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The Episode starts with Kusum coming back home. Everyone welcome her. Geeta says you were going to come at night and came soon. Kusum says i missed you all and my place called me. Geeta asks her to rest. Kusum says I had rest seeing you all. She asks Gopi to get sweets, she got best sweets. Nutan dresses as Kusum. Kusum sees her. Nutan gets shocked.

Devanshu asks Sarla what big thing did I do. Sarla says everyone has mind, but you did big work, as you have Mata powers, your powers will awaken when there is any problem, you will help everyone and bless, you are Mata’s avatar, you start with family, so I got you in my fate. She asks her to eat badal halwa. She apologizes for yesterday. Devanshi says no, you can never be wrong, if you did not punish me, how could I save Omi’s idols,

you chose me to do good things. Sarla says leave it now, have halwa. She feeds halwa to Devanshi.

Nutan holds Kusum’s feet and asks how did you come early. Kusum says if I came late, how would I see your this avatar. Nutan says it was for kitty party. Kusum says its fine, everyone wants to dress like Mata, not no one becomes Mata like this, its tough Tapasya and prayers to become Mata. Nutan apologizes. Kusum says you listen to Mata, you have to bear punishment for this. Nutan worries. Kusum tells Geeta that you used to take house expenses money from Nutan, you will be inchargeof house now, Nutan will take money from you. Nutan gets shocked. Kusum says Mata decided this and everyone has to obey this. Nutan worries.

Mohan gets a call and says don’t call me now. The man says it will be late, its small request, listen, Kusum Sundari trust will get chadava, get our truck pass checkpost, we have little kids in truck. Mohan asks when is truck leaving. The man says tonight. Mohan says there is 7 year old kid in this village, take her along. The man says it will happen tonight, send me address. Mohan says this is permanent solution, bye bye Devanshi.

Devanshi counts money and says good gift will not come by this. Sakshi says what to do, we have to take gift for Sarla. Devanshi says we will buy something. Ashutosh comes and asks what are they planning. Devanshi says we don’t have enough money to buy gift for Sarla’s birthday, we want to make Malpuha for her, we will make it now and give her in morning. Ashutosh says you thought right, but its not right to cook at night, sleep now. Sakshi says we have to do something. He gives them money and says I will take you to fair tomorrow, buy anything for Devanshi. They get glad. He asks them to sleep now, else he won’t take them tomorrow. He goes.

Devanshi says Sarla and Omi will be happy. Sakshi says I thought of this idea, not you. She gets rude. Its morning, Ashutosh takes them to the market. Sakshi likes the fair. Ashutosh says this is very big market, come. Mohan talks to that man and asks are you not ashamed, you could not kidnap a little kid, park the truck in middle of the market, I will show how kidnapping is done. He says he will clear Devanshi off his way. He takes a sack. Ashutosh asks the girls to buy anything, he will go and buy soil for Omi’s idols, he will just come. Devanshi says fine, we will meet here. he goes. Mohan sees Devanshi at the stall and hides.

Devanshi asks Sakshi to be here, I will help old lady cross road. She goes and helps the old lady. She comes back and does not see Sakshi. She thinks where did Sakshi go. Sakshi runs and sees the market. Mohan follows Devanshi. Sakshi likes the color balloons and goes after it. Devanshi looks after her. Mohan goes to kidnap her. Devanshi turns and sees Ashutosh. She says don’t know where did Sakshi go. He asks how did she go. She says I came to help old lady. He says lets find Sakshi fast, come. Mohan thinks Devanshi can’t be saved from me today.

Devanshi gets kidnapped. Kusum says Devanshi will be here in one hour.

Update Credit to: Amena

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