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Devanshi 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan running to stop Ishwar. Devanshi gets shocked seeing him reaching the end of the cliff. She throws the wheat flour dough in the way of the wheelchair and stops it in nick of the time. Devanshi runs to Ishwar and pulls wheelchair back. Vardaan reaches Ishwar and holds the chair. Devanshi falls down the cliff. Vardaan shouts and holds her hand. Nutan looks on and thinks what to do. She says if I go to save her, if I die then… She shouts for help. Vardaan pulls her up. Nutan calls temple servants. She says Vardaan did good to save her, I was coming to save her, are you fine Devanshi, are you fine Ishwar. Vardaan smiles.

Devanshi comes to Kusum. Kusum asks Devanshi why did she not take Ishwar. Rajjo says it was not her mistake. Kusum scolds Rajjo and says let

me talk to Devanshi. She asks Devanshi to say why did she not obey her command. Nutan worries that her name can come. Vardaan says Devanshi did not do this by her wish. Kusum scolds him. He says I m saying truth. Devanshi was taking Papa out, Nutan took her to make her work in kitchen. Nutan says I asked her to help me. Kusum goes to slap Nutan. Vardaan holds her hand. Devanshi says Nutan did not force me, I went by my wish. Kusum says whoever does mistake will be punished, this is new rule, I will start with Nutan. She punishes Nutan. Mohan smiles.

Vardaan asks why are you punishing Devanshi, you know truth now. She asks him to shut up. She says I m forgiving Devanshi today, but if she does mistake again, I will punish him strictly. She thinks to wait for Devanshi’s next mistake.

Vardaan apologizes to Ishwar for not understanding his signs. He hugs Ishwar and cries. He holds Ishwar’s hand and takes his blessings. Devanshi looks on. Vardaan asks her to come. Devanshi sees Ishwar and apologizes as she did not take him outside. Vardaan says what do you mean, I did all this. She asks him to be quiet. Ishwar laughs. They lie in Ishwar’s lap and argue. She says I will not get angry on you today. He says you are Choti Maa, if you fell, you would fly and come up, I should have not helped you. She says maybe Maiyya wanted you to save my life. He asks will you thank me. She says no. He says then go and thank Maiyya. She runs. He tells Ishwar that Devanshi is good girl, but she irritates him. Ishwar thinks Devanshi is not less than Mata, you will understand it that day when she moves Kusum’s evil foundation and end her rule.

Mohan talks to Kusum on phone and says I m restless to meet you. She asks him to come and meet, I will not leave Devanshi, I m worried because of her, we don’t have to do anything, we will wait for any mistake from her side, then I will not leave her. He gets ready as Mohini to meet Kusum. He sees Geeta and hides. Geeta thinks to check cupboard to get clue about Sarju’s death. He thinks its tough to get saved now, I m gone. He stops Geeta and says don’t come here. She says you are here. He says yes, this is my room, what are you doing here.

She says I just came to get dirty clothes for washing, what are you doing here. He says I was changing clothes, I heard you coming and hidden here behind cupboard being shy, you go. She says fine, you change clothes and then call me, I will stand outside. She goes.

Nutan is worried and bearing punishment. She curses Devanshi. Golu gets angry on Devanshi and pulls her hair plaits. She asks him to leave her. Vardaan comes with Ishwar. She complains to Vardaan. He asks her to use her powers and get saved. Everyone come for dinner. Mohan apologizes to Kusum and says Geeta was cleaning my room, so I had to stay with her. They all sit to have food. Devanshi does mistake and puts chilli powder in the dish. Vardaan sees this. Mohan eats food. Rajjo thinks to serve food to Ishwar. Kusum asks Devanshi to have food. Devanshi and Vardaan worry. Servant serves chilli dish to Kusum.

Kusum punishes Devanshi and puts her in room. Devanshi sees her parents pic and identifies.

Update Credit to: Amena

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