Devanshi 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi coming home. Pavan hugs her and says I will get them behind bars if they are behind this. Vardaan says he is claiming to be your husband and blaming us. Inspector asks was any of them involved in your kidnapping. Devanshi looks at Pavan. He asks her to tell what they did with her. Inspector says maybe she is hiding this for some reason, we want to know, does this mean she has not seen the kidnapper. She nods. Inspector says fine, I will leave now, and come later.

Menka comes and sees Devanshi. Devanshi recalls her words. Menka acts sweet. Vardaan says what happened now, is she not able to identify her husband, your lie got revealed. Pavan stops him. He asks Devanshi to come with him. He asks them not to come upstairs. Vardaan says something is wrong, Kalki maybe

in problem. Gopi says we should protect her. Mohan argues. Kusum thinks Kalki can’t be married, my plan can’t fail. She scolds Menka holding her neck. Vardaan asks Menka to talk with manners with Kusum. They all hear a sound and go upstairs to see. They see Pavan with a mosquito bat. He tells them about so many mosquitoes. Kusum says he is lying right, that he is your husband. Mohan says if he beat him, he will speak truth. Pavan scolds him. Golu says we got these shoes behind the house. Menka thinks how did he get shoes, I have thrown it far. Pavan says whoever did this can’t be hidden for long, one who gets this shoe fit will be real culprit.

He asks Kusum is she scared. Vardaan asks him to do anything, why will they be scared if they did not do anything. Pavan says it will be clear now. He makes Vardaan try first. He makes everyone try the boots one by one. Menka gets tensed. Mohan argues with Gopi. He says two shoes of same size don’t fit me, one of my foot is small. Both shoes fit him. Mohan gets shocked. Devanshi thinks how can this happen, Menka did all this. Menka gets relieved.

Pavan says this time you are gone, I will kill you. Kusum scolds Mohan. Mohan says I did not do anything. Pavan says I will explain you and gets his belt. Devanshi stops Pavan and says I trust Mohan, he can’t do this. Pavan says thank God she trusts you, so I m leaving you, I got a proof with you to show you call. He shows his and Devanshi’s marriage pic. They all get shocked. Vardaan asks Devanshi what’s the truth.

Devanshi says we are married, we are husband and wife. Vardaan asks her is someone forcing her to say this. Pavan asks Vardaan why is he interested in his wife, Menka is good for him, focus on her, I can do a lot for Kalki, will you see. He shows Kalki’s name tattoo on his chest. Vardaan recalls Devanshi’s name tattoo. Devanshi goes to her room and recalls what all happened. Pavan comes. She gets scared and drops the water bottle. He says I always told you one day you will leave me forever and you did that. She asks why did you come here Pavan…

Pavan says very soon I will make my Kalki wear this mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice he is antagonist devanshi scared of pawan…
    can anyone tel me at what time they showed devanshi at 6pm or 6:30pm…
    hey all how are you ? mica, gayatri, s, sanu, saira, and all missied you all

    1. Dey have telecasted at 6 clk i have oly seen last part of it

    2. Trp is gonna effect by changing time slot n I think it will be benefit for sdch n loss for devanshi may be its my perception .I don’t care for trp for me only matters helly I will watch it online . I don’t have any hope from colors now a days devanshi story is really interesting but due this stupid channel many people will not able to watch it .sorry guys forget to tell u missed u all


    Oh this is interesting… This arrival creates new track… Something scares devanshi and why is she accepting his presence silently.. Maybe he’s threatening her to say her truth to vardan

  3. Mars

    Just amazing epii loved it. The track is becoming interesting. Vardaan is remembering devanshi and he was jealous also. Hope so soon he will accept his mistake.
    I m loving this kalki and pavan’s jodi toooo good .
    Egarly waiting…..

  4. Omg day by day making this as well boring..

  5. Mica

    Thank you soo much Amena ma for update, miss you !!!
    Hi Anu, miss you too, *hug.
    trp still at 0.7 point.
    Well waiting the derbi between Devanshi and Pawan…. gooosshhh what happen between both ????
    can’t stop laughing to watch Cinderella’s shoes scene, what is this ? 😀 😀 😀 ,

    1. Micu see the trp its 0.8

  6. Sorry mica yesterday I seen somewhere it was written 0.8 just now again refer to chart its 0.7 again sorry

  7. hmm mica, same with me too..hope next week trp increase karega..

  8. nice epi..eagerly waiting for the tody’s update..&thanx amena di for the update.fine thanx ,dear anu,how are u?

  9. hi frnd’s Iam so happy bcz our cutipie helly is coming back in own tratditional look..Iam alread said that,pawan & devanshi’s truth revealed soon.u all are excited na??

  10. This is total garbage story. From our of nowhere this pevan shows up is nothing but shit.what hapen to do called smart devansi??? She behaved like a whore and kept quiet. Why this stupid storyline by the bastrd writers??

    1. Mica

      We don’t know what happen between Pavan and Devanshi yet, so maybe it’s kinda too early to judge Devanshi..

      1. Shrilatha

        Exactly mica very true it’s kinda too early to judge…but very unfortunate there r people here who is following same suit in other shows…

      2. Mica

        Shrilatta, welcome here dear, which one ? who ? are they doing it here ? well, if you want to drag your favorite show here, let me tell you something,..

        Be frank, being Helly fans, me and kakali already predicted that your favorite will be hit as the concept is so different, people love something different, it raised curiosity among them. And something i should talk, …
        THAT THE MAKER should be ready for CRITIC as it’s storyline is CONTROVERSIAL, It’s not only about FANDOM WAR anymore. plus that kind of vulgar matter, what they expect ? people will keep mum and enjoy it ? a big DUMB.

        Imagining myself as Karan Wahi or other viewers on excitement feeling to watch 1st episode, kinda thinking that the kid and the girl MARRIED under TRADITION, but then..gooosshhhhh !!!!everything mess up. We watched a kid ogling over his servant body and want to marry her.
        I agree it’s such too early to judge, but it’s NEVER TO EARLY to give CONCERN about CHILDREN matter and we CAN’T BLAME them to having CONCERN on CHILDREN matter. Children and it’s matter is too sensitive for people. Once we give wrong path, it will ruin many generation.
        I know that sometimes a kid has fairy fantasy, but if it’s mixed to proposing act with paparazzi action also, it can be something else.
        Do you know Shinchan Cartoon ? THERE iS CONTROVERSY TOO ,some people enjoy it, let their children watch them, but there are many parent also who can’t tolerate vulgar content ( a kid who interested on woman ). even my mom didn’t allow us to watch.
        Same happen goes to your favorite serial, many people will give critic as they CONCERN about CHILDREN, it’s not about BEING HELLY FANS. So, it will be ridiculous if people pointed finger as if it is about FANDOM WAR. there are many people out there know better about parenting who have objection about this, instead only fandom matter, Don’t be so narrow minded about it.
        Plus, there is something choked on my mind, the kid artist, he should work with such script and facing a s*xy girl with short dress. Wish it doesn’t ruin his childhood.
        In the end, i’m grateful that Karan or others has guts to raise up their opinion, at least by their voice, the maker team can change the scene, or be careful in future.
        Don’t worry, this serial will become hits, i just wish the maker team will try to not showing kinda that scene next time.
        But why marriage relationship ? aren’t there any other relationship to protect the kid instead marrying only ? 😀 😀 😀
        Sorry, i dragged here as Shrilatta started.

    2. Neptune

      miss micky thanks for putting up your opinion here… but please use a calm language… let the mystery unfold that what is pavan actually doing here….

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