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The Episode starts with Devanshi praying to Maiyya for help. Geeta says Devanshi is innocent, she can’t think to do bad to others, change your decision, forgive her. Nutan says no one raised finger on Kusum’s decision, after Devanshi came, everyone is doubting Kusum’s decision. Kusum says enough, no one will argue for Devanshi, I know what to do, no need of advice. She asks Nutan how is Vardaan. Nutan says he is drunk, I mean he is better. Kusum says take care of him, and no one should come to my room to trouble me. Rajjo says its wrong, Devanshi got punished, none is talking about the man who kept wine in kitchen, he should be punished too, we should find out. Kusum thinks just Mohan can dare to do this. She agrees and says find out about him. She goes.

Gopi gives lemon water to Vardaan.

Vardaan says I have drunk lots of lemon water. Gopi says wine effect will get down, Kusum asked me to take care of you, I will stay here all night. Vardaan says leave me along. Gopi says no. Vardaan asks about Devanshi. Gopi says you leave asking about her, I will not tell you. Vardaan throws books in anger. Gopi says stop, I will say. He thinks Vardaan is much angry. He says Kusum has punished Devanshi and locked her in dark room. Vardaan asks what.

Devanshi gets scared seeing a doll and shouts save me, its ghost doll. Vardaan comes there. He sees the guard. He throws stone and sends guard away. He knocks the door and calls out Devanshi. Devanshi runs to the door and asks him to save her, there is dangerous ghost doll here, it was in cupboard. He asks whats this song. She says doll is singing. He says she is foolish, she scared me too, its musical doll, not ghost, you pick doll, don’t worry. She asks will you go. He says no, pick that doll. She checks the doll and says its toy doll. She smiles. He says if anyone sees me, I can’t help you. She asks him to help her.

He says do as I say, switch off the song button of the doll. She checks and stops the music. She thanks him and praises him. He says I have to record this. Guard asks who is there. He says servant is coming, I m going, don’t be scared, be strong, I will try to get you out in morning. She asks him to listen, are you fine. He says I m not locked in dark room, I m fine, take care. He goes. Guard sits there. Vardaan thinks how will Devanshi spends night in dark room, no one can win over Kusum here, I will free Devanshi tomorrow. He hugs his dog.

Geeta says I have to free Devanshi, sorry Kusum, I m just worried, I have to get saved by Mohan’s sight. She thinks where is Mohan. Kusum calls Mohan. Mohan comes to her in drunken state. She shuts door and asks him not to drink so much. She asks why did you leave wine bottle in kitchen. He says yes, I was finding it, then I bought new bottle. She says Devanshi made Vardaan drink that wine, you did mistake, I got chance to punish Devanshi, so I m forgiving you, I have locked Devanshi in dark room, she will die there. Mohan gets glad. Geeta comes that way. Mohan and Kusum hug and laugh.

Kusum hears footsteps. She hides Mohan and says I think your wife has come while finding you. She opens door and sees Geeta. Geeta asks do you need anything, I have seen your room lights on. Kusum says nothing, why did you not sleep till now. Geeta says I was finding Mohan. Kusum says maybe he went to meet someone in village, you are newly weds, you learn to live with his habits, go. Geeta goes. Kusum shuts door. Mohan tells Kusum that he can’t live without her, he got habitual to her, even if he married Geeta, he will celebrate suhaagraat with her. Kusum laughs. He says you did right with Devanshi, we should celebrate. They laugh.

Its morning, Kusum romances with Mohan and says I will die if anything happens to you. Sarla wakes up Omi. There is an earthquake in Jwalapuri. Sarla says whats happening. Omi and Sarla rush out with Sakshi. Kusum and Mohan get shocked seeing the room shaking. Kusum says save your life, run. Mohan says you did not wait for me and run away. Mohan also runs. The dog jumps to the door as Devanshi is locked inside. Devanshi shouts for help and cupboard falls over her. She shouts.

Devanshi cries. She gets her parents pic in dark room. She goes to Kusum and makes her fall angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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