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Devanshi 1st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohan thinking its time to shoot Kusum, then see what Jwalapuri people do of Devanshi. Omi comes there and sees guards. He thinks to save Devanshi, as she is in big problem. He throws guards to distract them. Golu plays with gun. Rajjo asks him to study. Golu says no one is studying, Vardaan is with Ishwar, Devanshi is playing with toy gun, she asked Mohan for toy gun, ask her to study. Rajjo scolds him and asks him to study. Geeta asks what happened. Rajjo says day is bad, I m getting angry.

Geeta says yes, day is bad, I feel restless today as if something bad is going to happen. Mohan goes to Devanshi and asks how much will you play, don’t you have to sleep, don’t turn the gun. Devanshi says fine. He says you don’t need to shout while playing with gun. He swaps

the gun and keeps real one. He says the gun has own sound. Devanshi smiles.

She says I will learn playing with this. Geeta comes. Mohan asks Devanshi to be careful and goes. Mohan thinks Devanshi got real gun, my work is over. Devanshi asks Geeta to see her gun. Geeta says yes, I have seen it, come here and sleep. Devanshi says how did gun get so heavy, its like real one. Mohan calls Kusum and says I will be ready to shoot at right time. Geeta asks where are you going. He asks why, do you want to come along. She says no, even Sarju went out on such dark night and never returned, this night is more darker. He says enough, I m not Sarju. He goes. She thinks to find out what game is he playing, maybe 7 year secret can come out.

Devanshi asks Golu to be ready to die as he is thief. Kusum comes there and sees them. She asks Devanshi to leave this gun. Devanshi says its not real gun, Mohan give this to me, its toy gun. Golu says Devanshi is girl and has no power in hand, she did not shoot being police. Kusum sends him to play outside. Devanshi says let me shoot him, I m police. Kusum says leave him, I will become thief, shoot me and show Golu that girls have much power, come on shoot. Devanshi aims and smiles.

The light goes. Kusum screams. Mohan comes to her and tells Kusum that bullet shot near shoulder, no need to worry, I will take you to doctor. She nods. Mohan calls out everyone. Kusum recalls telling plan to Mohan, asking him to shoot at her shoulder, so that Devanshi gets blamed. Everyone come and ask what happened to Kusum. Mohan says she got shot, Gopi call ambulance. Rajjo asks how did she get shot, how did gun come in our house. Nutan checks and says its gun which was in Kusum’s cupboard, Devanshi wanted that gun, now Devanshi and that gun are not here.

Rajjo says think she is 7 year old girl, she can never shoot Kusum. Nutan says she is Sarla’s daughter. Mohan asks where did she run. Omi takes Devanshi. She says someone shot Kusum. Omi says it was an all accident, come with me. He cleans the gun. She says but this is toy gun. He says no, and asks her to run. Gopi and men catch Omi and take gun from him. They catch Devanshi. Gopi beats Omi. Devanshi says my dad did not shoot. Omi thinks to take blame to save her. He says I have shot Kusum. Mohan thinks how did Omi come in between. Gopi beats Omi. Mohan says Omi should be punished. Devanshi says its toy gun, Omi did not do anything. Gopi pushes her.

Vardaan comes and holds Devanshi. She asks him to trust her and tell them Omi can’t shoot Kusum. She thinks how did this happen. Rajjo, Geeta and Nutan are at hospital and talk to doctor. Nutan says this happened because of Devanshi, she should be punished.

Sarla comes there and says Omi is innocent, he can’t even kill a fly, leave him. Omi thinks Sarla is hurt, but I have to do this to save Devanshi. He says I have shot Kusum. Police takes him. Devanshi shouts to him. Doctor says Kusum is out of danger, she got some stitches and now she is fine, she has Maiyya’s blessings. Gopi says I will do Jagrata. Kusum looks at Mohan. She thinks she got rid of Devanshi now, what happened to Mohan. He thinks how to tell Kusum about the wrong aim that has hurt her, when she knows Omi got trapped instead Devanshi, she will be more hurt. Gopi sees Kusum and asks what happened.

Nutan says Kusum wants to know did Devanshi get punished or not. Gopi says actually… Devanshi comes there to meet Kusum. Kusum gets shocked.

Sarla scolds Devanshi and beats her. Vardaan comes and holds the stick. He asks Sarla not to look towards Devanshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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