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Devanshi 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sakshi asking Devanshi to get her answers. Ashutosh comes and asks Devanshi where is she going in morning. She says to Mata’s house. He asks why. She says I got lotus to cure Sarla and Mata…. Sarla comes and says Devanshi is going to thank Kusum. She sends him saying Omi is calling. She asks Devanshi not to talk this and that there in Mata’s house, promise, go now. Devanshi promises and goes. Sarla gives her bag.

Devanshi reaches Kusum’s house and sees the big house. She says she is big Mata so she has big house and so many rooms, don’t know which is her room. She sees the diya flame flickering and runs to hold it. She smiles and goes. She collides with Mohan and all the rice falls over Devanshi. Mohan looks on. Devanshi picks rice and says it happened by mistake,

rice spreading is good shagun. She asks where is Mata, I have come to serve her, tell me in which room is she, why are you not answering. Mohan gets angry. The man says Mohini is mute. Devanshi says sorry, I did not know. Mohan goes.

Mata sings Beedi jalaile….. and is in her room. Her Devar and Devrani talk about asking Kusum for a car. She says she wants gold watch from Kusum. He asks her is she sure. She says just see how I ask her, she has much to give us. Devanshi goes to the main hall and looks at Kusum’s throne. She says I will reach Mata and ask about Sakshi.

Kusum’s Devar and Devrani come to her. Kusum asks them how did they come. Devrani Nutan says I came to help you, see your saree pleats are not fine. Her watch breaks. Nutan says this watch broke, when I was serving you. Kusum says this broke completely. Nutan says yes, its good it broke here, else people would say Kusum’s Devrani is wearing old watch, if it was gold watch, I would have kept it safe. Kusum asks her to manage time than watch. She says I will give you something more valuable than diamond. Nutan gets glad. Kusum gives her Rudraksh mala and asks her to do Jaap every morning. Nutan gets shocked. Her husband laughs. Kusum asks Nutan to make laddoo for orphanage kids. Nutan and her husband leave. He says we did not get anything. Nutan says my time is running bad.

Devanshi looks for Kusum’s room. Mohan comes to Kusum and removes the ghunghat. Kusum hugs him. He says I have imp work. She says that would be gambling. He asks for money. She says no. He says you have no time and money for me. She says my life is at risk for you and hugs him.

Devanshi comes towards her room. Mohan asks her for some money to play gambling. Kusum romances with him. Devanshi opens the room door and sees Ishwar. She goes to him and asks do men cry, if anyone sees you, they will laugh, wipe your eyes. She wipes his tears and says my name is Devanshi, whats your name. Ishwar recalls Rishi’s words. He asks whats your name, are you also mute. Geeta comes and says you are here, I was finding you. Devanshi asks why.

Geeta says you are Sarla’s daughter Devanshi right, Rajjo said you will come to serve. Devanshi says yes, no one told me what to do, so I came here to talk to Ishwar. Geeta says fine, make him have food, this is also serving. Devanshi says he is not talking to me. Geeta says he can’t talk, we are waiting for Maiyya’s miracle. She goes. Devanshi says sorry uncle, trust Maiyya, I will take care of you. She talks to him and feeds him. Devanshi…..plays…….. Ishwar smiles.

Nutan blames Devanshi for stealing the chain. Kusum looks on. Devanshi says no, I m not a thief.

Update Credit to: Amena

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