Devanshi 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with people asking Devanshi to move, they will burn Kusum and take revenge for her crimes. They remind Devanshi what all Kusum did. They ask her to move, they will kill Kusum. Devanshi says I don’t want this, if she does crime, will we also do crime, if fire is lit, we should blow it off by water. Gopi says she would be punished, she killed your parents and also defamed you, don’t you wish to punish her. Devanshi says I want her to get punished for all her lies and cheats, who are we to give her death, law will punish her, so that her real face comes out in front of everyone, everyone should know her truth, we will not decide about her, law will decide what to punish her. She asks them to throw the firetorch and free Kusum.

The man asks Devanshi to punish Kusum. Kusum gets

freed. She looks at Devanshi. She sees a sickle and catches Devanshi. She asks them to move, else she will kill their Mata. Devanshi says you won’t get saved this way. They all get shocked. Kusum says I will behead Devanshi. She takes Devanshi to temple. Devanshi says you can’t get saved. They fight. The sickle falls. Devanshi says you got many chances, you had time till 14 years after I left from here, I always told you to accept your crimes, you did not agree, Lord Krishna gave 99 chances to Shishupal to reform, his 100th mistake was proved to be last, now its your chance.

Vardaan comes and asks Devanshi iss she fine. Kusum sees the sickle again. She picks it and screams. She throws it at Devanshi. Vardaan holds the sickle with his hand and looks at Kusum. Devanshi says Vardaan, your hand got fine by Maiyya’s blessings. She smiles and hugs Vardaan. Vardaan goes to attack Kusum.

He says I just felt why do I not see motherly love in your eyes, how would I see, I would have seen it if you were my mum, if Devanshi told me truth before, I would have killed you, I would have killed you here but Devanshi stopped me. Devanshi says you killed my parents and Ashutosh, today police will arrest you. Kusum shouts. Gopi tells everyone that they have put firetorch down, but Kusum took Devanshi captive and tried to run, she is a sinner, she will get saved if we give her to laws, we will not leave her now. The villagers agree. Devanshi and Vardaan come out. Ishwar smiles seeing Vardaan’s hand fine. Ishwar says I called police, they can reach here anytime. Mohan goes to Kusum. She scolds him for cheating her. He says you did the same with me, you bear the punishment of your doings. Gopi says we will not leave Kusum. Devanshi says you all won’t do this. Gopi says sorry, we will not listen to you. The man says I have seen Kusum running away. Nutan says she did wrong. Gopi says now we will not leave her. Gopi and villagers run after Kusum. She runs and falls down. She sees the people coming and runs to some hut.

They all see the hut. Gopi says we will burn her here itself. Gopi lights the hut. Devanshi, Vardaan and Ishwar come there and get shocked seeing the hut on fire. Ishwar says what can we do if she chose her death this way. The lady thanks Devanshi for opening their eyes, else they would have prayed to fake Mata. The man says you are our real Mata, you will bless us. Devanshi says there is just one Maiyya. The lady says its you Mata. They chant Devanshi’s name. Devanshi sees a shadow and thinks did Kusum really die or not.

Its morning, Devanshi does aarti. Nutan says Golu’s marriage is not right to happen now. Devanshi asks why. Nutan says Kusum was a part of a family, she has died, we will cancel this marriage. Devanshi asks did they get Kusum’s dead body. Gopi says not yet, it was much fire, maybe bones also burnt to ashes. Devanshi recalls the shadow. Nutan says we will just cancel this marriage. Devanshi says no, till we get proof of her death, we can’t believe she died, don’t try to stop this marriage by giving such excuse, this marriage will happen today, this is my command.

Everyone get a dead body. They think its Kusum’s body. Menka starts behaving weird. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. vardaan is fine now.. just hope ks and black magic drama stops now… loved devdaan scene .. plz cvs stop this crap and show some devdaan scenes and devdaan track.. ab toh track band karo concentrate on devdaan .. ks drama band karo…

    gayatri tel me dear u said shikar is back from wher u get to know abt it? u said good news shikar is back? how ?

    1. i think its not ks body she and mohan sent some others body may be.. but why golu wife start weird things?

  2. dear anu,I got this news on,gaurva sharma insta.and i saw pic..which,gaurva with tantric baba..

    1. oh ok dear thx ha just saw the pic i dont want him to be _ve character but dont no why i got vibes he will come back as negative to take revenge from vardaan this time he will help ks its my gessing but if he is +ve only im happy… and about upcoming episodes im also waiting want to cvs to change track abt black magic thats it.. actors are good only cvs and writers to have concentrate and colors to promote them

  3. Iam thinking…what will happen next..?!

  4. Nice episode.
    I think to take revenge from varadhan shikar may come as negative character. (just guessing,)
    First when they showed the bride she was little dark but today she looks fair

  5. hi guys, i had been a silent reader of your comments …
    but i thought today i should comment.. I am ATHU from Kerala
    SO SO SSOOO happy to see vardan got well .. that evil kusum will be back…
    And yes i saw Gaurav Sharma with tantric in his Instagram… waiting for more shikhar scenes
    no no please don’t make him a negative character ……….

    1. Devanshi kudumbathileku swagatham athu.

  6. happy to see your comment athu…

  7. hi saira and gayathri ..
    are u both from kerala?

  8. hi saira and gayathri ..
    are u both from kerala? nice to be here..

    1. Yes I am from kerala.

  9. Hey guys what ‘s the trp of this week n where is mica missing her

    1. Yesterday I also asked where is Mica. I am also missing her

  10. devanshi trp rate this week– 0.7…

  11. Mm nice going…… Maybe mica is bizi in some article abt swasan maybe m not sure…..

  12. even im also not seeing mica comments from few days where is she?

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