think to cheat or lie to me, what’s this marriage and fake photos. He says I had to do this.

Menka comes to Vardaan and sees him with Kalki and Pavan’s pic. She throws pic and asks why are you worried, why do you take Kalki’s side. She speaks bad about Kalki. He shouts and asks her to get out. Devanshi says if they know my truth, my plan may flop, all hardwork may go waste. He says you are melting your heart for them. She says this is not true, what do you want to say, when did I pity them. He says you could not make them leave house, your weakness is not letting you win, I can’t see you losing. She says I m just Kalki, who snatched everything from them, I have sent Kusum and Vardaan to jail too, I have a plan, you will know it well, I m not weak and I will not lose. She goes. Kusum says Pavan is saying he is your husband, what’s happening, why do you look worried, maybe I can help you. Devanshi says you can’t help me, Pavan and I are married, but there is no legal proof. Kusum thinks this marriage won’t be counted.

She says don’t worry Vardaan and I will always support you, be careful. She goes. Pavan comes. Devanshi says game is starting. Kusum says we should forget differences and unite. Nutan says no, Kalki made me house owner. Kusum says this is your temporary dream, we have to go against Pavan, else we won’t get anything, there is just one way, Vardaan and Kalki’s marriage, we can get everything back. Menka says great, you are benefiting, why will I get. Kusum says what will you get marrying Devdas, you can get money. Menka says I don’t trust you. Kusum says its your loss. She asks Mohan is he with her. Mohan thinks he is with Kalki.

Pavan applies Mahakali bindi to Devanshi and shows her. He tells about Mahakali’s strength. She says I don’t believe in Lord now. He says you have to fight for truth with this family. Devanshi says I called you all to say something, I organized a jagrata for Maiyya. Vardaan taunts her.

Devanshi says this is not just a jagrata, I will catch the person who did wrong with me, before jagrata ends, that person will be in front of you. Menka worries. Pavan talks to Ishwar’s pic and says bless Devanshi that she wins tomorrow. Devanshi says something unthinkable will happen tomorrow, I will end this story and get justice, you all will be punished for your sins.

Its morning, Pavan asks Devanshi what’s her plan, will she do something. She says let jagrata happen, you will know in some time, Kusum won’t have any way to get saved. He asks Vardaan? She says this is my plan, you will know it. He encourages her. Kusum says Mohan will get himself beaten up by goons and put blame on Pavan, then we have to send Pavan to jail, we have to get Vardaan and Kalki married. Mohan says we can get Pavan killed. Kusum says Kalki is clever, she will find this out, we will go jail then, we have less time, I m tensed, I m sure this girl will do something big in jagrata. Devanshi asks Pavan why is he making her realize that she is going on a wrong path. Vardaan comes and asks what happened, are you fine. Pavan says you could not save your wife and become savior for other’s wife. Vardaan argues. She asks him to go and see jagrata arrangements. Pavan says I know your wife and my wife look same, so maybe you like my wife. Vardaan angrily holds his collar. Devanshi asks him to leave her husband. Vardaan asks her to control her husband and goes. Pavan thinks I m doing everything for Devanshi.

Gopi sings in jagrata. Kalki gets ready for her plan. Pavan gets attacked and accuses Vardaan. Devanshi says I did this, not Vardaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg what’s happening yaar it’s really interesting pavan character is still mystery but I likelike it thanks for update amena mam tomorrow I will watch it at voot .I am not gonna request to this stupid channel for repeat good night guys

  2. Awesome it’s very interesting yaar

  3. Mica

    thank you amena mam for update, love you!!
    geezzzzz, u felt something to watching Pavan-Kalki mirror’s scene, ahem ahem….
    So, Pavan has kinda relation with Ishwar ?

    1. Mica missing u yaar r u angry with me y r u not replying to my comments

      1. Mica

        nooo.. why should i angry naaa, sorry if only i didn’t reply 😀 😀 ,


    tomorrow before the end of jag… truth come out… Mica don”t you have the impression of déjà-vu??? lol
    waiting eagerly for the next episode!

    1. Mica

      don’t say that Mahira didi, or i’ll crying again :'( :'(

      1. MAHIRA

        why crying?
        and ha, do you know that Veer is still remembering his unknown patient who opened his eyes?
        by the way, i watched some of the mahan episode and got a glimpse of your yummy Vardhaan… not bad, he’s looking older than at the beginning!
        and ha, someone tells me, how is it possible for our princess to look so perfectly cute just with so lack of make up and those beautiful heavy silky dark curls serving her as hair??
        this small woman will always amaze me

      2. Mica

        everytime i only feeling de_javu, i misssed them soo badly, you know Mahira di, i didn’t even watch the last part of that mahasangam, only watch VaHe scene on Fb page. i just couldn’t accept their separation…. :'( :'( :'(
        and then, mirror scene ???? damn it!!!!!!!!!.
        She is too cute and know how cute she is, huh! my owl baby naaaa….

      3. MAHIRA

        what mirror scene???

  5. It’s getting interesting. Too much mystery. I like pawan character.
    Hi guys how are you all?

  6. Mars

    Superb epi loved it. Hayeee I m falling for pavan and kalki more and more.
    I think pavan will turn out to be obsessed lover of devanshi and
    Vardaan is getting jealous hihi maaza aa gaya.
    Excited for further story.

  7. awesome epi..Iam super excited for the next update..(epi)..really very intresting track..loveing it..happy weekend to all my devanshi fans..

  8. Please make pavan and devanshi actually married

  9. Silly me I thought u r angry at me. OK let it be u r so sweet mica thanks for replying n don’t eat vardaan or else devanshi will not leave u hahaha just kidding

    1. Mica

      i’m now angry, huh! how can u don’t eat ? so yummy naaaaa 😀 😀

  10. Awesome….. it’s really intresting….but changed timing

  11. Mona146

    hey guys did any one notice that the marriage photo of kalki n pawan is so easily detectably morphed and guess what it is the marriage photo of megastar chiranjeevi’s family daughter which happened recently. Hillarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yaaa i have noticed it ….bt seriously it was nice pic

  12. Hey guys is it true helly is going to Indonesia

    1. Neptune

      why ??

      1. Kakali

        Because people out there is going crazy for SwaSan /VaHe. No option left and they have to visit Indonesia.
        Oh God. M getting goose bumps saying this. ?

    2. Kakali

      Yes it is true. Helly is visiting Indonesia.

      1. Neptune

        oh wow so does it mean both vahe are going there

  13. nyc episode mystery of pawan clear ho jaldi

  14. Guys go on n pls vote for helly she need it plsssssssss only few hours r remaining

  15. Guys do watch devanshi everyday…colors is not doing anything to promote devanshi but we all helly fans should watch it…every times tRp comes less I feel so sad…I watch devanshi daily…don’t even miss a single episode of it(except the day colors changed the timing…huhh stupid colors)watch it for helly….

    1. I understand ur feeling dear but we can’t do anything many people r not able to watch it don’t worry our helly is a star she Will shines always just give lots of love to our princess .n don’t expect anything from this colors they love to hurt their viewer n do things which they don’t want just remember sr days where all fans were regularly requesting them to save their n what they did I think i wrote very long comment yaar

    2. Mica

      I know your feeling Zoya, but we can’t do anything, We can’t blame Color TV also, (except for Swaragini matter huh!) , They works in business field for profits. Many popular artists are having less TRP also on their serial, don’t you pay attention for it ?
      On a serial, the storyline and people’s interest more matter for TRP than the artist themselves.
      ( i can’t mention any name as i’m afraid it will lead to misunderstanding )
      about Helly, better pray for HER BEST, not for POPULARITY only.

  16. Neptune

    what votes?? and where to vote??

  17. Kakali

    Guys here you go and vote for Helly as much as you want.
    Today is the last date. Thnk u…

  18. Neptune

    guys please vote for helly.. multiple voting is allowed and today is the last day to vote

    please please vote fast

  19. Kakali

    Heyaaaaaaaaaaa my baby pandaz admirers. Helly won. No, we won. Our hard work worked.
    Thnk u sooo much for your support guys.Feeling nostalgic.
    *crawl on the floor doing naagin steps.
    Good morning. Have a wonderful day ahead. ❤

    1. Mica

      morning Guyzz!!! love all of you!!
      Amena mam, hope everything is fine as there is no update yet from you!
      hug from meeee…i’m waiting your update if possible, pleeaseee ty!

      1. Kakali

        Micaaaaaaaaaa!! You do belly dance and me naagin dance. Bg Music : Sun Saathiya Mahiyaaaa. ??
        *watching step up revolution ?

  20. Congrats to all helly fans finally we did it our princess . amena mam please update

  21. congrats all helly won.. amena di where is yesterdays episode? hope u update today episode and yeserday one soon

  22. guys please comment for helly on IF articles and her profiles as #HellyShah increase her rank in celebrety rank its decresing yaar. hope u people comment there

    1. Mica

      sorry Anu, i dunno why but i (my acc) unable to comment there 🙁

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