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Devanshi 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a 14 year leap. The lady dressed like Kusum tells the little kids that she will solve all their problems, she is their Mata. She takes a little girl to the river. The boy sees a lady telling about doing Choti Mata’s visarjan, He runs to tell Devanshi. Devanshi argues with the vegetable vendor and bargains to save money. The man says I m not educated, stop it, let me do my work. She takes refill from his pen. He asks what’s this. She says why should you get refill free with pen, if you can’t give Dhaniya with vegetables. He says don’t give much Gyaan, have Dhaniya and chillies, go home and cook food. She thanks him and gives him refill.

She goes to buy flowers. The man says I have not time to bargain. She says I want flowers to put on my parents’ pic, I can’t

bargain for this. The boy runs to her and tells something. Devanshi runs to the river. The lady takes the girl to immerse her in water. The people stop the lady. Devanshi says stop Sakshi, leave the little girl. Sakshi dressed as Kusum, asks them to let her do girl’s visarjan. Devanshi asks Sakshi to leave the girl, is this a joke. Devanshi asks the girl to open her eyes. The girl gets conscious. The man says Mata saved my daughter. The people ask Devanshi to keep her mad sister at home, we can’t keep her in village, leave her to mental asylum, else we will drop her to asylum. Devanshi says no, she is not mad, she is in shock, I promise she will not harm anyone. The people argue and ask her to send Sakshi to mental asylum. Sakshi goes. Devanshi looks for Sakshi.

She comes home and sees Sakshi hiding inside a drum. She says are you hiding there, I know you are there. Sakshi says no, I m not here Devanshi. Devanshi smiles and finds her. Sakshi says you always find me. Devanshi hugs her. Sakshi says don’t put rice in it, I like to hide in this. Devanshi asks what’s good in it. Sakshi says it looks like Jwalapuri’s hundi. Devanshi recalls the childhood. She says don’t take hundi name from today, none should go inside hundi.

Sakshi gets annoyed and says you don’t let me do anything, tell me, why did you not let me do Choti Mata’s visarjan, you are bad. She asks Devanshi to leave. Devanshi sings a lullaby for her. Their childhood moments are seen. Sakshi calms down. Devanshi cries and sees her parents’ pic. She shows money and gives Sakshi. Sakshi says this is for my treatment and puts in pot. She happily puts money in all the mud pots. Devanshi says you remember everything. Sakshi says I want more money. Devanshi asks why. Sakshi gets another pot, and says we have to go Jwalapuri. Devanshi recalls stoning Kusum. She breaks the pot. Sakshi gets shocked. Devanshi says we will never return to Jwalapuri. She hugs Sakshi and says we will never step there. She recalls Kusum. She thinks how people immersing Devanshi and Maiyya idol in the river. She says we will never go there.

Kusum comes out of police station. The people in black clothes have swords in hand. Kusum asks the driver to take her to Jwalapuri. Sakshi refuses to have food. Devanshi asks her to have food, else how will she grow up. Sakshi says I don’t want to grow up. Some people knock door and ask Devanshi to open door, mental asylum people to take Sakshi. Devanshi says this can’t happen. She makes Sakshi wear her ghungroo beads. The people come inside and ask for Sakshi. Devanshi stops them and asks them not to touch Sakshi. The lady says we will send Sakshi to mental asylum today. Devanshi says no, leave from here. Nurse says doctor told you many times, send Sakshi, doctor is sending her to Jwalapuri mental asylum. Devanshi recalls Omi getting beaten up. Sakshi says I want to go Jwalapuri. Devanshi asks her to stop. Sakshi goes with them. The ladies stop Devanshi and run.

Devanshi sees Omi’s pic and recalls promising Omi that she will always take care of Sakshi. Omi asks her not to return to this village ever. She cries. She thinks to fulfill her promise and not let anything happent o Sakshi. The people wearing black clothes say we will never forgive her, we will not ket them ruin our coming generations. Kusum is on the way. Kusum’s servant says she gave us that wound which we can’t forget, she made me cry, today we will kill her.

Devanshi says leave Sakshi, I m teaching music to children and earning money, I m getting Sakshi’s treatment done, what’s the need to send her to mental asylum. Doctor says I know you love her, but its risk for her and others also, she has got your name written on her wrist, she could have died, let us send her. Devanshi asks her not to send her to Jwalapuri. Doctor asks why are you scared of Jwalapuri. She says I can keep Sakshi here, I will give expenses. He asks how will you manage, Jwalapuri hospital is charitable.

Nurse comes and says Sakshi has run away, a van left for Jwalapuri, when she heard that, she has pushed me and boarded the van. Devanshi thinks no, Sakshi can’t go Jwalapuri. She runs.

The man asks everyone to be ready, beat her. The people say we will not leave her. Kusum comes there. She sees the angry crowd. Kusum stands between them. The man says beat her. The crowd runs to Devanshi’s pic and throw stones at her. Kusum looks on. Devanshi runs out and shouts Sakshi. She cries and says Bapu, I will to break my promise to you, I have to step in Jwalapuri for Sakshi’s sake after 14 years. She recalls Omi’s words. She thinks what would the people think of me there. Kusum thinks I gave them wounds, and made you the reason of their wounds, if you come back by mistake, you will die before stepping in this village.

Devanshi sees people’s hatred. She gets to know a shocking truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    But her previous cast is digusting , only hatred for helly , hope she cut connexion between them spacially varun and tejasswi

    1. Mica

      please stop here dear!!! don’t let hatred ruin anything on you….please better focus in positive way.. if you want support Helly, support her, but no negativity please….
      this TU is most peace land nowadays….it’s Devanshi’s page, let’s focus on Devanshi..

  2. Welcome back hellu i was missing u badly i will see the show only 4 u i dont like the male lead but still i love u

  3. Lovely episode. What a come back dear.

  4. Helly was awesome. Loved her a lot. She will rock it.

  5. so sweet episode..eagerly waiting for next epi..thanks a lot amena di for fast update..

  6. Imiss them cute child actors..

    1. Mica

      hi Gayatri… you are previous Devanshi’s lover ?

  7. Hey micu u came we swasan family will rock this site for our doll n also request makers to cast vk omg crazy me

    1. Mica

      huh! Hkhan dearr!!!!!!! 😀 😀 .. *hug
      well.. we can’t request him dear, , he did audition on it, but either rejected or he refused, he won’t in this project.. we will get Mudit Nayar as Vardhaan to opposite Helly 🙂

  8. Please colors give reapeat telecast on saturday and sunday i am not able to watch at 7 pm and now i can’t miss any epi

  9. God!! I loved this epi for effin’ much<3
    Helly's acting goals!
    But missing child devanshi and vardaan:'(

  10. I am missing kashvi and viraaj so much… They are cute child actors….

  11. Gayathri.visu

    Hello, guys. Our Helly is back….. I am very happy! Now I watch this show only for Helly. But I cant watch it continuously because already watching SR tamil version it this time slot. So I am not able to comment regularly…

  12. MAHIRA

    sooo… i’m in too!!!
    i love Helly so much that i’m now sure this unknown serie will be a blockbuster…. she can do it!!! she has huge potential and fandom notoriety…
    all the best Shona! all the best!

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